A Dança dos Dragões

A Dan a dos Drag es O Norte jaz devastado e num completo vazio de poder A Patrulha da Noite abalada pelas perdas sofridas para l da Muralha e com uma grande falta de homens est nas m os de Jon Snow que tenta afirmar s

  • Title: A Dança dos Dragões
  • Author: George R.R. Martin Jorge Candeias
  • ISBN: 9789896373689
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • O Norte jaz devastado e num completo vazio de poder A Patrulha da Noite, abalada pelas perdas sofridas para l da Muralha e com uma grande falta de homens, est nas m os de Jon Snow, que tenta afirmar se no comando tomando decis es dif ceis respeitantes ao autorit rio Rei Stannis, aos selvagens e aos pr prios homens que comanda Para l da Muralha, a viagem de Bran prosseO Norte jaz devastado e num completo vazio de poder A Patrulha da Noite, abalada pelas perdas sofridas para l da Muralha e com uma grande falta de homens, est nas m os de Jon Snow, que tenta afirmar se no comando tomando decis es dif ceis respeitantes ao autorit rio Rei Stannis, aos selvagens e aos pr prios homens que comanda Para l da Muralha, a viagem de Bran prossegue Mas outras viagens convergem para a Ba a dos Escravos, onde as cidades dos esclavagistas sangram e Daenerys Targaryen descobre que bastante mais f cil conquistar uma cidade do que substituir de um dia para o outro todo um sistema pol tico e econ mico Conseguir ela enfrentar as intrigas e dios que se avolumam enquanto os seus drag es crescem para se tornarem nas criaturas tem veis que um dia conquistar o os Sete Reinos ATEN O Este livro j vem traduzido para Acord s.

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    1. “The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid.” I love these books so freaking much! So wonderful to be back with some of my faves who were missed in A Feast for Crows!Tyrion: “He had dreamed enough for one small life. And of such follies: love, justice, friendship, glory. As well as the dream of being tall.” Now on the run, Tyrion is making his way across the free cities by any means. Meeting many interesting characters with their own fiery secrets. But of course things never g [...]

    2. I have noticed the most readers watch Game of Thrones after they finished A Dance with Dragons. I am wondering whether I am one of them.I really like this book. Alhamdulillah.This book is definitely better than A Feast for Crow. That is my opinion.I absolutely love this quote. 'A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.'Lists of my favourite characters in A Song of Ice and Fire:Eddard StarkArya StarkJon SnowDaenerys TargaryenTyrion LannisterCersei Lan [...]

    3. Iako je reč tek o prvom delu Plesa, prosto moram da kažem par reči.Kad vidim koliko visoku ocenu ovaj nastavak ima, pitam se da li su ostali čitaoci subjektivni ili sam ja imala prevelika očekivanja, jer moram da priznam da sam poprilično razočarana ovim delom. Tačno se vidi da je pauza ostavila traga na kvalitet pisanja. Po meni, Martin je previše proširio priču i razvukao je, tako da sve pomalo gubi smisao.Sa izuzetkom Džonovih i Brenovih poglavlja (posebno Brenovih kojih opet ima [...]

    4. So this is the fifth instalment to the Fire and Ice Series. This book runs in alignment with A Feast for Crows but goes a bit further into the story. As well as the return of much loved characters like Tyrion Lannister, Bran Stark, Theon Greyjoy or Reek as he is known in this book (Maybe not him depending on whether you like him or not. Me personally I’m kind of half and half with him), Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Davos Seaworth as well as some chapters on some character’s point of view [...]

    5. Ότι μου έλειψε από το προηγούμενο βιβλίο το βρήκα εδώ. Φανταστικό, αν και έχασα τον μπούσουλα με τόσες λεπτομέρειες ! :D

    6. With only five months between my reading of A Feast for Crows and this, I dread to imagine how confused readers would be who'd been forced to wait the full five years between publications. I was confused as hell. I can see why George R.R. Martin thought he had to split books four and five this way - geographically - but I'm not convinced. This time the book focuses on the viewpoints that A Feast for Crows had ignored - concentrating on Jon, Tyrion, Daenerys, Bran and Reek (view spoiler)[(the wre [...]

