Heaven And Earth

Heaven And Earth Ripley Todd just wants to live a quiet peaceful kind of life Her job as a sheriff s deputy keeps her busy and happy and she has no trouble finding men when she wants them She s perfectly content ex

  • Title: Heaven And Earth
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ripley Todd just wants to live a quiet, peaceful kind of life Her job as a sheriff s deputy keeps her busy and happy, and she has no trouble finding men when she wants them She s perfectly content, except for one thing she has special powers that both frighten and confuse her, and though she tries hard to hide them, she can t get them under control Distraction soon arrRipley Todd just wants to live a quiet, peaceful kind of life Her job as a sheriff s deputy keeps her busy and happy, and she has no trouble finding men when she wants them She s perfectly content, except for one thing she has special powers that both frighten and confuse her, and though she tries hard to hide them, she can t get them under control Distraction soon arrives in the handsome form of MacAllister Booke a researcher who s come to investigate the rumours of witchcraft that haunt Three Sisters Island Right from the start, Mac knows there s something extraordinary about Ripley Todd But before Ripley and Mac can dream of what lies in the future, they must confront the pain of the past For the island shelters centuries of secrets and a legacy of danger that plagues them still.

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    1. Dentro de la trilogía, y a falta de leer el último libro, solo puedo decir MARAVILLOSO. En este segundo volumen tenemos de todo: amor, magia, locura, posesiones, ira, miedo

    2. This is my favorite in the Three Sisters Trilogy. Probably because the characters are terrific! Ripley is a deputy on the island. She is out spoken, tough and not happy with her magical powers. She truly hates the witchy stuff, but she knows she has to work with the rest of the coven to save the island.So with all this hate of witchcraft she tries to avoid the new man in town. He is investigating the magic of the island.He is a handsome professor who is thrilled with the witches. I have a soft s [...]

    3. 4 Estrellitas bien merecidas y entretenidas. Éste segundo libro se asemeja bastante al primero en lo esencial, como la historia, la magia, quizás en éste hemos tenido algo más de magia y de los poderes que envuelven a las Tres Hermanas. Pero sin duda lo que más destaco de ésta novela son sus fuertes personajes, me han encantado los protagonistas.En el primer libro tuvimos a la dulce Nell y al simpático policía Zach. En éste tenemos la historia de Ripley, la hermana de Zach y también po [...]

    4. When you're out of town visiting your mom and you get stung by something and your leg blows up so you have to go to the ER and then you're allergic to the meds they give you you're pretty desperate for books. When your mom brings this home you don't want to hurt her feelings because it is, after all, better than no books. But not much better.

    5. 3.75 stars.I wanted to give this 3 stars because I was so annoyed with the heroine and wanted to slap her couple of times! Luckily I love the sweet and nerdy hero, he save the story for me.Also, in book #3 I found out why this heroine behaving like she was, and I can understand her more. But why we got the answer in the next book instead of in her book here? Sigh

    6. Another great book by Roberts. Overall, I enjoy the theme and plot of this series. But my favorite thing about this book in particular is the character of Mac - absentminded professor with a side of hunk. He's just so adorable the way he's always forgetting things and getting sidetracked. And him hooking up with Ripley was an interesting combination.The book had an interesting storyline that fit well with the first book in the series. They complement each other well. If there was one thing I cou [...]

    7. Leería todos y cada uno de los libros de esta historia si en vez de 3 fuesen 50. De verdad. No sé si es la atmósfera, la isla que tan clara tengo en mi cabeza, la magia o los personajes, pero estoy en un estado de enamoramiento absoluto con esta trilogía. No quiero que se acabe. Fin.Si lo mejor del primer libro, Baile en el aire, fue Nell, lo mejor de esta segunda parte, para mí, ha sido Mac. El científico de lo paranormal, torpe y encantador, inteligente y sincero, que llega a Tres Herman [...]

    8. Muy bonita la historia de Ripley. Me ha gustado saber más de la magia y el origen de la isla. Mac es muy buen personaje, con sus despistes y su mente abierta. Todo un descubrimiento. Sin duda seguiré leyendo esta trilogía. Nora Roberts llegó para quedarse. Próximamente reseña en rincondemarlau

    9. I want to really give it more than two stars but I can't. It is not the story that brings it down but the main character. Ripley is annoying, childish, egotistical, constantly jumps to conclusions, crude and really not likable. If you don't agree then I would suggest reading her actions when she played Mac in the gym after she thought, but didn't bother to ask, he had been snuggling up with Mia. That insults both Mac and Mia especially since no matter how bad Ripley has treated Mia, Mia has neve [...]

