Highland Warrior

Highland Warrior Ross MacKenna and Gillian MacKay battle with their swords for the honor of their clans but what weapons can they use in their duel of passion when an alliance forces them to wed

  • Title: Highland Warrior
  • Author: Connie Mason
  • ISBN: 9781428502659
  • Page: 456
  • Format: ebook
  • Ross MacKenna and Gillian MacKay battle with their swords for the honor of their clans, but what weapons can they use in their duel of passion when an alliance forces them to wed

    One thought on “Highland Warrior”

    1. A verra verra bad book, I doona recommend it. That is, unless you like a silly plot along with very bad sex all wrapped up in a faux historical setting. Granted, there are readers who enjoy that type of book and while I'm not knocking them I am definitely not one of them. You are not going to get your Jamie and Claire fix here, although September is almost upon us and the long wait for An Echo in the Bone will soon be over. Yay! This is pretty much your basic Highland romance - Laird MacKay wish [...]

    2. Ross MacKenna is a highland laird, and a warrior. Gillian MacKay is a sassy feisty warrior who hates Ross and his clan. They have been feuding for years. Gillian's father thinks the best way to end this war is for his daughter to marry Ross. They get married, at first Gillian hates Ross but soon she realizes her hatred is misplaced. Their old loves are causing so much trouble but true love thrives. Arranged forced marriage, kidnappings, misunderstandings, jealousy, evil OW, evil OM, angst, pregn [...]

    3. My first Connie Mason and I really enjoyed it. I have picked up quite a few of her books lately as freebies so will definitely find the time to read themFull review to follow

    4. I went through the first 40% very quickly. There is not much content, just people shouting and being angry at each other plus some supposedly hot sex scenes. My hands itched the entire time. I want to slap the heroine so badly. I am surprised that no one did. I never could tolerate anybody throwing fits because things don't go their ways. I would have done something very drastic if I were her parents. I could have continued reading because I imagine once she is "in love" it gets better. But I ha [...]

    5. Sent on to the ladies choir in St. Mellons for them to titter over.A cock up - this book has been sent by Hippo instead of that which I ordered:1 of: The Twelve Deaths of Christmas [Paperback:] By: Marian Babson----------Buddy read with Misfit. So we open here:Chapter One - Caithness Province, Scottish Highlands, 1415The Clash of swords, the cry of the wounded, and the sharp scent of gore rose above the eerie mists swirling around the combatants.I'm going to keep count ofthighs: 1,2,3,4forearms: [...]

    6. Well, good news, is that the heroine didn't end up on my "heroines who annoy me shelf". She came close though. Her attitude cleared up rather quickly, in fact. It was pretty sudden. It must have been all the hot loving her new husband was giving to her.At times I felt very frustrated with both characters. Not a great deal of trust on either side. That got annoying. Decent read by Connie Mason but I've read better from her.

    7. Ross MacKenna is a strong, mighty, highland laird, and a warrior. Gillian MacKay is a strong, feisty, stubborn, beauty, who thinks she's a warrior. The MacKenna's and MacKay's have been feuding for years and Ross want's it stopped, so they must marry. I enjoyed this book very much, old loves were constantly trying to cause them trouble, it was a great read.

    8. It was enjoyable but it wasn't my favorite Connie Mason book. The villains seemed cartoonish and a bit off. The MCs were ok.

    9. SYNOPSISBattle between the MacKenna clan and the MacKay clan. Sunclair clan is allie to the Mackay clan.A marriage agreement to bring MacKenna and MacKay clans together and end the battle.Seana is a trouble maker and will play to any side for her advantageAngus always up to his dirty tricksRoss is stabbed; Gillian is exiledGillian goes after Angus to kill him and is capturedAngus and his warrior kin go to Edinberg to become mercenaries for the King.Sinclair Keep is abandoned and reclaimed as Wic [...]

    10. "Highland Warrior," published in 2007 and set in the Scottish Highlands, is one of the best historical romances that I have come across.It begins with a battle, the young, Ross MacKenna, the laird of the MacKenna clan is battling a high-strung Gillian MacKay of the rival MacKay clan. She is good with a sword but not as good as Ross. He manages to fend off her attacks while not inflicting damage on the spirited lass. "I doona kill women," Ross says.Gillian's father, Tearlach MacKay, laird of the [...]

    11. A surprisingly well-written page turner! I wanted to knock Gillian upside the head the first half of the book and do the same to Ross the second half of the book. They are both wonderful complex characters and the storyline keeps one engrossed until the last page. The only downside, for me anyway, was the sex scenes. Although I can skip them easily enough, it gets annoying after the first 2 or 3.

    12. This historical romance was all right. It had a common theme about two feuding highland clans. The hero and heroine's love-hate relation swung too far to the extremes. It was a reread and forgettable. McKay clan leader's daughter Gillian is given as wife to enemy clan leader Ross to end long time feud.

