Praetorian Macro and Cato now find themselves members of the elite Praetorian Guard charged with defending the emperor himself against harm Yet they rapidly find that the Guard is riddled with conspiracies aim

  • Title: Praetorian
  • Author: Simon Scarrow
  • ISBN: 9780755353774
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Macro and Cato now find themselves members of the elite Praetorian Guard, charged with defending the emperor himself against harm Yet, they rapidly find that the Guard is riddled with conspiracies aimed at bringing the ageing emperor Claudius down, and raising either of his two sons, one by birth, Britannicus, the other by adoption, Nero, to the purple Needless to say, tMacro and Cato now find themselves members of the elite Praetorian Guard, charged with defending the emperor himself against harm Yet, they rapidly find that the Guard is riddled with conspiracies aimed at bringing the ageing emperor Claudius down, and raising either of his two sons, one by birth, Britannicus, the other by adoption, Nero, to the purple Needless to say, the two centurions manage to find themselves in the thick of the action In the background is the Machiavellian figure of Narcissus, well known to both legionnaires, and also his rival for control of the emperor, Pallas.

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    1. Praetorian: Book 11 of the Macro & Cato series, always a winner, i think the only time i have struggled with one of these books was gladiator and that was just the one character in the book.Legion saw a return to old school Macro and Cato and Simons best work, so would Praetorian keep up that momentum?Yes and No: No because the book is different, the style not what you normally expect from Macro and Cato, more mature almost (the characters), with more intrigue and danger around every corner, [...]

    2. Mr. Scarrow's books of Macro and Cato have been a love of mine for a while now; currently my favorite historical fiction series overall (I'm sorry Mr. Sharpe). The character development and stories have been interesting. I've also enjoyed seeing young Cato mature (though slightly disappointed that Mr. Scarrow hasn't paid the same attention to Macro).Praetorian has Cato and Macro now in the Praetorian Guard, working for Narcissus to expose a plot against the Emperor. Rather than being a nice simp [...]

    3. One to add to the endless list of Roman "mystery" novels.Relatively little time is spent on familiarising readers with the two main characters. It's arguable that that was because this is over a dozen books into the series so the author didn't feel it necessary. To me however it feels a little lazy as it could have easily been worked into being a book that stood out on its own instead of being just a link in the chain.As far as the storyline goes, there isn't much in the way of suspense, intrigu [...]

    4. Just finished the 11th book in Simon Scarrow’s Eagle series detailing the lives of two Roman soldiers, Macro and Cato. In the first book, Under the Eagle, Marco was a Centurion and Cato a new Optio (similar to a second lieutenant in today’s Army) that was to be his second-in-command. Now, in The Praetorian, after a series of adventures in Gaul, Britain, Israel, and Egypt in the preceding novels, Cato has advanced in rank to outrank his former boss. They have become useful to Narcissus, a fre [...]

    5. 4 StarsDoes exactly what it says on the tin! A good continuation in the series for all fans of Macro & Cato out there.I must admit to prefer the duo when they are soldiering rather than acting as Imperial agents for Narcissus but with the yarn set in Rome it revolved around the Praetorian guard, the Imperial family, the plebs & was a decent enough mystery & adventure story with enough about it to be learning about the machinations of the Guard & the politicking of the court of th [...]

    6. You might think that by the time you reach the 11th book of a series that features the same two protagonists that one might get tired of those two protagonists. Not so with Cato and Macro. They continue to entertain, this time from Rome itself as they go undercover in the Praetorian Guard. The story is full of the normal give and take between them as they sniff out a plot to assassinate Claudius. Twists and turns in the plot keep the story moving. Indeed, the author has done a magnificent job as [...]

    7. Fantástico. Intriga, conspiração o 11º volume da saga da Águia não desilude. Depois das grandes batalhas em Creta, Síria e Egipto, foi bom ter agora um capítulo num ambiente mais urbano, no coração de Roma. É um livro que "desromantiza" a Guarda Pretoriana, revelando um mundo onde apenas os interesses pessoais imperam e não o bem comum. É um livro onde a acção fervilha em cada página, revelando-se difícil de largar. Apesar de ser o 11º livro da saga, não existe grande necessid [...]

