Taming Natasha

Taming Natasha The Stanislaskis an unforgettable family saga by New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts The first time single father Spence Kimball set eyes on Natasha Stanislaski he was floored by her exo

  • Title: Taming Natasha
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Stanislaskis an unforgettable family saga by 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts The first time single father Spence Kimball set eyes on Natasha Stanislaski, he was floored by her exotic beauty But the former ballet dancer turned toy shop owner had a fiery temperament that kept men safely at bay Sensing a hidden wound, Spence and his little girl joineThe Stanislaskis an unforgettable family saga by 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora RobertsThe first time single father Spence Kimball set eyes on Natasha Stanislaski, he was floored by her exotic beauty But the former ballet dancer turned toy shop owner had a fiery temperament that kept men safely at bay Sensing a hidden wound, Spence and his little girl joined forces to find a way into her closely guarded heart For Spence realized he d do anything to tame Natasha s fearsd show her how to love.

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    1. This is the first book in the Stanislaski series. Natasha is a beautiful woman who owns a toy shop. She has had a troubled past but is improving her life.Spence has also had a rough time, but now he is trying to be a good father. That involves taking his little girl to the toy shop owned by a beautiful Ukrainian woman.They get off to a rocky start on the way to romance and stumble over a few secrets, but that's what makes this one of Nora's classics.One shout out I want to do for the fabulous No [...]

    2. It’s been a long time since I read a pure romance. Yes, that’s whatNora Roberts’sTaming Natasha is. There is no paranormal, science-fiction or mystery suspense twists in the plot, so popular today. You could say that it’s an old time kind of tale (not because it was published in 1990). But it does not come out as an outdated story at all. Spence Kimball is a famous composer and college professor, and a widowed father. Natasha is a former ballerina now a toy store owner. Both had difficul [...]

    3. This is on the high side of Roberts' 1990s books. It's nothing stellar, with characters a little too predictably emotional and a plot that doesn't quite gel, for me. Spence is a bit too commanding for the rest of his personality as a professor and composer and single dad. Natasha is a bit too passive for the rest of her personality as an entrepreneur and dancer and with strong family support.That said, this is one of Roberts' best depictions of a dependent child with Freddie (Frederica) stealing [...]

    4. Rating 3.5I enjoyed this book, it was sweet and nice.When the heroine Natasha meets the hero, she has a very bad impression of him mainly because she thinks he's a married man hitting on her while buying a toy for his daughter but she soon learns differently when she see him in class. The hero is a famous musician and composer and a widowed father who moved to give his daughter a new life and unexpectedly found a woman who awakens deep passion in him and is very prickly.The moves are made by the [...]

    5. Gostei de ver a árvore genealógica ao início - mas ao mesmo tempo acaba por ser um spoiler. Gostei da mensagem deste livro - amar e perdoar, não esquecer o passado e não ter medo de arriscar.

    6. No sé si soy yo o es demasiado perfecto que ella tenga como negocio una tienda de juguetes, que él sea perfecto, guapo y tenga una hija y que acaben juntos porque todo es cosa del destino siempre me gusta una buena novela de Nora Roberts pero a veces creo que son demasiado perfectas para mi gusto

    7. The thing is that I started The Stanislaskis series beackwards with Waiting for Nick/ Considering Kate, and realized there were two othe books. I absolutly loved Taming Natasha because it's so heartbreaking what both Tash and Spence go through, and it's all about regaining one's sense of self. I think so far it's my favortie of the series. I loved the setting and the atmosphere very small town, and cozy and comfortable kind of like the McCade Brothers series. I loved The Fun House and how passio [...]

    8. Uma história de amor engraçada, gostei do Natasha mas acho que faltava força à protagonista, irritou-me algumas das atitudes dela relativamente ao Spence mas tendo em conta o contexto em que foi escrito (década de 90) acho que está uma história bem conseguida. A Freddie era muito engraçada, proporcionou momentos engraçados com a Natasha, a relação que elas criam é muito fofa! A familia Stanislaski é demais, todos muito peculiares

    9. Лека, забавна и романтична книга, която без проблеми допринася за един хубаво прекаран следобед.

    10. Entretenido, escrito con la solvencia de la autora , que por algo es quién es dentro del género. Sin más pretensiones que una historia típica. Recomendable para un par de horas de asueto

    11. Esta parece ser outra saga bastante interessante. A Nora tem uma mão talentosa para lidar com famílias numerosas.

    12. I remember learning about the Stanislaski clan soon after I first started reading Nora Roberts' books in 2001, but I was unsuccessful in finding new or old copies of the series. That is why I have only now gotten my hands on Taming Natasha, twenty-seven years after it's original Silhouette Special Edition release. Taming Natasha is a Category Romance Nora Roberts book, meaning it is roughly half the length of her typical Single Title novels (400+ pages) of the day. Because of how short the book [...]

    13. Această serie cuprinde poveștile membrilor familiei Stanislaski, un neam de ucraineni frumoși, pătimași și sentimentali, cu sânge fierbinte de țigani în vene. Yuri și Nadia împreună cu copiiilor au trecut cu ani în urmă munții, marcați de teamă, frig și foame, dar sperând într-un viitor mai bun pentru copii. Și au reușit.Primul volum, Îmbânzind-o pe Natasha este, după cum arată și titlul, povestea Natashei, fiica cea mare.Relaţiile de familie, modul în care sunt reda [...]

