H is for Homicide

H is for Homicide It was one of those occasions when I suddenly realised how happy I was I was female single with money in my pocket I had nobody to answer to and no ties to speak of As usual I d forgotten how surges

  • Title: H is for Homicide
  • Author: Sue Grafton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It was one of those occasions when I suddenly realised how happy I was I was female, single, with money in my pocket I had nobody to answer to and no ties to speak of As usual I d forgotten how surges of goodwill merely presage bad news After a three week long investigation, Kinsey couldn t wait to get home What she needed most was a few quiet days by herself It was one of those occasions when I suddenly realised how happy I was I was female, single, with money in my pocket I had nobody to answer to and no ties to speak of As usual I d forgotten how surges of goodwill merely presage bad news After a three week long investigation, Kinsey couldn t wait to get home What she needed most was a few quiet days by herself but two things happened to change all her plans First she ran into a murder case Then Kinsey met Bibianna Diaz, and before the night was over they were sharing a prison cell Terrifying, hilarious and rather touching S is for Super Sleuth in a scorching story Daily Mail

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    1. Book Review4 of 5 stars to H is for Homicide, the 8th book in the "Kinsey Millhone" mystery series, written in 1991 by Sue Grafton. Grafton hits another home run in the series with this installment, focusing on the death of one of Kinsey's friends. It kicks off an investigation into insurance fraud claims, where Kinsey goes undercover to determine if a woman tricked Kinsey's friend Paul into the insurance game, ultimately leading to his own death. But Kinsey's in for a shock when she's arrested [...]

    2. H is for Homicide by Sue Grafton is a 1991 Ballantine Books publication. To me, this story was a little strange. I understood the insurance fraud storyline, and the scam was one used a lot in the 1980’s, so it’s believable, but the characters and the dialogue were odd, and Kinsey did not behave in the way she ordinarily does. Not my favorite in this series. I hope the next book gets back on track.2 stars

    3. The Kinsey Millhone series has sadly come to an end at Y with the recent death of Sue Grafton. So much for my plans, and those of countless others, to read from A-Z. H is as formulaic as those I’ve already read, ie significant event at the start followed by a long, slow build up of tension (cleverly achieved with detailed descriptions of unnecessary people or settings but which you think you have to read in case you miss an important detail) until we reach the final explosive chapters, usually [...]

    4. I borrowed this book from my local library. I found like the other ones so far in this series that it is full of action/adventure. It was like the others so far a book worth reading. A side note on this review that this book is my 500th book on my read list since I signed up for good reads site in January of 2012.

    5. Normally, I really enjoy Sue Grafton's alphabet mystery books and finish them up rather quickly. This one felt like it dragged on forever. The form was different with this novel- and while I do appreciate the fact that Grafton thought to shake things up a bit, I was not happy with the direction she chose to take. I much rather would have read about Kinsey doing research, running and making sandwiches instead of being thrown undercover in an insurance fraud ring throughout 3/4 of the book. I don' [...]

    6. In lieu of the review I don't have time to write because the library police are breathing down my neck and I don't want to piss them off again, here is an anecdote related to the book.Me: Oh, my God! I haven't heard that in years!My 17-year-old son: What?Me: Here. Tell me if you can figure out what this last word means from context. (clears throat) "Bibianna lent me some jeans, a T-shirt, and some tennies."Son: Um, nope.Me: I feel very old all of a sudden.Read this series if you like mysteries t [...]

    7. Kinsey Millhone is back, and still working insurance fraud cases. This case involves Kinsey going undercover and working with the police in Los Angeles to expose an insurance fraud ring.The 8th book in the Kinsey Millhone series. While a murder does take place at the beginning of the book, the main story is about insurance fraud. I found it to be slower-paced than some of the other books in this series. So far, this was my least favorite Kinsey Millhone book. I listened to an audio version of th [...]

    8. Over the last couple of months, Kinsey has become friends with Parnell, an investigator at California Fidelity. So, she is shocked when Parnell is shot in the parking lot. With no leads, the case begins to fade, and even Kinsey is given a new case to investigate Bibianna for potential insurance fraud. Her plan is to get close to Bibianna and confirm the fraud, but Bibianna has secrets that complicate Kinsey’s plans. What will happen next?This book starts well with an interesting first half, bu [...]

    9. I've just discovered Sue Grafton. The protagonist, Kinsey Millhone, is the only convincing INTJ female I've ever found in literature, which, IMO, is quite an achievement.Grafton's plots are usually interesting and have another element which is rare. The plots are from a woman's pov and show how just the fact of being a female detective inherently changes the flow of events in ways that a male author can't really understaqnd, and so can't generate in his own stories (e.g. Robert Parker's 'Sunny R [...]

    10. This book started off slow the only downside is the action happens either in the middle or right at the end of the book.

    11. I've noticed a lot of people did not like this particular Kinsey Millhone novel, and I can understand why. It's not the typical Millhone mystery loyal fans are used to. However, I have to politely agree to disagree and say this is my favorite one so far. Kinsey isn't stuck doing the mundane PI work we're used to seeing her do, but instead she's working undercover, something I hope she does more of during the course of this series. This book is slow in parts, but not enough to slow any of it down [...]

    12. 3 StarsThe circumstances of Kinseys little adventure, seemed far-fetched for insurance fraud. I understood the danger of the criminal; but for her to be in that position would have been a flippin' "No Go" for me. Especially with the ending and who all was involved. It makes sense, but it didn't and it bothered me the whole time I read it. A bad guy is off the street, so its all good. Right? Whatever. It was okay.

