Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems

Water Sings Blue Ocean Poems Come down to the shore with this rich and vivid celebration of the ocean With watercolors gorgeous enough to wade in by award winning artist Meilo So and playful moving poems by Kate Coombs Water Si

  • Title: Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems
  • Author: Kate Coombs Meilo So
  • ISBN: 9780811872843
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Come down to the shore with this rich and vivid celebration of the ocean With watercolors gorgeous enough to wade in by award winning artist Meilo So and playful, moving poems by Kate Coombs, Water Sings Blue evokes the beauty and power, the depth and mystery, and the endless resonance of the sea.

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    1. This is a challenging one for me to rate. Most of the poems were maybe three stars for me, but a few I really liked (the title poem and the Octopus Ink especially) and the illustrations are lovely! I also appreciate the variety of ocean creatures portrayed in the collection. So, overall I was not as smitten as I'd hoped to be but I'd still recommend that any fans of poetry and sea life check it out for themselves. You might also want to check it out simply for the stunning artwork.

    2. "I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.""For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)it's always ourselves we find in the sea."Admission: I have a great weakness for sea poetry. Like Melville's Ishmael, "when my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off--then, I account it high time [...]

    3. Here lie the bones of twenty trees,lost far from home under gallons of seas.A shipwreck in the locker of Davy Jones never sounded so yearning, taken from the viewpoint of the decaying wood. It's an example of the ocean poems by Kate Coombs, written for children but useful to the wee adult, too. Accompanied by shimmering watercolours from Meilo So, this is a good book for parent and child to either read together or for children to begin learning easy poetry.Deep water shimmers,     A wind-sh [...]

    4. A delicate, lyrical love letter to the ocean and its creatures. This would make a wonderful read aloud. Full of figurative language and science vocabulary. The watercolor illustrations by Meilo So perfectly accompany the poems with soft edges and vibrant colors. So's bio in the back is a treasure all its own.

    5. Some of the poems in this book shine, but the consistent beauty throughout is Meilo So's watercolor illustrations as she captures waves, fish and other sea creatures, birds and shells, the deep and the sky above.

    6. A lovely group of poems about the ocean accompanied by watercolor illustrations. Favorites: "Sand's Story," "Tide Pool Shopping," "Prayer of the Little Fish," all the jellyfish poems. Wish I could write like that.

    7. Wonderful variety in the poems: in form, rhyme scheme, tone, vocabulary, topics. Outstanding watercolors.

    8. Summary: A beautiful gift to the ears and the eyes, this book of sea poems would calm even the most fiery soul. There were poems for each piece of the ocean and beach, all written in a different meter and rhythm. It was a wonderful depiction of even the smallest elements of the ocean, written and illustrated wonderfully. Evaluation: I'm obsessed with the ocean so I loved reading about it in poem form, which is my favorite type of writing. I enjoyed how some were shorter and more to the point tha [...]

    9. Charming poetry with a seashore theme would get this book four stars, perhaps, but the exquisite watercolor illustrations deserve 5 stars. These are no wishy-washy watercolors, either, but vividly colored paintings that enhance the poetry. Notice the illustrations for the poem "What the Waves Say," for example. The artist, Meilo So, describes her self as "Made in Hong Kong, Packaged in England, Domiciled in the Shetland Islands," and the reader can see the Chinese influence along with the rich e [...]

    10. I really loved the illustrations in this book! They are really lovely. (I also really love the short bio about the illustrator: "Made in Hong Kong. Packaged in England. Domiciled in the Shetland Islands. Ingredients: multiple cultures, tangled histories, freedom. and it continues. Very clever!) It makes me want to sit near the beach and look out to sea, scuba dive or snorkel and also learn more about some of the creatures (for example, I've never heard of a kittiwake which is apparently a small [...]

    11. The 23 poems in this themed collection explore the beauty and mystery of the sea in descriptive language guaranteed to prompt readers to book an oceanside vacation immediately. The evolution of sand is described thusly: "Now we grind and we grumble,/ humbled and grave,/ at the touch of our breaker/ and maker, the wave" (unpaged). The poems hop and skip from tide pools to a sea urchin who "fell in love with a fork" (unpaged) to waves that "Roll green, rise and lean--" (unpaged) as well as paying [...]

    12. Gorgeous book saw it last night and had to buy it Beautiful poetry and gorgeous illustrations!For the silly to the sublime For example - Tide Pool Shopping:"I'm going shopping at the tide pool.They carry everything there-mussels by the busheland three kinds of barnacle,starfish and gobies to spare.My mama gave me a shopping list.I know I can find what she likesc."and Jellyfish"Deep water shimmers. A wind-shape passes,kimono trailing."My daughter has thoroughly studied the pictures and now we ar [...]

    13. Summary: Water Sings Blue is a book with different poems based on things to do with the ocean. The book uses the things of the ocean to create a beautiful story of poems. Evaluation: I rated this book 5 stars. The illustrations are very engaging and beautiful. There are many poems included that are based on the given image on that certain page. The poems are short yet enjoyable. Teaching Point: For younger grades, I would use this story to introduce rhyming words. I could also use this story to [...]

