The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl Ramon cannot believe what he has just found in an oyster he s brought up from an underwater cave where the Manta Diablo the monster devilfish lurks Ramon is holding a pearl Not just any pearl but t

  • Title: The Black Pearl
  • Author: Scott O'Dell
  • ISBN: 9780440228868
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Ramon cannot believe what he has just found in an oyster he s brought up from an underwater cave where the Manta Diablo, the monster devilfish, lurks Ramon is holding a pearl Not just any pearl, but the most fabulous gem he or anyone else has ever seen.But neither sixteen year old Ramon nor his father foresees the trouble that such a pearl can bring It will be young RamRamon cannot believe what he has just found in an oyster he s brought up from an underwater cave where the Manta Diablo, the monster devilfish, lurks Ramon is holding a pearl Not just any pearl, but the most fabulous gem he or anyone else has ever seen.But neither sixteen year old Ramon nor his father foresees the trouble that such a pearl can bring It will be young Ramon who must stop the monster he has unleashed.

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    1. this is the kind of book you dont even need a bookmark for, because it isnt going to take you more than one sitting to finish. i read it because i need to read 3 newbery or honor books i havent read before for class (why am i so honest??) and i love island of the blue dolphins more than most books, but have never read anything else by scott o'dell. i dont know how kiddies respond to it, but for me it was too brief to really grab me. the descriptions are still great, and its a fine story, but as [...]

    2. WARNIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! i might give to much info about this book wasreally boring for me , a part of mexico called La Paz where a young boy name Ramon lives.His father works under the water, his not a submarine, but he finds pearls under the seaautiful pearls which he sells to the people. Ramon whishes that one day he would be just like his father . Ramon's dad could tell if a pearl was good enough to be sell by raising it up to the sun and weighting it. but first he needed to learn how to open [...]

    3. This was probably a better book than I remember, but all I know is that when I got in trouble in 6th grade, my mom grounded me from reading "It" by Stephen King, and made me read this instead So naturally, I'm bitter

    4. i had to re-write a book report for this book in the 8th grade cuz the teacher new i didn't really read it after i first handed in the report. ha. turned out it wasn't that bad

    5. When Ramon finds the perfect black pearl, he has no idea what he is about to get into. The black pearl supposedly belongs to the Manta Diablo, a giant manta ray who is apparently the legendary king of the seas. Ramon does not believe that such a creature even exists when he finds the pearl, but when crazy things begin to happen, Ramon begins to believe that maybe the manta diablo does exist after allThis was a Newberry Honor book, but I personally do not see why it was awarded as such. The writi [...]

    6. The Black Pearl is a well-written coming of age story, even a bit of a page turner. The book grabbed my attention quickly and then held it by steadily tightening the stakes. Yet somehow I finished the book with a shrug. As with O'Dell's Sing Down the Moon, there's no pathos to the prose. You're incredibly close to the protagonist, but you're never really in his head. I did my best to fill in the blanks, especially after tragedy struck (as it always does in his books). Just think of this as an em [...]

    7. The book is short, yes, but it's the perfect length for this. If it had been longer, this book would have been boring and may feel like forced. If it had been shorter, it would seem incomplete. This is my second Scott O'Dell and you could see the similarities of the settings of this book and Island of the Blue Dolphinsand probably his other novels, which I'd read if I got the chance. It's a two and a half hour read and it's cute. The thing I would change about it is the font or the book format i [...]

    8. I read this story shortly after reading "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck, and they're clearly based off of the same legend. Ramón, desperate to prove that he is a man, learns the art of pearl diving in just a few days while his father is gone, hoping to find the great Pearl of Heaven while his father is away on his own pearl diving expedition. Meanwhile, the Indians in this town and many of the other characters make their superstition about the Manta Diablo very plain. Ramón makes his own dive, f [...]

    9. The black pearl is about a boy who only wants to discover the great famous pearl in the big blue seas of Baja California. What he doesn't know is that it might be dangerous. He wishes to follow his father's footsteps and become someone who finds these pearls and deal the with others. What i think about this book so far is that it follows a boy who only wants an adventure based on curiosity. I like how he believe's that he wants to prove others wrong among the big and bad Manta Diablo but it come [...]