    13. So I pointed out in my last review that I prefer Kinsey working on her own and that is exactly what you get with H is for Homicide. This book went very fast for me as compared to the other books. I think because the story is confined to such a narrow point once Kinsey goes undercover. Yep, that’s right Kinsey is undercover and unable to break cover without risking not her life but the lives of some of those around her.Even though the story spans from Santa Theresa to Los Angeles, Grafton does [...]

    14. I dearly love this bookis mystery story keeps you on your toes the whole time you are reading it from Day One to the very end of the story. This mystery is a very intense mystery story and it is so very good. I give this book 5/5 Stars here on . I would highly recommend this whole Series which is the Alphabet Mystery Series by Sue Grafton. I have read A through H now in this Series and every Book that I have Read is really good. Here are the Books so far that I have read in this Series:A is for [...]

    15. Totally readable, good plot and one-liners, but probably won't re-read. Not sure I buy the main character as an ex-cop, though she is quick on instincts and observation. The villain is certifiably psycho, complete with an Abandoning Mother complex plus the 'afterward' remorse of a continual manipulative abuser. Knew that the bad guy's right-hand man was an undercover cop, but no premonitions for Jimmy Tate or the marriage; Grafton is good at preventing predictability.Good quotes:1. "His smile wa [...]

    16. It only took me a day to read this one, indicative of its being a bit more riveting than some of the previous alphabetic entries. I liked how it broke away from the more formulaic plots of the previous books and put our prissy heroine in a setting well out of her comfort zone. I recently read Hiassen's "Razor Girl", which was also about insurance fraud, so it made for a good follow-up. I am just going to keep plowing through this series.

    17. This is the first book in the series to fall back a notch in my opinion. A lot of changes occur here as Kinsey gets involved in a case very close to home and ends up losing something that has been a comfort for her, but the story itself is a little flat and the stereotypes hurt the characters. This is not a "bad" book, just not up to the level of the previous novels. This is not a new phenomenon. Every author I have read more than six novels by have a book or even a series that is not as good as [...]

    18. I loved this book. The authors wry sense of humor had me chuckling throughout the story. Some of the best zingers were so casually tucked in that one could almost miss the zing. I gave G is for Gumshoe a 3 because the story just didn't seem to work. She redeems herself with H is for Homicide. It's a good story, interesting characters and witty. I look forward to the next book.

    19. Kinsey Milhone unexpectedly and unwillingly ends undercover as she investigates the death of a friend who is trying to uncover suspected insurance fraud. Her undercover work places her right in league with the people perpetrating the fraud. If they find out who she really is, she will be in deep danger. Another great page-turner from Sue Grafton.

    20. I liked this one for a few reasons--I enjoyed seeing Kinsey out of her comfort zone, in LA, and trying on a new identity. I liked it less because she did some out of character things, and went to lengths that didn't always make sense (assaulting an officer was one that particularly rankled me, since it seemed excessive and risked her losing her PI license). However, especially in the early ones, Grafton had the energy to really develop unique characters that felt very real--Raymond, with his Tou [...]

    21. i keep forgetting to put Kinsey under All time favourites. but it's a given. I am gonna be so sad when I get to "Y is for Yesterday" knowing it's the last book.

    22. After really liking all the Sue Grafton novels I've read, this one was a disappointment. So many issues. In no particular order:- While H may be for Homicide, the story is about car insurance fraud. Sure there is a Homicide, two actually, but the story isn't concerned with solving the mysterious one. - Insurance fraud scams of the early 1990s are an interesting change from the usual for a mystery novel, but it didn't make for riveting reading. - While under 200 pages, this book is flabby. It's l [...]

    23. The 8th book in a seriesis is about the point where I start to worry a mystery/detective series may start to get formulaic. It has got be a difficult thing for an outrageously successful author to break the mold that was the instrument of your success and steer a different course. but that's just what Sue Grafton did in this novel.The title is actually misleading in my view. Yes there is a homicide, right at the very beginning of the book. In fact, it's mentioned in the first sentence. But while [...]

    24. #8 in the Kinsey Millhone series.The murder of an insurance claims adjuster sends PI Kinsey Millhone undercover in a Los Angeles barrio. Following up a suspicious claim in the murder victim's files, Kinsey trails beautiful young Bibianna Diaz, recently moved up the coast to Santa Teresa from L.A. Under the alias Hannah Moore, Kinsey befriends the young woman and learns she is attempting the same scam pursued by Raymond Maldonado, her ex-boyfriend in L.A. When Raymond's brother, sent to bring Bib [...]

    25. At some point I figured on of these novels would fall flat with me, and this was it. And I think I figured out why. Kinsey is undercover for most of the novel, so she isn't really the character we've come to know. Nor does she have any interactions with her friends, just the new faces she's investigating, none of which are at all likable. Also there was such a large portion where it just doesn't move along. Kinsey's befriended a female con artist trying to go straight who unbeknownst to her has [...]

    26. First half is boring, all about insurance stuff. Kinsey is not that witty, just spends her time working at the office, then a murder in the parking lot seems to be a big story, but doesn't get any attention until the last chapters of the book. Then our Kinsey gets herself into a real mess, in jail for a night with a crazy person, then she follows said crazy person and friends to LA for several days where she seems content to be a pseudo-prisoner. Really? She would do that? And she finds a gun th [...]

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