My Reckless Heart

My Reckless Heart Decker Thorne s carefree ways have done little to impress his employer Jonna Remington the poised and unflappable owner of Remington Shipping But when he captains her best ship on a record breaking

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  • Title: My Reckless Heart
  • Author: Jo Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780821758434
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Decker Thorne s carefree ways have done little to impress his employer, Jonna Remington, the poised and unflappable owner of Remington Shipping But when he captains her best ship on a record breaking voyage and saves her life in the same day, their destinies are breathlessly intertwined No man has ever made the violet eyed beauty feel desired for anything other than herDecker Thorne s carefree ways have done little to impress his employer, Jonna Remington, the poised and unflappable owner of Remington Shipping But when he captains her best ship on a record breaking voyage and saves her life in the same day, their destinies are breathlessly intertwined No man has ever made the violet eyed beauty feel desired for anything other than her money or power No man ever made her want to be kissedor loved.And when an unseen enemy lurking in the shadows threatens Jonna s life, Decker will do anything to keep her safe, even if it means abducting her aboard Huntress, the ship she owns but he commands Now, swept into a thrilling high seas adventure and into Decker s strong embrace, Jonna suddenly finds herself surrendering to reckless passiond dangerously close to losing her heart.Against the teeming ports of Boston, and across the sea to London, two people will navigate the uncharted waters of their own hearts on a voyage that will take them to the most glorious place of all

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    1. goodman continues to disappoint with this seriesis time, second brother, decker thorne, romances jonna remington, owner of the shipping company for which he captains. the heroine is one of those Rigidly In Control types who Can't Stand Her Body's Reaction to the Hero (*sighhhhhh* not only is this super cliche'ed, but i have little patience for authors who imply that strength in women equals frigidity). lots of immature bickering between the two. and a bizarre and ridiculous series of near-death [...]

    2. DNF. The book was good in parts, but I finaly had to conclude that the 2 main characters were totally unbelievable as actual living people. Yes, romance books are supposed to require a fairly large suspension of disbelief, but this one is too far over the top - there was almost nothing in the experiences and lives of the H/H that I could understand or relate to in any way. The hero is unbelievable for another reason too - supposedly the middle son of English aristocrats who were murdered in a ro [...]

    3. I really liked Decker Thorne, he was a layered character and he was interesting to read about.He was someone who experienced pretty heartbreaking things very early in life but in the end he came out on top. I loved his inner strength and his patience. He put up with a lot to get his HEA. I also liked reading about the struggles of those working the Underground Railroad in that time.What I never really connected with was the h, Jonna. She came off as cold, unfeeling & manipulative. The author [...]

    4. Decker Thorne has been working for Jonna Remington for 3 years on her clipper ships, and becomes captain on his last run. When they dock, Jonna is pushed off the wharf and Decker goes in after her. A series of mishaps start injuring Jonna and her business and Decker forces her to go with him to England to get her away. While there, she propositions him and they marry. All is not bliss and the attacks continue. Decker is really "Falconer" an underground railroad hero. Jonna is a "conductor" but n [...]

    5. The plot thickens. One brother has found one of his brothers. This story is about Decker and his adventures in America. The story is good and has held my interest. However, somewhere in the story the heroine, who made it plain that she was going to remain an independent woman, does an about face. I got a different feel for her character from one page almost within two more pages. I don't think I missed anything in two pages. Let's just say she changed into a completely different person. On one p [...]

    6. What Happened?Decker Thorne worked for Jonna Remington. Jonna is a 24 year old woman who has been running Remington Shipping since she was 15 years old. She has had to be tough and single-minded to keep the business she inherited upon her father's death, profitable. Before Decker came to Remington Shipping, he lived on the streets stealing to eat. He relies on his charm and looks to make his way. No two people could be more different, or are they?What happened? In "My Steadfast Heart" the action [...]

    7. Decker, the charming, fast on his feet sea captain endured Jonna, the strong, confident prickly boss of Remington Shipping. Never seeing eye to eye on anything flourished slowly into a full blown cautious dance between them. Complicated issues involved trust, the Huntress, the Underground Railway, family, and a hard pressed suitor, all worked to keep them apart and at odds. Slavery and the actions to circumvent it was secretive and later, forced the major characters to be honest and revealed the [...]

    8. I liked this book second in a trilogy. A story of a woman shipbuilder and a captain who used to be a thief. It's mixed in with a the Underground Railroad and slavery. The relationship between the hero and heroine seemed a bit awkward with the heroine so stiff and unsure of her feelings. I kept feeling some big secret in her past was going to be revealed but nothing really happened. The villain was a crook and a slaver who tried to kidnap the heroine. It was well written but the plot was a bit co [...]

    9. This is the second in the series - story of Decker. I enjoyed this every bit as much as the first, thanks so much Nikel for making it available. It is available to go on the ring which My Steadfast Heart has embarked upon, and I have sent it on to Oriane, first in that ring. Now I have just purchased the third and could make that available too,once I read it.

    10. Pre-civil war America is not a setting I typically read; in fact I thought this was a London pirate story. However, I was quickly caught up in the story and picked it up often, like any of my other romance choices. Starting in the middle partially ruins the first of the series for me, but I fully intend to delve into the other two brothers' stories.

    11. A very well smooth written book. I enjoyed the book quite a bit. It is intriguing with twist and turns. It's a book that I read fast to find out what was going to happen and yet hated getting to the end. After reading, I had to go out and buy the next book in the series to see what would happen next. On a side note this book is a complete book, not a cliffhanger.

    12. I felt the writing was just not very good on this one. I loved the first in the series but the flow in this one was awful. I enjoyed the plot and the story line, but something was just too jumpy with the writing.

    13. The title is what drew me in and as well with not being familiar with the author. I know there is a lot of female readers who gobbled every romance book. For I am a little new to the romance genre, and prefer more well-written romances with crafted characters then the typical run-of the mill.

    14. I enjoyed the three Thorne brothers books; this is Decker's book. The middle brother, he has grown up under the wing of a American shipbuilder after being separated from his brothers. His only memory is the talisman he has in his possession.

    15. Vry gd acct strng ownr Bstn shppg, Jonna also cndctr Undrgrnd Rlrd, thnks Decker 2 carefree bt hes hlpg slvs escp S. When J attkd he spirits hr 2 Englnd, stay w/hs bro & mrry, rtrn hm, fights 2 prtct hr

    16. I am partial to Jo Goodman, and I am partial to this book. It might not be perfect, but it holds the top spot on my most beloved pure romance book list.

    17. I was less into this romance than I was the first in the series, but the setting! Pre-Civil War Boston, you guys, complete with abolitionist plots. Also, ships and London, but Boston!

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