Suburgatory: Twisted Tales From Darkest Suburbia

Suburgatory Twisted Tales From Darkest Suburbia The title behind the new ABC TV Show Suburgatory excoriates through satirical local news stories the mostly upper middle class American pieties and parenting obsessions that surround raising the perf

  • Title: Suburgatory: Twisted Tales From Darkest Suburbia
  • Author: Linda Erin Keenan
  • ISBN: 9780762780198
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The title behind the new ABC TV Show, Suburgatory excoriates through satirical local news stories the mostly upper middle class American pieties and parenting obsessions that surround raising the perfect child amid the anxiety of an America in decline The book uses laugh out loud humor to target racism, classism, sexism, submerged suburban sexuality, class warThe title behind the new ABC TV Show, Suburgatory excoriates through satirical local news stories the mostly upper middle class American pieties and parenting obsessions that surround raising the perfect child amid the anxiety of an America in decline The book uses laugh out loud humor to target racism, classism, sexism, submerged suburban sexuality, class warfare, willful ignorance, and the all around bad behavior raging underneath the surface of those obsessively tended suburban lawns and bikini lines.

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    1. Why oh why couldn't I have thought of something like this? Linda is hysterical in her suburgatory tales and news and blurbs. What's even funnier is that I often found myself thinking, "Oh yeah that happened here, too." Then I'd remember that it probably actually DIDN'T happen here and that she had totally made it up. That's how biting and true-to-life this book is. You need to read it if you are a suburbanite or if you are all metro (metro?) because either way, you're going to laugh until your s [...]

    2. So excitedwon this from the giveaway and can't wait to read it. Nice touch, the author signed it! This is a new series on ABCI've watched it once and thought it was cute.I'll let you know what I think.So, I couldn't even get through the first chapter. I tried but the writing was trying TOO hard to be clever and funny and I found it neither. Put it aside after the fourth attempt. Sorry.Think the t.v. series is cute but I didn't see any of the book really in the series.

    3. I have a few things to say on this oneFirstly, kudos to the author for recognizing that she may come off as a "whiny white mommy." The fact is she does, to a certain degree; the woman had an inheritance and was making 6 figures in New York before she took off to be a mom in suburbia. My sympathy, she does not elicit. That being said, I wasn't turned off by the admission; I think she's smart enough and interesting enough that this could have been an autobiography worth reading, and I was hoping t [...]

    4. Hilarious. Outrageous. No, wait, hilarious. Perhaps a tad of genius? As someone who is far from acclimated to navigation of the minefield that is suburban motherhood, I completely understand where she's coming from. And I subjected an entire coffee house to random bursts of hilarity. Such a bold book - think I'll head over to Linda's town and be her new friend's just up the road (ps - this book does not follow the storyline of television program it merely shares a title).

    5. Witty,wicked and scathing satire about a fictional upper-middle class suburb and its usually clueless citizenry. If you've ever lived in a well-to-do. white suburb and felt absurdly out of place, this book is for you!

    6. Some good laughs, but overall this author isn't nearly as clever as she thinks she is. I've seen better satire from a gang of ten year olds from Colorado!

    7. Some cute stories, but it was really just not my thing. I may have been expecting it to be more like the show. No Tess or any other characters from the show :(.

    8. Still reading - I tend to read several books at once, so it takes me longer sometimes to get through one. I think of books as conversations I have with people and with my short attention span and actual love of conversing with many different people, I change gears several times a day to "talk" with different books.That is not my review though.I will start by saying, "Don't leave this fucking book on the goddamed coffee table so your 7 year old can pick it up and start reading the filthy content [...]

    9. Dear god, this book is hilarious. Linda Erin Keenan worked for CNN before becoming a stay at home mom in Suburbia. Now, I don't live in Suburbia, but I consider the very idea my version of hell. So, anything skewering that life, I am all about. I did watch the television show, solely because the darling Alan Tudyk was in it. Funny, but not really my kind of show. I didn't think I was actually going to enjoy the book because of that. The book and television show are only faintly related. This is [...]

    10. I had to create a new shelf for this book because I do not intend to finish it. I've been listening to it in audiobook format. I can't decide which I find more annoying, the writing or the narration. I really think I might enjoy parts of it more if I didn't find the narrator so bothersome, but I'm not going to find a copy of the book just to find out. It was fine for a while - even mildly amusing, then started to become grating, and now I'm around the half-way point and I know I can't do it anym [...]

    11. Eh. of the few times I can honestly say the show is better than the book? The intent is good, but after awhile it just went on, and on, and on, and on and on and just seemed like a big gripe for her real life frustrations. Yes, we can all imagine the Stepford community living she's talking about but it's really no different from what happens daily on every level, from one upping the co-worker on better nail art to better vacations to designer shoes or where a wedding dress was purchased, and see [...]

    12. Haven't received the book yet, just received notice I had won. Excited, I really like the TV show. 10/31/11Received my copy last night. Have 3 others in front, but hope to start soon. 11/11/11Started this morning, and so excited. A grown-up version of the TV show. 11/30/11Finished last night. 12/8/11Not really a summary type book, so I will just say that Linda is a funny writer. Short stories, mock advertisements, and Dr Drama. I don't live in Suburgatory but in a suburb type setting. The differ [...]

    13. Suburgatory: Twisted Tales from Darkest Suburbia by Linda Erin Keenan. I received this book for free from FirstReads. Having lived in suburbia for many years, I could relate in lots of way to the short vignettes in this book. In fact, it seems as though I've actually known some of these people and have been in closely-related situations. This is great satirical writing about all aspects of suburbia and it is laugh-out-loud funny. The concept is simple - observing daily life in your very own sub [...]

