One thought on “Welsh Boys Too”

  1. A collection of eight short stories about gay men from Welsh speaking North WalesThe Birds Don't SingThe narrator visits Poland along with his partner Griff, and relates their frolics together. Then Griff goes off cruising while our narrator meets an older women, a Polish refugee and mother of a gay son, together, with the thought of pink triangles in mind, they visit the sight of Auschwitz.Sharks on the Bedroom FloorA delightfully innocent story told by an interracial couple as they babysit the [...]

  2. I really enjoyed this collection of short stories. Each discusses the life of a gay man in some way. However, more than that, many are simply stories of people; people living their everyday lives. One of the stories I found most moving was of two children's weekend with their uncles. A child view of a secure, loving relationship. Nothing alien or different here. Just a life being lived in love. I really liked John Sam Jones' writing style, I read all 8 short stories in a weekend and I was disapp [...]

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