    7. This book is so incredibly well written!The characters and story are so cleverly developed!!The world is so enchanting and feels so amazingly real!!!Everything is just so fantastic and, despite this book's size, you can't help but get gripped and completely lost in it!!!!This series is truly brilliant and this book fully supports that!!!!!

    8. Το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο πρέπει να διέφυγε από τους δημιουργούς της σειράς. Κύριε Martin πώς είναι δυνατόν να έχετε ακόμα μαλλιά?

    9. Samo cu reci da je ovo za mene najdosadnija knjiga u serijalu i nije mi jasno odakle ovolika ocena.Verovatno fanovi, I guess.Toliko godina izmedju dve knjige i ondaNISTA!Nije ni cudo sto ga (Martina) mrze fanovi. :)I da, Deneris, oh my God, I hate her more and more with every new book.3.3/5

    10. "Um leitor vive mil vidas antes de morrer - O homem que nunca lê vive só uma."Muito apropriada esta afirmação que George R.R. Martin faz neste volume, ele que nos tem premiado com um número inimaginável de vidas para viver ao longo da saga. É bem verdade que muitas têm desaparecido, mas ele tem sido diligente a substituir os mortos por um número infindável de novas personagens. E esse é para mim o senão da obra. A razia que fez às personagens que me eram mais queridas e me motivaram [...]

    11. (review in english below)Sendo este livro "a outra metade" do(s) livro(s) anterior(es), é natural que alguns dos aspectos que me desagradaram naquele(s) continuem a fazê-lo, nomeadamente o facto de só acompanharmos uma parte dos personagens. E, apesar de termos o Tyrion e o Jon Snow, fazem-me falta o Jaime e a Arya e mesmo a Brienne.Fez-me alguma confusão o facto de este livro se sobrepor, cronologicamente, ao Festim dos Corvos. De vez em quando dava por mim a pensar: "Ah, pois é, aquilo ai [...]

    12. Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys, Davos They're back!!! Yes! It is soo good to know where they ended up after A Storm of Swords. I missed Jaime, but I didn't have much time to think about that because of so many new events. I mean, ''Griff'' and his son? Oh, that was so interesting! That changes everything and I can't wait to see what happens next. This part of series was very intense, which made it almost impossible to put down. Even when I had to take a break from reading, A Dance with Dragons was in my [...]

    13. The end (at least in polish edition it ended on this scene):Off we go to the next part, which is even longer!

    14. "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one."Okay, so this took me a little longer to finish than I expected. But oh god, I didn't mind one bit.George R R Martin continues to surprise me. I expected a lot from this book in the series, no different from any of the other ones, but so much happend I really needed to sit back after every chapter and try to comprehend what just happend.The characters were really great, and so fucking disgusting [...]

    15. Ich bin seit dem ersten Band, den ich vor über einem Jahr aufgeschlagen habe, der größte Fan der Reihe und gerade bei diesem Teil hatte ich mich nach dem schleppenden und zähen siebten und achten Teil (Englisch #4), besonders darauf gefreut, meine Lieblingsfiguren, die ich im vergangenen Band mehr als vermisst habe, endlich einmal wiederzusehen. Groß war auch die Freude, das will ich gar nicht bestreiten und dieser Band gefiel mir auch durchaus besser, als die beiden vorherigen, aber dennoc [...]

    16. 4,5 SterneWow! Ich bin sowas von begeistert von diesen zwei Bänden - vor allem, da ja Band 7 und 8 für mich etwas geschwächelt haben, hatte ich mich hier sehr auf die Charaktere gefreut, die ich dort vermisst hatte. Ich war sofort wieder in der Geschichte drin; kleine Andeutungen haben geholfen, mir alles wieder ins Gedächtnis zu holen, da einige Figuren ja in den letzten beiden Bänden "gefehlt" haben. Mittlerweile fühlt es sich so an wie nach Hause kommen und ich bewundere hier vor allem [...]