    14. My favorite part of the book was the introduction, during which the author spoke about how she had come to write the book. The stories that make up the body of the book, while funny, and scarily true, were not as genuine and intriguing as the introduction and epilogue sections. I would recommend this book to anyone who has survived suburbia and lived to tell the tales. Keenan's stories are fantastic. They are just barely exaggerated tellings of daily life in suburbia; anyone who has spent time t [...]

    15. This was not what I expected from the description. This book is a series of essays about the types of characters found in suburbia. While many of the characterizations were very good, the pieces were rarely funny. As a product of the suburbs, I know the types of characters and that they can be very funny so I really expected more. The pieces might bring a slight smile or a nod of recognition but the book falls short of the funny novel I was really expecting. If the essays were funny, I probably [...]

    16. I think I wish that I had known in the beginning that a lot of the stories were about the author's own actions, because maybe it would have changed my opinion of this book. MaybeI just Didn't enjoy it. I didn't find it funny. I mean, literally none of it elicited even a chuckle out of me. I knew that the book would not be like the show, but I guess I had just hoped for something different. I know a few people who would love this book and want to go on about how it's such a grand comment on socie [...]

    17. This was okay for me. I'm afraid I found myself skimming some of the chapters, already thinking ahead to what book I was going to read next. I can't say I relate to a lot of the topics, which is what I am sure affected my enjoyment. However, I can say that the writing has a bitingly funny point of view. I feel this would appeal to a lot of women who leave city life for a seemingly more sedate suburban life, but finding a whole new set of dramas instead. I don't have children, and i live in a sma [...]

    18. I don't shock easily, and roll off the couch laughing at Chelsea Handler, so that wasn't the reason why I hated this book. It was presented as being funny, give me David Sedaris or Jen Lancaster (and I am a Liberal Democrat) any day. This book plain old wasn't funny and it was written poorly, I don't care what kind of cred the author has. I cannot believe they are thinking of making this into a tv show, it they did, I am sure it has already been canceled. I would much rather live in the American [...]

    19. Now that I've finished the book and read other readers' reviews, I see that I was one of many who expected something completely different than the actual news article format the author used. It was somewhat off-putting and at times tedious; I found I could only read a few of the "articles" at a time. The subject matter often felt redundant, as if the author was desperately attempting to hit a page requirement. Nonetheless, I did find certain parts amusing and therefore felt it warranted two star [...]

    20. I picked this book up because I do watch the show and I was curious about what the book behind the show was like. I hadn't expected it to follow the satirical article format, but I was amused by them. The format I had was an audiobook which I listened to while working. I liked the reader and I actually think that it enhanced the experience of the book. It was an amusing way to spend a couple of afternoons of work, though the fact that there people so out of touch to be like this (though not as o [...]

    21. Suburgatory wants to be a clever commentary on living in the suburbs, and it often is, but the little news clippings and news flashes bug by the time you get halfway through. I'm not going to pretend I'm clever enough to know a better format. I'm just clever enough to know that this format isn't for me. It's not a book I can't put down. I think it's actually easier to walk away and not finish the book because of the news clipping format. It doesn't suck you into the next page at all.

    22. Not good. As the book that inspired the wonderfully hilarious "Suburgatory" show, I was expecting the same level of hilarity. Or at least a story line. This is just a collection of page long blurbs in the style of news stories satirizing events in suburbia. Not that a lot of them aren't spot on, but still. This book would have been much better had the news stories surrounded an actual plot line.

    23. I honestly thought this book would be a little more humorous than it actually was. Not a memoir, as I originally anticipated, but instead a series of short faux news articles. Interesting social commentary, but not interesting enough to warrant reading the whole book. I'd recommend this read only if you don't have anything else pressing to attend to--like, for example, re-reading the Twilight series.

    24. when i first opened the book i realised i made a huge mistake - this was not at all the book i was expecting. it is no one's fault but my own, i was so excited to read a the book behind the show that i loved so much i didn't even bother to check what it was about.if i was a suburban mom (or a mom in general) i would have probably loved this book. it is so clearly not targeted to me.i actually am not sure how they got from this book to the show butah.

    25. Nice take on the stifling conformity of life in the 'burbs. Somewhat repetitious in that the tone--quasi serious ironic detachment in a newsy style--doesn't vary, but that's to be expected I guess, given the author's prior career writing copy for CNN. And just like most of what passes for news these days, the lack of any deeper analysis beyond the short explanatory chapter at the end left me mildly frustrated.

    26. I received a copy as a Goodread giveaway and it was signed by the author, very nice! Next one on my list, I hope I like it !Edit 12/5/11: Easy to read. Some interesting and funny insights on suburbia but overall not as funny as I expected from what I'd read on the cover. Still it was a nice read and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it.

    27. Meh. I started listening to this as an audio book and just couldn't get through it. I grew up in the suburbs and I share similar political views with the author so I thought this would be right up my alley. I love books by authors who can be bitingly witty (ex: Jen Lancaster, Laurie Notaro, etc) but this came off as a pompous brag fest.

    28. Eh, it was fine. There were spots when I laughed, but it got monotonous after a while. Keenan herself references the one real issue that I had with the book, which was that there just wasn't a voice for working moms, and as one of the aforementioned working moms, I can only read something that presents one view alone of motherhood without getting severely annoyed.

    29. This books is a compilation of The Onion-style "news briefs" on different aspects of life in suburbia. Keenan doesn't hold back; snarky doesn't go far enough to describe her style of writing. Pretty funny.

    30. Reads like articles from The Onion, and several of them are very funny. These are probably best read over a period of weeks, though, as the joke gets old, and some of the same themes are covered in several different pieces.

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