It's True! It's True!

It s True It s True Kurt Angle s life has been an epic journey Growing up in a large family in Pennsylvania Angle followed in the footsteps of his four older brothers when he decided to pursue wrestling His discipline a

  • Title: It's True! It's True!
  • Author: Kurt Angle John Harper
  • ISBN: 9780060393274
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kurt Angle s life has been an epic journey Growing up in a large family in Pennsylvania, Angle followed in the footsteps of his four older brothers when he decided to pursue wrestling His discipline and hard work were soon rewarded He won the Junior National Freestyle Championship and went on to become the Wrestler of the Year at Clarion College In 1996, with many presKurt Angle s life has been an epic journey Growing up in a large family in Pennsylvania, Angle followed in the footsteps of his four older brothers when he decided to pursue wrestling His discipline and hard work were soon rewarded He won the Junior National Freestyle Championship and went on to become the Wrestler of the Year at Clarion College In 1996, with many prestigious wrestling honors to his credit, Angle set his sights on a new goal an Olympic gold medal Months of grueling training paid off in the most spectacular way when Angle returned from Atlanta with a gold medal around his neck and renewed determination in his heart.He was just getting started Angle soon joined the ranks of the World Wrestling Federation and quickly became a main event performer, taunting the crowds with his trademark three I s Integrity, Intelligence, and Intensity These are all qualities that he really possesses, but his character does not always display them in the ring Through his high profile matches with some of the biggest names in the business, Angle is now one of the most infamous heels in the World Wrestling Federation and he loves every minute of it He has won and lost the Intercontinental belt and the World title, and he continues to rile crowds and accelerate heart rates every time he steps into the ring Kurt Angle is living proof that with hard work and determination anyone can fulfill their dreams.

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    1. I just finished reading its true! It's true! By Kurt Angle. When I first got the book I was skeptical and thought it would be tacky by looking at the cover. But I knew not to judge it by the cover so I decided to read it. My experience with this book is overall very good. I enjoyed the parts when he talked about his childhood and his story about how he got big. However there were some parts that I felt was repetitive. This book had parts where it kept explaining the same thing like when he was i [...]

    2. This book is the true story of how Kurt Angle went from an amateur wrestler to WWE Superstar. As this book came out a while ago, any wrestling fan knows that things have changed since it’s original release. Sorry for the late review. But it was still a good read for wrestling fans.I thought that the way the writer was able to kind of give the feeling of what happened backstage with the famous wrestlers and how they really act. I did feel that at times it did have a kiss up kind of feel. That d [...]

    3. Though written merely 2 years following the beginning of his professional wrestling career in the WWE, Kurt Angle already had enough accolades and material to fill a nicely-sized autobiography. Even if this book was pushed by WWE in their rush of publishing biographies following Mick Foley's national success in 2000, this is one that truly stands on it's own two feet and as being worthy of being created so early in Angle's career. And not only because Angle had a stellar amateur wrestling career [...]

    4. I loved the WWE especially in high school and I adored Kurt's storylines and his character always going on about wrestling with a 'broken freaking neck!' My mom is the best mom in the world and waited in line when he came to the Mall of America to sign the book. He is without a doubt one of my most favorite wrestlers ever.

    5. Even in the world of professional wrestling, Kurt Angle was a bit of an oddity when he joined World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in the late 1990s. He wasn't the first person to come to the WWE with a background in amateur wrestling but he was, as far as I'm aware, the first person to come to WWE as the current holder of an Olympic gold medal. For Kurt Angle had won a gold medal in heavyweight freestyle wrestling at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and returned to his home town of Pittsburgh as a hero [...]

    6. This book was published in 2001 as a part of what appears to be a World Wrestling Federation promotional effort featuring bio's of some of its stars and major events.I read it this week, because I live in Pennsylvania, my father was from Pittsburgh and was a hall of fame wrestling coach. It was his copy of the book I read.Kurt Angle won the PIAA state wrestling championship, two national titles at Clarion (a small state school in western PA), a world title, and Olympic gold in Atlanta.Reading th [...]

    7. Kurt Angle's autobiography is a quick, enjoyable read about how the youngest child of a working class family rose to become an Olympic champion then become one of the biggest names in professional wrestling of the last two decades. Angle opens up in detail about his family life while growing up and how it influenced him as he pursued his athletic dreams, the honesty in this section of the book really makes one realize how determined Angle became to be the best in the world. The amateur wrestling [...]

