Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Sportsmanship: Winning Isn't Everything

Howard B Wigglebottom Learns about Sportsmanship Winning Isn t Everything This book introduces to year olds to concepts like respect camaraderie teamwork and the pleasure of playing sports and games for the fun of it Tips and lessons included Resources support wedoli

  • Title: Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Sportsmanship: Winning Isn't Everything
  • Author: Howard Binkow Susan F. Cornelison
  • ISBN: 9780982616567
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This book introduces 4 to 8 year olds to concepts like respect, camaraderie, teamwork, and the pleasure of playing sports and games for the fun of it Tips and lessons included Resources support wedolisten.

    One thought on “Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Sportsmanship: Winning Isn't Everything”

    1. My Review: This book is about Howard B. Wigglebottom who didn’t like to lose and just had to be the best at everything. He was the best at the seed spitting contest, sledgehammer and pie eating contests, the skateboard, pogo stick and many more contests. As far as he is concerns he will do anything to come in first place even if it means cheating. As long as he came in first he was happy. When he came in second he threw a temper tantrum. During a soccer game, Howard would hog the ball and woul [...]

    2. In Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Sportsmanship, Howard has a hard time losing in any game he plays. He goes so far as to cheat and hurt his friends in the process of winning. Howard will do whatever it takes to win a game so he will continue being the best. During a soccer game Howard monopolizes the ball and trips other players. When the coach calls him out on it Howard becomes very rude and upset with the coach, causing him to be thrown out of the game and sat on the bench. Howard is fur [...]

    3. Howard B. Wigglebottom loved to win. He had to be the best at everything. At the fair he won the seed spitting contest, the pie eating contest and the sledge hammer contest. He was best at lots of things. There was a time when Howard came in second. He wasn't very happy. As a matter of fact he got so mad he kicked his second place trophy and hurt his toe. When it was time to play soccer with his team his anger was the worst. He yelled at the coach and other team players. Howard wanted to win so [...]

    4. I was happy to get the chance to review this book after reading a previous book about giving in the Howard Wigglebottom series. This story introduces young kids concepts like respect, and teamwork and the pleasure of playing games and sports for the fun of it. This book comes at a great time in our lives right now. My son is in his first year of playing a sport, specifically soccer. Incidentally, this is also the sport featured in this book so we really related to the story. Fortunately, we have [...]

    5. "While I realize this is written for younger kids, I found that this was a pretty good story. I enjoyed the illustrations, and the angry dad yelling at the referee was quite an interesting part. The message of the story is that winning is not everything. I don't think that people should get all upset when they don't always win first place. And the story showed that really well. There really was not anything that I didn't like. This book would be perfect for ages 4-6. It teaches an important less [...]

    6. Howard B. Wigglebottem Learns About Sportsmanship - I adored this book! The pictures were so vivid and the story was written in a way my son completely understood.What I loved best was at the end of the book there are tips to help you to talk to your child about the lessons of the book!I was having my own problems with my 5 year old and his having to be the winner of games and sports etc. This was a wonderful way to show him that it's OK for him not to win all the time. I honestly applaud the au [...]

    7. Howard likes to win and is actually very good at many things. Unfortunately, when he doesn't win he starts acting like a complete jerk. He ends up being benched by his coach for this reason. Another jerk, this time an adult, will help Howard seeing how ridiculous he looks like when he acts up.Howard learns his lesson, apologizes and the rejoins his team as a true participant. He makes a questionable tactical decision, which costs the team the game, but a bigger lesson has been learned.Good book [...]

    8. This is an excellent choice for kids who are learning about sportsmanship. The questions at the back of the book will help kids and caregivers reflect and deepen their understanding of why it's important to be a good sport when playing games.

    9. I read this book before giving it to a friend for her daughter. It was a good book, that I think teaches some very important lessons, like winning isn't everything and it is important to work together and have fun.

    10. Good for my competitive, sensitive, and perfectionist daughter. But a little pedantic for more than three stars.

    11. I love this series, it teaches values without it being in your face. It could just be a good story without being heavy handed on the value. Great series!

    12. I do think this one can be used to talk about how seeing someone else misbehave might be a spark to create better behavior, but the books in this series are just too easily resolved.

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