    8. This was a bit of a departure from Scarrow's usual writing since it revolved around Roman politics and the role of the Praetorian guard. Overall I enjoyed reading this book. Although, the series does seem to be dragging out a little.

    9. Another brilliant instalment and I thoroughly enjoyed every page (screen really as I read it on my kindle and phone). A different setting to the other books but there is still the recurring theme in that they end up to their necks in sewage at some point. Can't wait for the next book.

    10. Recensione pubblicata su talentonellastoriaIn una precedente recensione ho passato in rassegna l'intera saga storica "The Eagles Series" di Simon Scarrow. Ben tredici romanzi di ambientazione storica incentrati sulle avventure di due soldati romani, Catone e Macrone. Vorrei parlarvi nello specifico dell'undicesimo libro, quello intitolato “Il pretoriano”, edito dalla Newton e Compton nel 2012. Tengo a precisare che non considero questo romanzo il migliore della serie ma è quello che si disc [...]

    11. I can readily identify with Emperor Claudius, with his stutter and his gait in contrast to his sharp intellect (he studied Etruscan centuries afer the language died). His public works, such as the new harbour at Ostia, made him popular, though he was once attacked by a mob during a grain riot. Scarrow takes his Suetonius and runs with it. The Eagles can't disappoint (the band neither) and going on an undercover mission in Imperial Rome is a nice change of scenery from frontier warfare in Britann [...]

    12. Brilliant nail biting actionDue to an error this being starred as a four star when it should be a five star. My bad! However you are in for five star action. This is one of the best I prefer the stories where Cato's brains match Macros' fighting skills. Set in Rome with Imperial intrigue and assassination conspiracies for our boys to sort out. And they do. Plenty of fights, lots of gore, imagine it in the cinema. WOW! Read and enjoy Sorry Simon I didn't hit the final star properly. I will be mor [...]

    13. Al principio extrañé el cambio de las campañas y batallas por las intrigas palaciegas, pero Scarrow hace tan amenos sus relatos que nuevamente logró interesarme por algunos aspectos que desconocía.Creo que si se hiciera leer estos libros (por lo menos el primero) en el colegio a los niños se ganaría mucho en dos aspectos, fomentar la lectura (son amenos) y reforzar la historia (abunda la información que uno suele desconocer).

    14. With a suitable gap in time having passed since reading another in the Eagle series, I read and enjoyed Praetorian. It was set in Rome where Cato and Macro were given the task to infiltrate the Praetorian Guard and to foil an assassination plot on Emperor Claudius. This was vintage Simon Scarrow and gave excellent background descriptions of life in Rome of both the common people and the privileged. The story progressed nicely at a pace and is a "must read" for those who like historical fiction w [...]

    15. Having read the previous ten books in this series - in a row. I was really pleased with this latest instalment involving Macro and Cato. Less battles and fighting this time round and more plotting and scheming which made for a refreshing change.

    16. Not the usual Cato and Macro adventure among the legions, but still a very entertaining story, displaying perfectly the backstabbing politics in Ancient Rome.

    17. Completely different from the other books , Marco and Cato go undercover in Rome to unravel a plot to kill the emperor.No big battle scenes , more spy thriller stuff

    18. 11th in the series and a welcome return to the intrigues of Rome – this time with Marco and Cato in the City itself. Narcissus orders them to join the Praetorian Guard as rankers under false names to investigate an apparent conspiracy of the Liberators. Rome is suffering from a grain shortage (partly linked to the previous stories such as the problems in Egypt) and the Liberators appear to be cornering what grain remains using stolen Imperial silver supplies. The setting of the book in Rome wi [...]

    19. "Praetorian" is het elfde boek uit de reeks over de Romeinse legionairs Macro en Cato. Ik ontdekte de reeks in 2013 toen het eerste boek in het Nederlands werd vertaald (Onder de adelaar) en was meteen verkocht. Simon Scarrow slaagt er fantastisch in om het dagelijkse leven van een legioensoldaat weer te geven en vooral de hardheid en discipline van dat bestaan. Bovendien geeft hij elk boek een interessante historische setting mee, met uitstekend beschreven militaire clashes en een heel spannend [...]

