Chris and Zach

Chris and Zach Across time two hot immortals find each other But is mutual passion enough Chris Molina is a MAP a molecularly advanced person Rejected by his family in the th century and sent out into the world

  • Title: Chris and Zach
  • Author: D.H. Starr
  • ISBN: 9780983374787
  • Page: 367
  • Format: ebook
  • Across time, two hot immortals find each other But is mutual passion enough Chris Molina is a MAP, a molecularly advanced person Rejected by his family in the 18th century and sent out into the world alone at the age of twenty five, he wanders through time, craving love and companionship He finally settles down and establishes a homestead in Virginia where he meets theAcross time, two hot immortals find each other But is mutual passion enough Chris Molina is a MAP, a molecularly advanced person Rejected by his family in the 18th century and sent out into the world alone at the age of twenty five, he wanders through time, craving love and companionship He finally settles down and establishes a homestead in Virginia where he meets the first of his own kind, Abigail DuMonte Together they start a life, one where they can live openly and honestly However, in spite of the love and friendship they share, something else important is missing Soul searing passion Until When Chris meets Zachary Bishop, he s found everything he s ever wanted Zach is handsome, intelligent, sweet, and craves the same things he does However, Chris soon realizes that his dreams may come true at a cost Although Abby is not his lover, they have a long and close history together that Chris doesn t want to jeopardize Is there room in his life for both Abby and Zach What if he can never really find the family he s longed for Will Zach become simply a memory of erotic passion and unfulfilled longing Three immortals on the brink of change

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    1. I took a while, but now I want to give my rating to this story (original review was without a rating, December 2011)The story begin and 1746 and Christopher ok, right there. My first problem. Why an Italian character would be named Christopher? The story didn't told me if for some reason Chris parents would not give Italian name to their son, so well, I didn't take it as an error, but just as something I would like to know why.So anyway, going on with my review, Christopher is not a normal human [...]

    2. Everything about this rang a bit hollow to me. I didn't find either Chris or Zach to be engaging, or interesting. The plot was odd, and never really worked for me. The writing style was stilted, and awkward, and there felt like there was way too much info dumping. The flash backs kept taking me out of the current story, and made it hard to focus. I never felt the connection Chris insisted he felt with Zach, and they had no chemistry together that I could see. Some of the concepts seemed like the [...]

    3. This is D.H. Starr's first foray into the paranormal genre. Paranormal is a difficult genre to write in because aside from writing the tension of a romance as well as crafting love scenes, there is a whole world to build and maintain with all its specific, unique rules. A relatively new author with only a few books to his name thus far, D.H. Starr does a wonderful job. First, I LOVE the title. Variant Breed. And then, I find Starr's personal take on the immortal being to be intriguing and origin [...]

    4. This is a well-written book (especially the sex scene), with a great idea, and my 2-star rating is purely because it's not to my particular taste. I don't like m/f/m (even if no actual m/f sex happens). I also think our MC plays with eugenics, which I find distasteful, although I'm completely sure it's necessary to set up the next volume. I really dislike the concept that women have a lower sex drive and so can live a passionless, sexless life with someone with whom they have an emotional relati [...]

    5. Well Mr. Starr, I must say you have done it again. This book was absolutely wonderful. Once I started it I read almost the entire thing in one sitting. The world building was great. The relationship with Chris and Abby was so sweet. When Zachary came into the picture things became much more interesting. By the end of the book I felt like I had come to know the three of them. I am so anxious for the next story. I just have to know what else is going to happen. How are their lives and relationship [...]

    6. Doug has done a great job introducing his new breed to us in this book, he created a beautiful setting, and even better characters for us to fall in love with. Yes I agree with some that the blurb can be a bit misleading, but it does deliver the love the growing up struggle the author has promised. I look forward to more books from this author specially about this new series.