    13. La Mason in edizione con copertina rigida e sovracopertina è tutta un'altra faccenda. Nei romanzi da edicola la trama sembra sempre semplicistica e facilona, probabilmente anche per via dei tagli che vengono apportati alla stesura originale per mantenerla della lunghezza standard, peccato che il libro ne soffra, i protagonisti cambiano così repentinamente da essere poco credibili e caratterialmente deboli (naturalmente tutti gli approfondimenti caratteriali sono stati tagliati in favore delle [...]

    14. It was an okay read.An average read. I probably wouldn't read it again because the writing was a lower level than I enjoy. So only 3 stars.

    15. I love Highlander books and this was no exception. To me a good highlander book needs a strong woman and a brave sword wielding hero. This book had plenty of both, in fact Gillian had no problem wielding a sword. Ross doesn’t really seem to appreciate that since more than once she threatened him with a sword.Gillian is massively upset with being told she has to marry Ross Mackenna. He is the laird of her family’s long time enemy, but her father wants peace. She fights it at first until she r [...]

    16. Cheesy romance novel challenge #1, chosen for me by the lovely Michelle. Please take a moment to soak in the amazing cover, bulging veins, windswept hair and all. Ok, so it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. But, a distinct lack of "romance scenes" made me wonder what people who weren't reading this as a joke were getting out of it. Gillian, daughter of prominent Scottish clansman must marry her mortal enemy, Ross, the head of the rival clan in order to keep peace. As Michelle mentioned, th [...]

    17. So I am currently in the bodice ripper stage of my life and have been devouring all books with kilt totting men on the cover. Yes I know its shameful. But in my weak defense I am 21 years old. Weak because I will probably still be reading books covered with muscled bound men when I am old and gray. Anyways now that, that disclaimer is out of the way onward we go to my review. Alright ten pages in and my first pet peeve is that the clan names are: McKay and MacKenna. Why are these two clans in al [...]

    18. I like Connie Mason but her most recent books seem kind of quick and shallow. this one was the same. My ultimate frustration with novels like these are any the heck they keep believing the scheming mistress. Ugh. And he keeps letting her back, even after she tried to kill him. This book just seemed to go from 0 to 120 really quick. Not a lot of depth to the characters or story development. I mean, I know they are going to get together but these two just kept on whining and for goodness sakes- st [...]

    19. Ross MacKenna meets his match on the battlefield when a shapely MacKay female takes a sword against him in Highland Warrior. A hundred year old feud has gone on between the Clan MacKenna and MacKay and Gillian's father offers a truce sealed by a marriage of his only daughter, Gillian to Ross MacKenna.This sets the background of a great historical fiction full of romance, treachery, magic and battles as Ross and Gillian learn to love one another and embrace the peace between the two clans. I am a [...]

    20. This just might be the worst book I've ever read. I downloaded it free from knowing that it looked like a trashy Romance novel, but that it might be a fun summer read. The writing is awful; in fact, I'm quite sure that my 10th grade students could do better. The dialogue is forced and unnatural, and plot, characters, and descriptions lack development. If you're looking for a beautiful Scottish Romance, read Outlander by Gabaldon or Daughter of the Forest by Merillier instead.

    21. First of all, the description and the book cover do not match! ! The main characters are Ross and Gillian!Personally, this writer oversold the animosity, between them.Then to much silliness in the interchanges between them. If this is truly a time for strong men then these men failed. Plus that slut Seaena would have been ejected before The marriage, and most of the other over contrived crap would never have occurred!

    22. I skipped through this book and even then it was a struggle to finish it. Gosh it was bad. I do not recommend it. It didn't have anything offensive, so it still gets two stars. I reserve one star ratings for books I absolutely detest. The heroine was impulsive, stupidly so, and never learned from it. The hero never trusted in his wife and said stupid things he didn't mean. They deserve each other.

    23. Ross Mackenna and Gillian MacKay. She engaged him in battle and then her father pledges a truce, giving Gillian to Ross as his wife to seal the deal. The plot worked well and there was a nice twist with the villian of the piece. This is one of Connie Mason's better books, though I enjoy most of hers that I've read. Re-reading.

    24. I hate it when women think they can go up against a man, sword to sword. Duh. But I do like when opposite sides create an alliance thru marriage and the two must come to terms with their worlds turning upside down.

    25. A fun book where the Scottish warriors travel forward in time and meet bold 21st century women instead of the women going back in time.The reason for the time travel felt a bit contrived, but, still cute.

    26. Quick read. Most of the book flows smoothly and makes for a good read. The hero and heroine were characters that , due to circumstance, had a love/ hate and untrusting relationship. I think the author did a good job on the plot and throughout the book.

    27. Finally got to read this one. It was okay. The hero took too long to believe that the heroine was not a manipulating, backstabbing person. She kept having to prove herself to him. But it was okay for a light read.

    28. 4 1/2 Stars from This Reader. This is a good stand-alone, historical read. Ms. Mason has a unique writing style and knows how to use her pen. Nice characters that develop well throughout the book.

    29. Connie Mason is definitely one of the better romance writers at the moment. Her books have a lot more depth of character and better writing than a lot of her contemporaries. The romance and wittiness of the characters was great too.

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