    14. Water Sings Blue by Kate Coombs is a marvelous book filled with lively poems about the ocean. Meilo So does a wonderful job of illustrating each poem of the ocean with a watercolor picture that brings the poem to life. As a future teacher, I would love to use this in my class when we are studying a poetry unit especially with the Kindergarten to Third Grade range. It is a great book to tie into a science lesson while you are also studying your poetry unit. We have been taught as students to inco [...]

    15. Summary: This story takes you through different poems about the ocean. From the sands story to the blue whale it creates imagery of each that keeps you reading.Evaluation: I liked this story and how it connected to poetry, but still had a great story line about the different parts of the ocean. The poetry and the words the author used to describe the different animals and parts of the ocean made the words create vivid pictures in your head.Teaching Idea: For this story I would have my students d [...]

    16. This picture book collection of twenty-three poems related to the ocean, the seashore, and various sea creatures features colorful watercolor illustrations, most of which cover an entire two-page spread and are related to the poem or poems on those pages. Poems included are titled "Song of the Boat", "Seagulls", "Sand's Story", "Tide Pool Shopping", "Sea Urchin", "What the Waves Say", "Prayer of the Little Fish", "Water Artist", "Jellyfish Kitchen", "Not Really Jelly", "Jellyfish", "Blue Whale", [...]

    17. Watercolor illustrations paired with playful poetry showcase the wonders of the ocean in Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems. The poems included in this text highlight numerous fictional aspects of the ocean, including the romantic love story of a sea urchin and a fork, the prayers of fish deep underwater, the jelly-like nature of jellyfish, the grandiosity of blue whales, and the ocean "real estate" of hermit crab shells. Although the poems do not follow a particular pattern or style, Coombs' use of [...]

    18. What a book All about the wonderful ocean written in verse poetry throughout and magical watercolor art by Meilo So, this book will have you in the depths of the sea like you are actually in it. The ocean is like a song and your will be definitely feeling the beat when you are going on in the different sets of poetry written through out. This award winning book and the illustrations will keep you so in grasp of the sea and all its qualities that make it so enjoyable, you will want to go explore [...]

    19. The Water sings Blue is a book full of poems about the ocean. The poems are written so beautifully in the book that makes you experience the beauty of the ocean.This book is so beautifully written by the words and pictures that make you feel the relaxation and majesty of the ocean. Not only the ocean is discussed, but underwater sea creatures create a funny and enjoyable read about the ocean.This book could be used in teaching rhyming words. The book could be incorporated into a integrated scien [...]

    20. A collection of unique and beautiful poems each describing a different part of the ocean and different animals and things you can find there. One of my favorites is "Shipwreck":Here lie the bonesof twenty trees,lost far from homeunder gallons of seas.The watercolor beautifully depicts the mood of each poem. I would use it the classroom to talk about poetry or to teach about the ocean.Genre: PoetryCopyright: 2012

    21. I admit I am NOT a big poetry fan, but this little book I recently found on a Fall trip to beautiful Maine is delightful, in words AND illustrations! I’m one of those weirdoes who think poems ought to rhyme - and yahoo, these do! Yeah, it’s a kid’s book, but this retired elementary librarian, and grandma of nine, really smiled as I stood in the store and read the whole thing. Sold! My favorites: Sand’s Story, Tide Pool Shopping, Not Really Jelly, and Ocean Realty.

    22. I labeled this book, Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems, in the poetry genre. This book would be great to use in a ocean themed unit because the poems and watercolor paintings focus solely on the ocean and the creatures you may stumble across. Coombs' words provide you with vivid imagery, so even without the pictures you'd be able to see it all in your head.

    23. Water sings blue, is a really cool group of poems that incorporate the water cycle, it is really cool way to teach students without having them actually feel like you are trying to teach them, which is really important for students to really feel like they are taking to innovative.

    24. Water Sings Blue: Ocean Poems by Kate Coombs, illustrated by Meilo So Such an adorable collection! It's made for kids, so the poems are mostly short and all cute, as are the accompanying illustrations.I love the ocean, so I really had to pick this up when I saw it.It's the size of a typical picture book at just 32 pages. The poems felt a little stacked all over each other, but that could have been more the fault of my reader (read in browser from the library) than the book itself. I'd definitely [...]

    25. This book will instantly wash you away with its illustrations that are nothing short of gorgeous. As you read these poems you are taken on different adventures down by the ocean in the ocean and around the ocean. This book is filled with many fun poems that would be perfect for learning about the ocean and also the poems themselves are so wonderfully written they could be used for just teaching about poetry.

    26. Poems about the beautiful ocean blue and the life that makes it wonderful. The usage of watercolors is beautiful to create the images in the book. Students will love reading this book to find out the mysterious and wonderful life of the ocean blue.

    27. This award winning book poetry book envisions life around and under the sea. Throughout the book, each animal or ocean feature is described with beautiful language. At times, the creatures tell their own story about their life. The pictures on each page are bright and bold watercolors.

    28. As the title suggests, the book contains a unique perspective about all the different objects one can find at the ocean through poetry. The illustrations are absolutely exquisite and provide a complimentary touch to each of the poems individuality.

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