    8. This book is what it is, and very little more. Kurt Angle's "autobiography" is a self-slanted account of the events of his life, laden with false modesty bordering on masturbation. The majority of the book focuses on Angle's life before getting into professional wrestling: from his youth up to the Olympics. Frustratingly, it insists on giving away potentially interesting and compelling information as soon as possible. For instance, the chapter that leads up to Angle winning the WWE title is call [...]

    9. Kurt Angle's "It's True, It's True" is another in the series of biographies that WWE (still doesn't sound right)has put out over the last few years. I found this book fairly interesting as I am a big Kurt Angle mark and it was nice to see what he did before he got into the pro ranks. Since his career in pro wrestling is a short one, most of the book does focus on his amateur career. I was amazed at how acomplished Angle was as an amateur and am amazed that WWE doesn't hype it more than they do. [...]

    10. I received this book as a Christmas present back in the early 00's. At the time I was a big pro-wrestling fan, however as 12-13 years of age I wasn't really interested in reading about Angle's amateur wrestling career (there's a lot about it) so I looked at the pictures and it went into the bookshelf.Hearing that Kurt is to be inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame this year I decided that the time was finally right to sit down and read the book properly as an adult. As I'v [...]

    11. I read this book over a decade ago. I got my copy signed by Kurt himself. Stood in line all day at the Circle Centre mall here in Indy. It was great. I read it in High School. At the time I was on the wrestling team and since the first part of the book was about his rise to winning the Olympic Gold in wrestling, it was right up my alley. If you like wrestling, pro or amatuer, you should like this book. Now, I read this as a kid and I bet if I reread it parts would bother me. Oh, Its true, its da [...]

    12. Thankfully I got this for free from a friend who getting rid of some stuff. I guess the thinking was basically the idea that "Hey Will likes amateur wrestling! He'll like this!"That's about right. I adored the first half especially the insanely detailed Olympic chapters. Most of this part was read in one sitting despite the fact that I hate these WWF/E ghostwritten books. The restwas what it was. And it was a lot of meh.

    13. As a huge fan of Angle as a professional wrestler, I was extremely disappointed in this read, as it is written almost completely in kayfabe. Provides a few chapters of interest regarding the early life of Angle and his path to the Olympics, but for smart fans and those interested in the inner workings of pro wrestling, this book offers very little.

    14. I enjoyed the book. It was written like a transcript to a podcast and actually the book may have been more effective if it was an interview with questions. I really enjoyed the stories of his upbringing and some if his commentary on the behind the scenes of hid matches and his injuries. The big weakness is the random photos and the fact the captions are in the back of the book. it's true.

    15. I read this book a while ago but it's a very interesting and quick read as with most wrestling-related books. He talks about his very rough childhood, his then-wife Karen and their almost-adoption of a Black girl and his trials and tribulations in being in the WWE. I highly recommend it.

    16. So far, this book is pretty good. I have only finished up through the part of his life where he is preparing for the Olympics. Hopefully, the rest will be just as good.The rest was just as good. A definite must read for the Pro Wrestling enthusiast.

    17. Kurt Angle is amazing. Writing is not exactly his thing, but wrestling definitely is. Im surprised WWE did not rank him among their top 10 superstars of all time. He was somewhere in the mid thirties, and he absolutely did not deserve to be ranked that low among the Top 50.

    18. I think this book is a book the you should read to your friends and family. Kurt Angle is a very inspirational athlete. Kurt when through a lot in his life to get were he is. After his father's death a beast had awaken.

    19. Just be forewarned that many of the aspects of this book are fiction. Kurt admitted that the writers asked him to change names in certain stories so there was more a variety of people in his book.

    20. More than anything I enjoyed the first half of the book about Kurt's amateur career. The man is a legend!

    21. Great book, the man's work ethic is unreal. Shame this was released after he had only been in WWE for 2 years, I want to read about 2002-2006!

    22. It was a great book to read. Learning about his trials and tribulations throughout his life and how he was able to handle and overcome everything was truly amazing.

    23. Probably one of the least favourite of my Wrestling book collection didn't amount to a whole lot and at times Angle seems dellusional in it.

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