That Pup!

That Pup What is that pupup to That pup digs And digs And digs some What is that pup looking for And why shouldthis squirrel care

  • Title: That Pup!
  • Author: Lindsay Barrett George
  • ISBN: 9780062004130
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What is that pupup to That pup digs.And digs.And digs some .What is that pup looking for And why shouldthis squirrel care

    One thought on “That Pup!”

    1. If you're looking for a fun and inquisitive picture book to share with your toddler or preschooler, That Pup! is the one. The story stars "Pup," an adorable, frisky puppy, who discovers ten carefully placed acorns in her yard. But there is someone else watching Pup's discoveries from a distance -- can you guess who? (hint: think bushy brown tail). Read on to find out who pup meets and how they work together as a team. The story's bold and expressive illustrations with large text works well for a [...]

    2. Lindsay Barrett George always delights readers with her fun stories and vivid illustrations.Playful Pup is enganged in an exciting game of hide and seek the acorn. He finds them in the niftiest places and counts them out as he finds them. Little Squirrel is not so delighted with Pups game and tells Pup so. Pup has the perfect solution for Squirrel and makes a new friend in the process.Dogs and squirrels usually engage in the game of tag so this was refreshing to read.Published by Greenwillow Boo [...]

    3. The entire room fell in love with this precocious little puppy and her game of finding acorns. The illustrations are gorgeous and the little puppy who "follows her nose" is too cute for words. When she encounters the squirrel who had hidden all the acorns she is so enthusiastically gathering, she quickly changes her game to "putting all the acorns back" and together squirrel (who is also very cute) and pup race around putting all ten (we counted them) acorns back in their hiding places. One litt [...]

    4. The illustrations in this book are just adobable. I love the "And she found another acorn!" page. I'm staring at it nowAwwwww!And the story is nice and simple, the words are in giant font, you can play Where's the Squirrel on almost every page, you learn about simple things to do to have fun AND!!!! You also learn about doing the right thing and putting things back where they belong. Can it be any better!?!

    5. Big clear art that is child friendly without overly anthropomorphizing either the dog nor the squirrel whose acorns he finds. I didn't use this in fall programs, but the pumpkins, apples, fall leaves and acorns here all scream "story time" to me, and this is simple enough to use with 2s and with toddlers if you use books in toddler programs. I don't :D

    6. The pictures are cute, colorful, and cheerful. There's not a lot of text, but that makes it easy for my "emerging reader" 4-year-old to happily supply words he remembers, and the words are simple enough that he recognizes or can sound out a number of them. I wouldn't buy this one, with our limited budget, but it's a pleasant library checkout.

    7. I had the great great pleasure of meeting the author and illustrator. Loved listening to her stories behind her stories and artwork. Great fun to read aloud with my own stuffed Little Pup, squirrel finger puppet, and real acorns. Ms. George did a wonderful, personalized illustration of the squirrel when she signed my copy! So much fun to share with kids!

    8. Can you find the acorn on every page? How about the squirrel? Very simple story, big illustrations, good for storytime. And calling the new game "Put Back the Acorn!" is so dorky and true-to-life it made me smile.

    9. Perfect for baby storytime in the fall!That puppy gets into a lot of trouble with a serious squirrel after he has fun romping in the outdoors finding hidden acorns. What does the puppy do? He helps the squirrel hide the acorns again!

    10. A cute simple book about a dog digging up acorns. He runs into a squirrel and must hide the acorns again because they belonged to the squirrel. Good for beginning readers with big, easy to read text. Good for storytimes and print awareness also.

    11. This was a pretty cute book! Wesley (going to be in first grade this coming school year) was able to read this with little difficulty. Very straight forward book with cute illustrations!

    12. Sweet readaloud for preschoolat pup digs up all the acorns. They belong to squirrel! How will pup fix things?

    13. Little Dog unwittingly undoes all the Squirrels hard work of hiding acorns. Great for autumn preschool storytime.

    14. Fall Storytime! After reading this book, the kids had to explore the library to help the squirrel puppet find all her lost acorns.

    15. It's got a dog in it. Beekman liked it for that. On the other hand, we go from realistic to animals talking in a jarring way.

    16. Pup finds plenty of acorns around, but is embarrassed when he finds out that squirrel was saving them for winter. Together, they find a way to put them all back and have fun in the meantime!

    17. Good books for a fall story time. Squirrels, nuts, pumpkins adorable dog. Big pics so good for toddlers or even preschool age.

    18. I love the illustrations in this one--the look on the dog's face when she finds an acorn just makes me giggle. It's a simple, fun story that is great for toddlers to follow.

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