    7. I read the authors foreword with trepidation, thinking I may have taken on more than I was looking for in this book. I wanted A quick read, some heat, some steam, pretty boys serious plot optional. This book wanted desperately to be literary, but instead it was repetitive and almost painful in its misuse of big words striving to make it seem more highbrow. The premise was an interesting one, but I grew tired of reading the same 2 or 3 basic scenes over and over. When I finally got to the sex I, [...]

    8. This is a totally sweet romance catching me off guard. It's a little bit of Mutant X with a homoerotic romance that just takes my breath away. Mr. Starr pens a beautiful story of a man who's been cast out yet finds a way to create his own family. His family is of the heart instead of blood. This story is strong on both world building and character development. Chris is easy to like as well as Abby and Zach. This threesome is not a true menage, but still it's idealistic. The story pace is nice an [...]

    9. Written by author of Wrestling with Love, one of my fav MM romance, I had big hopes. I'm not sure but I think it is D.H. Starr first foray into the paranormal genre. The characters have great potential, and some paranormal elements are interesting, but the plot IMHO does not live up to the blurb. It is supposed to be the first book in a series, so maybe this book is a kind of small introduction and the next plot will be better, more developed?

    10. Love the premise dislike the execution. In particular, I disliked how the female character was utilized. I thought she could be a very interesting addition to the MC's love story and was almost (though not quite) insulted by the ending. I got 75% through thinking that I would be disappointed by the lack of a sequel. I am still interested in the premise but will scour the reviews before buying.

    11. This was my first array into this sort of genre. I must admit, the best part was the sex scene. The rest was all a little too far fetched for me, even though I do love fantasy books, this just seemed too, odd I guess, and I hated the end, the epilogue. He should have ended the book with the sex without the epilogue, would have been better.

    12. Since the author was quite clear in his Author Note to explain he chose to split the story into three books, it will be no surprise for the reader to find an open ending. True, the main story between Chris and Zach reaches a some sort of conclusion, but the whole idea of the MAPs, the molecularly advanced person, is only at the beginning and I bet it will come “out of the closet” (pun a little intended) as will do two of its belong fellows, Chris and Zach.Considering the dealing with this ve [...]

    13. 4 1/2 HeartsReview first posted at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressThis is an incredible paranormal romance. Chris has been longing for a family for over two hundred years and even though he has his good friend Abigail who has been with him for a hundred and fifty years, he yearns for more. For that one man to complete him. Zach also longs for a family of his own, for someone to accept all of him and to be there for him.The complex relationship of Chris and Abigail confused me at [...]

    14. The concept of this book was intriguing when I first picked it up, and it was the concept that got me interested in reading it. The underlying tones of family, and finding a place where you belong, are something that is unique to this novel. But, those tones unfortunately weren't enough to make the story really stand out to me.I had difficulty connecting with the characters in this novel. Neither Chris or Zachary seemed to be fully fleshed out enough to really be emotionally attached--actually, [...]

    15. I love D.H. Starr's YA stories, and didn't know what to expect with this departure. Paranormal? D.H. Starr? And not paranormal as I'm used to it? In this, the first installment of the Variant Breed series, we're given something refreshingly different from vampires and shifters (not that I don't love me some hot vamps and werewolves!) Chris and Zach appear human, but have abilities beyond the norm that allow them a deeper connection than you'll find in most romances. What Chris had to go through [...]

    16. I really do like DH Starr's works. I've read several of his books. I'm a sucker for gay romance especially when there's intimacy involved. Sex basically. This book is my least favorite of Starr's. I felt Chris & Zachary's story was rushed. Maybe I wanted more buildup to their story. What annoyed me was when Chris & Zachary kept having self-doubts. One of my least characteristic traits in a person is someone who seemed pitiful. "Woe is me." Eventually I probably will read book 2. Because [...]

    17. nice story about extraordinary people finding each other and falling in love, building a new family of their own when their own families couldn't see past their unique abilities and love them as they really were

    18. I enjoyed the theme of this book and the special abilities of the characters, but I didn't find myself all that engaged.

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