    10. I just can't really assign books that have few to zero women and girls in them, it's a false look at a society that doesn't exist for boys, and relegates girls to a footnote or supporting role. I found this to be Hemingwayesque in its omission of women, except for, literally, just the Madonna figure throughout. Gahhh.

    11. The Black Pearl, by author Scott O'Dell, is a young readers novel about a young man living in a small fishing village near the Gulf of California who becomes obsessed with finding the world's greatest pearl.Ramon Salazar works for his father at the family's pearl dealing business. He dreams of someday inheriting the business but knows he must first prove himself to his father in order to do so. On one of his father's diving trips a fellow diver, nicknamed the 'Sevillano', begins to run smack at [...]

    12. This is a coming of age story set in Mexico's Baja peninsula. It is a story of the sea, treasure, love, faith, work, family ties, and above all greed.Ramon Salazar, is 16, the son of Blas Salazar, a pearl diver and trader. Ramon has just reached the age of manhood in his culture and his father has accepted him as a partner in his business.But he has dreams of his own, and with the help of a much older Indian, he learns to dive himself and discovers a magnificent, large black pearl. But he also i [...]

    13. I have always been a fan of Scott O'Dell. His stories are fit for both the young and old and written in a way that both can enjoy. "The Black Pearl" is about a young boy Ramon who becomes partners with his father. They would voyage out to sea and dive for pearls, in hopes of one day finding the heavenly pearl of all others, but many were fearful of bringing forth the monster Manta Diablo, for the stories they have heard were those of mishappenings, curses and death. Ramon dived into the mouth of [...]

    14. Synopsis: This YA book is a coming-of-age tale of Ramon Salazar, the sixteen-year old son of a pearl dealer in Baja, California-Mexico.Ramon discovers the 'Pearl of Heaven' - a huge, magnificent, black pearl - and the town is in awe and celebration. Except for two men.The first is Soto Luzon, an old fisherman who believes that the pearl belongs to the Manta Diablo, the lord and monster of the seas - who will wreck havoc till the pearl is returned.And the second is the unscrupulous Gaspar Ruiz - [...]

    15. When forced to read this book in 5th grade class with Ms. Seagull (I really have no recollection of how to really spell her name), I HATED it. I wanted to throw it across the room everytime we had to take it out of our pile of books and read aloud. When forced to read it again in 8th grade, my teacher didn't believe me that I'd already read it, and I had to prove it. I've since read it a third time, and did actually understand why it's considered an honorable book; however, the original damage o [...]

    16. I thought the "Black Pearl"was pretty good in some parts,but sad in others.Like it was sad when the "fleet"died in a storm.But also cool when Ròmon found the Pearl of Heaven and when he learned how to go pearling.The characters in this story are Ròmon,his father Mr.Salzar,his mother Mrs.Salzar,Father Galldor and the Sellviano.In the beginning of this story,Ròmons mother is gone and he is just with his dad when he asks "when can I go pearling"?And his father says "when you are sixteen,Son".And [...]

    17. When I first picked up this book, I thought it would be quite boring and uneventful. Thankfully, it proved me wrong. This book does a great job of showing how some cultures have very strong beliefs in mythical creatures or objects. Throughout the story, I felt intrigued by the plot, yet my desire for experiencing adventure was never satisfied. That's the only reason why I chose to give it 3 stars: it failed to keep me interested. It's a great book if you just want something to read on the side, [...]

    18. I thought the book was OK but is was not super good, to me at least.In the beginning of the book i thought that Ramon was going to kill the manta diablo but guess not. I didn't think that Ramon's father was going to die. When he did die I thought he was going to come back, then his father would tell everyone that the sevillano is bad. But that never happened so it wasnot as exiting as i thought it would be. That is why I gave it three stars

    19. I enjoyed the characters, the twists and the writing. That said, this is the third Scott o'Dell book that I've read. I feel like his books lack something for all the good that's in them. It's as if they lack heart. I don't finish the book inspired and thinking about it for a long time afterward.

