And Furthermore

And Furthermore I can hardly believe that it is than half a century since I first stepped on to the stage of the Old Vic Theatre and into a way of life that has brought me the most rewarding professional relationship

  • Title: And Furthermore
  • Author: Judi Dench
  • ISBN: 9781250002143
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • I can hardly believe that it is than half a century since I first stepped on to the stage of the Old Vic Theatre and into a way of life that has brought me the most rewarding professional relationships and friendships I cannot imagine now ever doing anything else with my life except acting Judi DenchFrom London s glittering West End to Broadway s bright lights, I can hardly believe that it is than half a century since I first stepped on to the stage of the Old Vic Theatre and into a way of life that has brought me the most rewarding professional relationships and friendships I cannot imagine now ever doing anything else with my life except acting Judi DenchFrom London s glittering West End to Broadway s bright lights, from her Academy Award winning role as Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love to M in the James Bond films, Judi Dench has treated audiences to some of the greatest performances of our time She made her professional acting debut in 1957 with England s Old Vic theatre company playing Ophelia in Hamlet , Katherine in Henry V her New York debut , and then, Juliet In 1961, she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company playing Anya in The Cherry Orchard with John Gielgud and Peggy Ashcroft In 1968, she went beyond the classical stage to become a sensation as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, adding musical comedy to her repertoire Over the years, Dench has given indelible performances in the classics as well as some of the greatest plays and musicals of the twentieth century including No l Coward s Hay Fever, Stephen Sondheim s A Little Night Music, Kaufman and Hart s The Royal Family and David Hare s Amy s View for which she won the Tony Award Recently, she made a triumphant return to A Midsummer Night s Dream as Titania, a role she first played in 1962, now played as a theatre besotted Queen Elizabeth I.Her film career has been filled with piercing performances of unforgettable women Queen Victoria in Mrs Brown, the terrifying schoolteacher Barbara Covett in Notes on a Scandal and the writer Iris Murdoch in Iris And, for the BBC, Dench created another unforgettable woman when she brought her great comic timing and deeply felt emotions to the role of Jean Pargetter in the long running hit BBC series As Time Goes By.And Further is, however, than the story of a great actress s career It is also the story of Judi Dench s life her early days as a child in a family that was in love with the theatre her marriage to actor Michael Williams the joy she takes in her daughter, the actress Finty Williams, and her grandson, Sammy Filled with Dench s impish sense of humor, diamond sharp intelligence and photos from her personal archives, And Further is the book every fan of the great Judi Dench will cherish.

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    1. Dramatic actorsey're so goddamn dramatic!This auto/biography (told by her to a biographer, who patched it all together) mostly discusses Judi Dench's time in the theater, so there's plenty of scenes relayed about actors behaving badly. Not only actors, but directors as welld it seemed to me, mostly men. I don't think Dench intended to bag on theater dudes. It just happens that, for some reason, the male of the species often acts atrociously towards their fellows. I think the embarrassingly obvio [...]

    2. I so wanted to love this book because I love Dame Judi. But I didn't love it (although I still love the Dame). I found it read more like peeking into an appointment diary rather than delving into a personal journal. And there were times when I just didn't understand what she was trying to say even after re-reading the passage. That's not to say that it's all bad - there were passages of interest that really sang off the page in Dame Judi's lovely smokey voice. Nor was I expecting her to dish the [...]

    3. A writer she is not, but there's much to admire about the long and fantastic career of Judi Dench.The first section of the book focuses almost exclusively on her theatre work (what character she played, when she played it, and who she played it with). Since I'm not keen on live theater, this section was somewhat boring. However, it was still interesting to see all the plays she's been involved in and all the big names of stage she's acted with. Her TV and film work was more to my personal taste, [...]

    4. Finished Feb 2011. Not strictly a bio, as Judi Dench explains in her preface, but an adjunct to an earlier bio (John Miller, 1998), which sets out to fill some of the gaps in this previous work. The focus is mainly on Judi's professional life, not private. For me, a great fan of the actress, it was a delight to hear her voice direct, and even though she was fairly guarded about giving away personal details, her very warm, appreciative, and fun-loving soul reflected throughout the pages. The most [...]

