The Short Stop

The Short Stop The Shortstop by Zane Grey Originally published in

  • Title: The Short Stop
  • Author: Zane Grey John Thorn
  • ISBN: 9780688110888
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Shortstop by Zane Grey Originally published in 1937

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    1. Salver!Jollier!You mushy soft soaper!You might hear such scandalous name calling if you hada run-in with your base-ball teammates in 1907. 'The Shortstop' gives a great view of base-ball inthe turn into the 20th century, which isn't played muchdifferently now, part of its charming fascination. Yes, some of the lingo differs, the cursing for one;if you want to rile the opposing pitcher yell: "Mugg's Landing! Irish stew! Ras-pa-tas!" Also base-ball is hyphenated, every little town has itsheroes, t [...]

    2. It was quite by accident that I stumbled upon this little treasure by Zane Gray. Bet you didn't know that originally Zane wanted to be a pro baseball player and went to college on a baseball scholarship. This is one of his first books. There is quite a bit of politically incorrect terms used throughout the book, but it was written at the turn of the century, what do you expect. There are some great moral issues brought up throughout the book that would be fun for family discussion (to help re-en [...]

    3. Cool little baseball story about a good young man doing his best to earn a living to take are of his widowed mother and handicapped brother. Fun insights into early baseball history. A little romance, a little intrigue, mostly baseball and a clean-cut search for a place in life. First published in 1909. I listened to this book as a free audio download from LibriVox.

    4. Interesting tale of a young man trying to avoid life as a factory worker by playing baseball. While Zane Grey is certainly more well known as an author of Westerns, this was a good tale of what life was like for a ballplayer in the early 20th century.

    5. My father loved the Zane Grey westerns and talked about reading then when he was a youngster. We both had a love of baseball and he had this 1914 edition of this book. A very nice piece in our library. I read it many years ago and loved it. Will read it again, soon!

    6. If you're looking for a great baseball story, this book fits the bill. But it's about much more than baseball; it's a story of a boy becoming a man, of perseverance, of being the best you can be. If you've ever been part of a team, or an organization, or the military, if you've ever felt a sense of responsibility, you can relate to this tale.Chase Alloway was just a boy-a young man if you will, but out of necessity, he needed to grow up fast; his family depended on it. This was long before food [...]

    7. A nice little story about a small town boy trying to make it in big league baseball. Some of the language used at the turn of the century would not be politically correct now. I've always thought of Zane Grey as a writer of Westerns but this was a delightful story with humor, a little romance, kindheartedness, and fine descriptions that Zane Grey is known for.Readers who like this may also like "You Know Me Al" by Ring Lardner.

    8. When I was a child, I loved spending hours, during the blissful weeks I often spent on my Grandparents' farm, perusing Grandpa's bookshelf and reading through his collection of Zane Grey books.25+ years later, I hadn't read or even thought much about his old books in years when one day Grandpa, by then suffering the effects of senile dementia and nearing the end of his life, handed me 4 of them and urged me to read them, so I could see what good writing was. I accepted them with pleasure and ant [...]

    9. Spoiler: Baseball fan? This is the book for you! Written in 1909 Zane Grey the author takes you back to the beginnings of baseball. A young boy age 17 had to quit school to earn money for his family. He worked in a factory but was getting no where so he quit and goes on a journey to follow his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player.He catches a train and has some hard breaks but eventually finds a manager that believes in him despite his appearance. He learns the ropes of playing on a [...]

    10. The Short Stop isn’t a book one would normally attribute to Zane Gray. I have read many of his westerns but this is completely different. Novels about baseball aren’t very numerous and this one only increases the questions as to why this is. The Short Stop is about baseball in its early days. Professional teams were strictly segregated but this had no ill-effect on its popularity. The book is overflowing with slang and baseball terminology no longer used and long forgotten. The professional [...]

    11. While the plot of this novel seemed to be fairly standard, it was certainly enjoyable enough. My favorite aspect of this book, and the area in which it really shines, is the depiction of small-town baseball in the sport's early days. Zane Grey himself played minor league. The novel was written in 1909, but Zane Grey himself played in the minor leagues roughly a decade earlier. Suffice to say, he certainly knew the life of a baseball player trying to make it, and this novel seems to capture the c [...]

    12. A delightfully fast paced story about a fictional baseball team playing in Ohio at the turn of the 20th century. The novel was written in 1906, by Zane Grey.What I took away from the book, was baseball back then was played on an intense level, that locker room chemistry is important, and the manager has to wear alot of caps.When the Kid first joins the team, one of the players takes him under their wing and explains the facts of baseball life on the field and off the field to the Kid.Cautions th [...]

    13. I picked a random Zane Grey imagining I'd be reading a Western and what I got instead was a book about a young man during the Depression years who finds a living playing baseball. He was a thoughtful young man who sought to do right and live honorably which served him and his community well.Incidentally, I originally picked this book up at the library, had to return it before I finished it but when I went back they had discarded it, which has happened to me with 5 other books this year. I was ab [...]

    14. Enjoyable book, a bit dated but fun read if you are a fan of baseball. Interesting to see what life was like for the early baseball players and how they had to deal with, fans, other players and the temptation of fixing games. A general story of having a goal and doing your best to succeed, of not giving up when knock down.

    15. This was one of those books where I read it in one night, not cause it was that great, but because it was so small in size. The reason I picked it up to read wsa because I play shortstop in bsaseball and I wanted to see if it was an interesting story. I would not really rate this book to anybody

    16. If you love the game of baseball you should definitely read this book! A wonderful story of a young man's coming of age through the sport.

    17. A Tale of TeamworkWe tend to think that teamwork is a modern term. Grey describes the ultimate teamwork in this book about a baseball team in a small town.

    18. Normally the author writes westerns but I'm glad he took a break from that to write this baseball story set in a time when baseball was the national game.

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