    20. It was kinda boring at first.The only reason I kept reading was because I was being paid to but I'm glad I kept reading!

    21. This was one of the first adventure books I ever read and I think a lot of the underwater elements lent inspiration for Tiger's Voyage.

    22. There was no spark for me reading this. The only that that gripped me was the scene where they saw the manta ray. That was slightly interesting.

    23. My first thought when I sat down to write this was that I'm a bit sad the Manta Diablo was killed. Then the idea that in the end, Ramon brought the pearl back to the church in his village and placed it in the hand of the Madonna made me wonder about the relationship between regions native folklore and religion. In this story, if the Manta was to represent legend and folkloreey died. The pearl, which Ramon took from the Manta's cave, was given by his father to the church's Madonna after he couldn [...]

    24. Black Pearl is a book about a boy named Ramon Salazar who finds the pearl of heaven a.k.a the black pearl.Relating to this book is really hard because a lot of stressful events happened to Ramon and so this was of course the black pearl.So Ramon had to either live with the things he's done or pay the price.Therefore Ramon isn't the only one who wants the pearl.And so you would be shocked when you find out who it was.To tell you, Black Pearl is full of baloney.Do you want to know why this is full [...]

    25. You should read The Black Pearl by Scott O’dell because it is full drama and dangerous acts, but it all works out in the end. I think it is fascinating because it is an adventure book about a boy named Ramon Salzar. Ramon is sixteen and works with his dad at the best pearl shop in the Baja California (a pearl shop is a place where you can buy pearls). Their best pearler is Sevillano (a pearler is a person who collects pearl from the ocean). One day, Ramon found the biggest pearl the world had [...]

    26. Ramon is the scrawny 16-year old son of the richest pearl dealer in their small Mexican town. He wants to become a pearl diver so he can claim his manhood by finding the Pearl of Heaven, but his father delegates Ramon to bookkeeping. Instead, Ramon disobeys his father and goes diving in a forbidden cave guarded by Manta Diablo, the monstrous manta ray said to have the ability to shape shift and cover the lagoon in blinding red fog. He finds what he is looking for--a perfect black pearl bigger th [...]

    27. THIS BOOK CONTAINS SPOILERS This book is horrible towards the middle and end. In the beginning you're so excited but once you hit a certain part it gets really boring. This realistic fiction book is probably the worst book I read. This book is horrible especially towards the end. This book gets a thumb down. I think this book is trash because it makes no sense. You capture a dangerous animal and don't even kill it, that make no sense. Yeah he stabs it but only once and he didn't even try to stab [...]

    28. Buku #44 di tahun 2017.Baca salah satu buku di Seri Kancil lagi. Terjemahan dari novel Black Pearl karya Scott O'Dell yang telah disederhanakan oleh Michael West.Tidak seperti Blue Lagoon kemarin, menurut saya cerita di buku ini lebih jelas dan konflik yang dialami tokoh utama lebih terasa, antara percaya dengan tahayul/mitos bahwa Mutiara Surga itu adalah milik Manta Diablo yang diyakini bahwa sang manta itu ingin mutiaranya dikembalikan ataukah percaya bahwa pilihan untuk menyumbangkan mutiara [...]

    29. I liked this book a lot. I finished this book just yesterday. This book was about Ramón, who loves to find pearl. One day, he finds the Pearl of Heaven. This pearl is extraordinary. It's almost like magic. However, the Manta Diablo (the most feared manta) is trying to steal the pearl from Ramón. This book is such a majestic book! I have learned from this book that fortune brings jealousy. I now know that I have to be careful when luck approaches me. I couldn't let go of this book! That was how [...]

    30. I picked this little gem up for 50 cents at my local library, and it was well worth that. The Black Pearl is tightly written, reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway's almost journalistic style of writing. O'Dell accomplishes a lot with a little. Like Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Black Pearl captures another culture extremely well, and it would seem that the author did a tremendous amount of research before writing this book. The suspense was riveting and the climax outstanding.However, the ending w [...]

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