    5. She is such an amazing lady. She isn't an interesting writer, however. This was dry as a bone. I'm going to pick up her suggested biography instead, Judi Dench: scenes from my life.

    6. I'm a big fan of Dame Judi Dench and was very excited that she had a memoir coming out. I ended up getting the Audiobook edition of it because I wanted to hear Judi tell me her story in her own voice (similarly to my love of the audiobook of Julie Andrew's memoir - HOME). I was surprised to find just a short introduction read by the actress and the rest of the book read by actress Samantha Bond. Despite the initial weirdness of hearing Samantha Bond's voice tell Judi Dench's story in the first p [...]

    7. When I first started reading "And Furthermore," I was a bit worried. Dame Judi spans her early life and career in about 20 pages and it's all very superficial. "And then I was in this production with that person and then this production with this other person." It wasn't until a good 75 pages in that we start to hear her personal opinions and stories regarding her experiences on the stage and, later, television and cinema screens. Miss Dench has a wicked wit and all too rarely she lets us know h [...]

    8. This is a really interesting and entertaining read. In this great book the well-known actress Judi Dench shares her own memories and personal experiences about her life and work. From her work in the theatre to her role in the James Bond films as ‘M’. Judi Dench gives a very honest account of her life in acting. There is never a dull moment in this book. Judi talks about the people who have inspired and influenced her the most and this book would give inspiration to many aspiring actors and [...]

    9. Not the traditional autobiography that delves mostly into a person's "behind-the-scenes" life. In this book Judi Dench writes almost exclusively of her acting career. I found it fascinating although I wasn't familiar with many of the names during her early stage career. It is apparent that Judi didn't sit down to a typewriter to write this book. I believe it is disclosed that these are merely conversations Judi spoke about and they were put to paper, but that is what I found refreshing about thi [...]

    10. N.Y. Times provided a commentary on March 6, 2011a must for fans of Judi Dench. However, the book is disappointing for those looking for more intimacy in Dench's theatrical and personal history. This book is a glamorous review of her wonderful creative life reflecting her committed and energetic activity in stage and screen. The book contains an inclusive look at her theatre history and highlights her many thespian associates and theatrical personalities in Britain especially. For all that, the [...]

    11. So disappointed. I love Judi Dench and wanted insight into her beautiful mind, but this book was just list after list of what play she was in and who directed it and who she acted with. There was no emotion or depth in it. Even the "chapter" dedicated to the death of her husband was only a mere 4 pages in length and she truly only mentioned his passing and the effect it had on her in 4 brief paragraphs. Perhaps she is just a private person and I respect that, but then why bother writing an autob [...]

    12. I like Dame Judi Dench a great deal but this is a boring, boring book. It seems to be nothing but a list of her work and a listing of people who worked on it from actors to make-up people. Yawn.

    13. Not a full biography/autobiography, just little snippets of Dame Judi Dench's life as she remembered different stories. I knew next to nothing about her before listening to this book, and I am intrigued by the glimpses into her life she has written. She mentions biographies that have been written about her in the foreword, so I think I will look up one of those in the future.I loved hearing so much about the theatre since, as an American, I only know her for her film appearances.

    14. RE: _And Furthermore_ (2010) by Judi Dench Added 2/15/11I love Judi Dench and look forward to reading this book.3/4/11Below is a link to the NY Times review of this book:nytimes/2011/03/06/boo4/6/11I've read parts of this book and would continue if I didn't have any other books to read. However, I have a stack of books waiting and this one, although it's interesting, doesn't hold my interest for very long. I have to hunt for sections which interest me, mostly because much of the book covers peop [...]

    15. "And Furthermore" is a nice chatty reminiscence between friends over tea and biscuits on a Sunday afternoon. Dame Judi lightly touches on her childhood and marriage (both warm, supportive and stable) and focuses on the extensive body of her work on in the theater, film and television. The bulk of the drama in her life was on stage. Many of the fellow thespians she mentions are unknown to me due to my considerable lack of knowledge regarding British Theater but this in no way diminishes the scope [...]