    20. This is still a great series. In the back notes, Simon, the author talks of returning to two old friends, and that is how the series is now. Macro has softened a bit, though still rough and tumble and a better fighter than Cato. Cato is still the brains that keeps Macro away from the trouble he is prone to get into. Here is the closest we have been to the Imperial Purple, Claudius, who is near the end of his tenure. And we see the seedy underside of politics as all prepare for what is to come wh [...]

    21. Siempre que leo un libro de esta saga de Quinto Licinio Cato, que con este llevo once, me recuerda a mi abuelo. Me recuerda cuando me reía de sus lecturas, no paraba de devorar novelas de Marcial Lafuente Estefanía, iba a cambiarlas a un pequeño estanco y se dormía a la hora de la siesta con un puro en una mano y con una novela en la otra. A mi siempre me parecía la misma, aun a pesar de que Marcial escribió alrededor de 2600 de estas novelas cortas, y así se lo decía a mi abuelo, el sol [...]

    22. Shifting from his usual style of writing, Simon Scarrow diversifies the Eagle series brilliantly, introducing a new and interesting change from the usual war accounts. After Cato and Macro return from their grueling "hunt" after the Gladiator, Ajax, they expect to receive promotions, amongst other things, for their achievements. Yet Narcissus, the Imperial Secretary, has other plans for them. In a time of turmoil and social unrest, the Emperor needs all the allies he can get.Picking up from the [...]

    23. Praetorian sees a departure from the usual legionary capers for Macro and Cato as the two intrepid heroes return to Rome to work undercover as members of the Praetorian guard as they try to uncover a plot to undermine the Emperor, Claudius and bring his reign to an end.Being a big fan of all Mr Scarrow's books, I was really looking to this story especially as it was going to be different. Although enjoyable, the pace of the storyline was a lot slower than usual and I thought there was less humou [...]

    24. En esta novela se ha consumado el giro que han sufrido las novelas de esta saga. En su inicio nos encontrábamos con unas tramas más simples y centradas en las batallas entre las legiones y los bárbaros que no se dejan invadir, pero conforme Cato ha cogido protagonismo las historias han evolucionado hacia unas tramas más complejas y con menos acción. Las conspiraciones se han convertido en el núcleo de las historias y dejan poco espacio para el uso de los puños.En principio esta evolución [...]

    25. I like Simon Scarrow. His books are an easy read, mixing a little bit of history with some great action. It's not a literary prize winner - but then it doesn't pretend to be. What I liked about Praetorian is the back and forth of the two main characters (Macro and Cato). There is a chemistry there that jumps off the page. It makes them feel real. Scarrow himself says that they have taken on a life of their own and write themselves. Also, the book has some interesting plot twists - and does keep [...]

    26. For me this was the best of the whole series so far. Scarrow is writing in a different style here as it ends up in a more political conspiracy thriller area, with the solving of the mystery putting this one a lot closer to the likes of Steven Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa series.Due to this it feels much more mature and takes the story of Cato and Macro up a notch. Especially as opposed to the previous The Legion where it almost felt like a teen book in places. Nonetheless Scarrow has somehow cunningly [...]

    27. The story of Macro and Cato is set in the context of Rome in her glory days. There are many relevant themes highlighted such as the blessing of a true friendship in the snake pit where all the snakes are vying for in the dangerous game of politics. The story shows that Rome which is built on the ideal of freedom loses its true ideals when tyranny of the Caesars reign. The book shows that true friendship gives you a purpose in life and success gained through hard work is more enjoyable than succe [...]

    28. Cato and Macro return to Rome in this book and as the title suggests, they are pushed into the ranks of the Praetorian guard to help uncover a plot aimed at taking down the Emperor. As usual, Simon Scarrow delivers with a great story that engages the reader straight from the first chapter. Macro and Cato will continue to be my most favourite ever Roman Legionaries and I hope he never stops writing about these two me. Those that know the series will not be disappointed, those that do not, get inv [...]

    29. Eagle series can be divided into two sets. One has our heroes involved in fighting, other in covert work. This book falls into latter category.Cato and Macro have to go undercover in Praetorian Guard to uncover plot to assassinate eperor Claudius, guided by ever present Narcissus. For our heroes this is somehat of a shock as they are used to their rank but now assume identities of ordinary legionaires.In the process they meet several people who will shape Roman empire later, such as Nero.While b [...]

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