    14. There is nothing quite like rereading old favorites, and I've been loving every minute I've spent listening to the Stanislaski series via audiobook. Taming Natasha by Nora Roberts is the first book in the Stanislaski series, and while I don’t love it like the later books in the series, it really is a great start.Taming Natasha starts off with a misconception, which leads to Natasha and Spence not getting off to a great start. Natasha is the owner of a toy shop in a small town in West Virginia [...]

    15. No real story to this - just former ballerina who now runs a toy shop meeting and falling for a single dad and his adorable daughter

    16. Author: Nora RobertsFirst published: 1991Length: 2871 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary Small-town. Shepherds town, West Virginia.Sex: Explicit. Infrequent.Hero: Composer / teacher.Heroine: Russian former ballerina now toy shop owner.Trigger: (view spoiler)[A few triggers here. Freddie was unwanted by her mother and led a lonely life before her mother’s death (raised by housekeeper). Natalie dropped out of school to become a ballerina, had a relationship with an older man when she was sev [...]

    17. Creo que darle 4 estrellas es demasiado, pero 3 estrellas no son suficientes, así que se queda en 3'5. Es un libro muy bonito, ligero y que se lee rapidísimo (apenas lo leí en unas horas!). El amor entre Spence y Natasha es precioso eso sí, es más o menos un instalove, más por parte de él que de ella, porque Natasha lo odia desde que lo ve por primera vez jaja también hay que tener en cuenta la extensión del libro, que es bastante corto para lo que estoy acostumbrada leer de Nora Robert [...]

    18. Taming Natasha is book one in the Stanislaski series by Nora Roberts. It is a great book and an easy read. The characters are realistic as are the events in the plot. Natasha Stanislaski had moved from New York City to a small town. She has all she wants and needs with her toy store and her home. She consistently refuses to have anything to do with men. What happened in her past to cause this? That perhaps is the reason she reacted to uncharacteristically when a gorgeous man came in with a woman [...]

    19. Set in the early 1990s, this story is a very bittersweet straight romance. I liked the characters as well as the love story. Natasha own a toy store in a small town in West Virginia. Spender and his daughter "Freddy" have just moved to town to start a new and slower paced life. For Spencer, it was instant attraction.I loved Spencer. He was just too cute as he went about wooing Natasha to give in to their attraction. I loved that they ended up becoming friends. first and took things slowly. I wil [...]

    20. If you enjoy complicated plots and well developed characters, perhaps you should look elsewhere. When I reached the end of this book I was shocked because almostnothing happens. Frigid toy store owner meets handsome music professor, he pursues her, she eventually acquiesces, she gets pregnant. Honestly, I picked this book up only because it was one of the few immediately available for download from my library as I was preparing for a long plane flight.

    21. One thing that's good about being sick, is getting to curl up with your favorite books. The Stanislaski series by Nora Roberts is one of my all time faves. I've read and reread this series over and over since my teen years. I was so happy to find it out as an ebook! Now I'm hoping my Nook will charge quickly so I can continue the series while I recover from the flu.

    22. Bu kadının yarattığı ailelere bayılıyorum Her bir üyesi birbirinden tatlı oluyor :D Bir Nora Roberts klasiği, yine çok hoştu Acaba yeni bir MacGregor ailesi mi geliyor diye düşündürdü Umarım o seri gibi harika devam eder bu daEn çok ilgimi çeken kardeş şimdilik Mikhail

    23. Me ha gustado mucho para ser un libro corto. Desde luego voy a seguir leyendo la serie. Nora Roberts como siempre, ha sabido llevarnos por la trama de forma estupenda.(Sin ser una novela demasiado complicada en cuanto a argumento.)

    24. Totally melodramatic and cheesy in places, but I LOVED IT! The best Nora Roberts I've read! Sometimes cheese and predictability is just what I need.

    25. I am a huge Nora Roberts fan so I surprised even myself when I found that I just couldn't get into "Taming Natasha" with the same enthusiasm as I had for previous Nora Roberts books. It was hard for me to give a Nora Roberts book a three star, had this been written by anyone else it probably would have been a two. From the very first page I felt like the story was being rushed. Both Natasha and Spence came across as unlikable characters; she quickly judgmental and somewhat full of herself (her p [...]

    26. Una novelita sencilla pero muy amena. Lo cierto es que me ha gustado mucho. Spence vive volcado en su hija y no sabe si recuperará la pasión por la música, si volverá a componer. Hasta que se cruza en su camino, Natasha, dueña de una tienda de juguetes a pocos minutos de su casa y además, alumna suya en la universidad. Natasha tiene un pasado doloroso y unos recuerdos que han evitado que pensara en iniciar cualquier tipo de relación con los hombres. Hasta que Spence llega un día a su tie [...]

    27. Jumping to conclusions is not the best way to meet, which is how Natasha and Spence met. Natasha's past was affecting her relationship with Spence and only when she faced her past was she able to truly fall in love with him.I like that the family's history about leaving their country and coming to America makes it into the book. It is definitely a part of the family's life that has shaped who each of them are.I was a little worried about a classmate of Natasha's and how that relationship would d [...]

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