The Kingdom of the Gods

The Kingdom of the Gods A clairvoyant views the angelic kingdom With illustrations

  • Title: The Kingdom of the Gods
  • Author: Geoffrey Hodson
  • ISBN: 9788170590606
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A clairvoyant views the angelic kingdom With 29 illustrations.

    One thought on “The Kingdom of the Gods”

    1. The book is good. It helps you to see angels in the Nature. The author gives a sketch of all angels. Mountain God,Healing Angels, God of gold reef, A tree nature spirit, A Kundalini Devi. He agrees the mulaprakriti is World Mother. As like Indians agree Gayatri is the World Mother. Chek out what he writes on the Paper Back page no. 238HAT is the universal constructive Force of Cosmic Electricity and the ultimate hidden power in this universe, the power which charges a universe with Life, with Sp [...]

    2. Hodson was a Theosophist who claimed to be able to see fairy and nature spirits. This book chronicles some of his experiences, and has some beautiful drawings. Whether you believe his claims or not, the book is a metaphysical classic and an entertaining read.

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