    17. I love it but some places were a bit slower than others which is why I couldn't rate in 5 stars. One more book left!!!

    18. Ik had deze al veel eerder uit willen hebben en willen lezen. Ik ben er namelijk in augustus 2017 mee begonnen. Wow. Normaal lees ik na een seizoen van de tv-serie een boek uit, maar dat lukte de afgelopen paar jaar niet. Ik heb het tweede deel van dit boek wel al klaarliggen. Het is altijd even wennen om de Nederlandse namen te lezen, vooral als je bekend bent met de TV-serie, maar ik vind het zelf niet storend. Het is namelijk iets van de afgelopen paar jaar dat men echt wil dat namen hetzelfd [...]

    19. Reading this straight of the bat after A Feast for Crows made this book a lot easier to follow (it's going to be hard after this one till The Winds of Winter come out to remember everything).Martin apologizes with saying that not much story actually happen with this book, but I'd rather look at it as learning and understanding the characters more in this volume than in last volumes. I think in this series a lot of people are disappointed that its not all blood shed and tears after the epic and e [...]

    20. Another great and exciting book! Things sure are starting to heat up in regards where the story is heading. Some of the revelations revealed in this book where astounding in relation to the story too. Now comes the hard choiceis 'book 5' is in two parts so I do have another to read but because we are still awaiting a release date for book 6, well, I think I may put off reading part 2 for now because it's going to drive me mad waiting for the new book, I have had it on good authority from other u [...]

    21. Yep sempre a surpreender! Não se compara com o volume 6 (para mim o melhor), mas confesso que soltei uns quantos "como? Não pode!!" ao longo do livro! Para mim será sempre das melhores series escrita!

    22. My Rating: 5/5Guys I really don't know what to say actually. The novel is really great like all the other asoiaf novels.I am now a fan boy and My review don't actually count as a review. I will try to write a review for this book with the second part of adwd. Thank you.<>

    23. I started reading this book back in November, but about a third of the way in I got a little fed up with it and put it down. I can't say whether I was still a bit put off by A Feast for Crows, or simply not in the mood, but it didn't grab me and I was fearing another well-written novel that was ultimately a slog. It was only when my brother came to visit me at Christmas and promised me things do pick up that I decided to give it another go. He wasn't wrong, things certainly did get better almost [...]

    24. "Os homens vivem as suas vidas encurralados num eterno presente, entre as névoas da memória e o mar das sombras que é tudo o que conhecemos dos dias por vir."Totalmente comparável ao primeiro livro da série, "A Dança dos Dragões" traz-nos de volta Tyron, John Snow, Bran, Daenerys e Theon Greyjoy. O ritmo da narrativa é alucinante, as reviravoltas constantes e as surpresas cada vez mais. Mas tenho saudades dos lobos.O 4.º e 5.º volumes (da série original) dão-nos uma visão mais ampla [...]

    25. 4.75/5 Going to keep this a shorter review this time with no 'spoilery' sections because there is waaaay too much to talk about and I would definitely be writing this review into next year Yet again another fantastic book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Every single book in this series I think to myself 'At some point this series is going to stop being epic and I'm going to reach a point when it doesnt get any better' but nope. I was wrong. Not only does this series get better and better but [...]

    26. Actual Rating: 4.5 Stars It's been about four or so years since I read the fourth book in the Game of Thrones series so it was very helpful that George R.R Martin wrote a little introduction reminding readers that the events of this book happen at the same time as the events in A Feast for Crows but is told from the perspectives of the characters we didn't see in the fourth book, Tyrion, Daenerys, Jon, as well as Bran and Reek. I think that's a great idea because we're not losing their stories b [...]

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