    16. Three stars because I like her so much, not really because the book was so great, because for a book about such a great actress, it was a really bland book. And all she talks about is working, does she ever do anything else? She must. She mentions a few times making a cup of tea, but that's about it except for what she acted in, where, and with whom. Although, when she talked about acting in this play with Daniel Day-Lewis, or that with Jude Law or Kenneth Branagh, I wish I went to the theatre m [...]

    17. Normally I'm not one for biographies, but Dame Judi Dench has long been a favorite actress of mine, and since this volume was more about her stage-TV-film experiences I found it irresistible, particularly when reading about one I'd seen and loved. Her literary voice (as told to John Miller) is as distinct as her theatrical one, though no topic is delved into too deeply. A light, easy read that mostly only hints at all the glamour - and the hard work - that goes into the acting world.

    18. This memoir is as giggly and mischievous as one begins to believe Dame Judi can be backstage, although it is not a particularly brilliant piece of writing, and exposes very little that could offend or scandalize. I enjoyed her confessions of missed lines, backstage silliness, onstage naughtiness, and the general good fun that can be had when a highly professional actress allows herself to enjoy her work. She is a champion at self deprecating humility, and never takes herself too seriously.

    19. When I first began reading this, I was put off by the rather ordinary writing style and the fact that she called her parents Mummy and Daddy! However I kept going and really enjoyed her accounts of all the plays and films she has been in. She has an incredible attitude to life and even in her 80s she has no thought of retiring.

    20. If you've ever wondered what the life of a thespian was like, then this book is for you! The entire book is filled with every moment of her acting life.

    21. It's obvious that Judi Dench is an actor, not a writer. But, oh what an actor she is! And, I enjoyed this memoir. I think any Dench fan would.

    22. Really love anecdotal stuff about the theatre, and this qualifies as that if nothing else. Very enjoyable.

    23. And FurthermoreAuthor: Judi DenchReviewed by Fran LewisJudi Dench has always been multi-talented and quite versatile. With parents who loved the stage and two brothers who acted too, she could not help but find herself caught up in it too. From the age of five Judi knew that her life would be spent entertaining others and learning a craft that would span many decades. As the author recounts her early years, the fun she had in schools, the many coaches that helped her learn how to move, speak and [...]

    24. There is more about her work than anything in this book, but still some about her personal life. I am impressed by her hard work and enthusiasm for acting. Her lack of fear is inspiring and so is her love for people. This was published seven years ago. I'd be interested in reading about her life and work since then. In the book she says she wants to continue acting as long as she lives. That shows how much she loves what she does. She is admirable. I just found out she's 82. And she's still goin [...]

    25. It was alright. It reads largely as a listing of shows/movies that Dame Judi Dench has been in with some fun behind-the-scenes stories and massive name dropping :) It's not a bad book, but it does feel very unfocused. Like you sat down to a cup of tea with her and she decided to tell you about her career. Not every detail, but a fond overview of memories. It's not a comprehensive biography of her life, though I understand that this is a follow-up to other biographies that have been written about [...]

    26. I'm a big fan of Judi Dench, but this is just dull. Mostly a litany of her work and work relationships, it doesn't delve in depth into anything. She gets along with everyone and only occasionally has doubts that she can handle a role. There is little about her personal life and no mention of the disease which is robbing her sight, although this may not have been an issue in 2010 when this book was published.

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!! Of course it also helps that I absolutely adore Dame Judi Dench. throughout the entire book, I imagined (in her voice) talking me through the bookeverything just flowed so beautifullyis is a wonderful offering from someone who is totally devoted to her craft - who takes the greatest pleasure in telling a story to you and me - who receives the greatest satisfaction when "we" actually understand the story.

    28. This is the Cliffs Notes of Dench's biography, also written by John Miller. She whizzes around the names, places, plays, and films of her life with her usual low-key humorous style. It's really for avid British theatre fans, but if you, like I, would be happy enough to hear Dame Judi read recipes in Croatian, you won't mind not knowing everything she's talking about.

    29. Forgive me, but I did not enjoy this book at all. I love Judi Dench as an actress and as a person she seems very real and sincere (I have never met her) so I apologize for not finishing this book. I made it about half way through but it seemed to me to be mostly her resume of work, which is good, but I wanted to read more about the person.

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