    10. A decent follow up from the first. Like most trilogies, reading the first tells you what you need to know about whether you'll like the rest (and you're way better off starting with the first, so, you know, read it first). This one is Riley's story and I really liked her guy, Mac. Roberts does studly geek guy very well and Mac was all kinds of highly-focused nerd. I'm less enamored of Riley, but I knew that going in as I don't really like the rash tough chick driven by a deep-seated fear and vul [...]

    11. Lo ciento pero con este libro no hubo forma de que hiciera Click con los personajes. Y la trama no me gusto para nada, sentí que la principal llegaba momentos en los que era muy molesta. Realmente no disfrute este libro

    12. He vuelto a leer un libro al azar de una trilogía y, como siempre, me quedo con este. Con este, en que los personajes principales son ideales: ella, fuerte, capaz, aguerrida, esconde en su interior un miedo profundo, el terror a lo que realmente es y no pudo escoger, el miedo a lo que puede hacer y no saber elegir cuando llegue el momento. Él, en cambio, es un buenazo despistado, cuyos momentos "sexy" no me pegaban nada de nada, por cierto. La historia se desarrolla en la típica isla de roman [...]

    13. Dejé este libro estancado por temas personales hace un tiempo y por fin he podido retomarlo y terminarlo. La historia de Ripley me ha gustado mucho, me he reído con sus encuentros con Mac, su forma distinta de ver las cosas y por como, poco a poco, Ripley acepta quien es realmente.Mac es un personaje que me ha gustado mucho, es un tanto peculiar y al principio parece totalmente contradictorio con Ripley pero luego combinan a la perfección.

    14. 4 StarsHeaven and Earth is definitely my favorite of this series. The push and pull between Ripley and Mac was so much fun. Ripley is the tenacious deputy sheriff on Three Sisters Island who is determined to ignore her magical ability. Mac is the adorable genius scientist determined to unlock Ripley's heart. I loved that the romance did not follow the typical damsel in distress / dominant hero troupe. Not that Mac was wimpy or anything; he just used his brain power first and foremost. And really [...]

    15. Ripley wasn't my favourite, but I'd still been looking forward to her book. Unfortunately, instead of my growing to like her through her own book it turned out to have an opposite effect. She's the type of character that I have trouble warming up to and by the end I almost disliked her.I did love the early banter between her and Mac, more of that always, please. Though his name made me snicker, because Mac Bookeally? I was charmed by Mac and his nerdy forgetfulness and absentmindedness, but it w [...]

    16. Som vanligt lättläst och bra underhållning av Roberts. Gillar verkligen de karaktärer som man för följa, även om jag inte är jätteförtjust i magin som dyker upp i denna bok. Länk till recensionen: ewelinasbokblogg/2

    17. Ripley haar verhaal en personage liggen mij gewoon totaal niet. Benieuwd naar Mia haar verhaal. Zij lijkt mij het meest interessant van de 3 zusters.

    18. I liked it as much as the first book. It was just alright. It was a light read. I think I only stuck out to read Mia's story. I found her to be the most compelling one even though neither of the first two books are about her. The story revolves around Ripley. She suppresses her powers because she is afraid of it. She can't control it when her emotions are high and she isn't prepared to deal with the aftermath if she ends up hurting those around her. The antagonist in this book is the reporter. H [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book. It was good to be back on 3 sisters island, to catch up with the characters again. Mac was a great foil for Ripley. It was nice to see Ripley accept who she was and for her to trust not only herself but those around her. I would recommend this book and the whole series.

    20. Romance, suspense, action-packed, witches, humor, MF. I really enjoyed reading and just loved this Three Sisters Island Trilogy. :-) Would recommend this series and a few others as I starting on the Nora Roberts journey. :-) Book 2== Ripley and Mac fight each other's affections as they try not to fall for each other. Mac is doing research into Mia and finds more about his family history as well. Great ending start book 3 tomorrow.

    21. Me ha gustado mucho, pero esque Ripley muchas veces me sacaba de quicio, menos mal que Mac es un amor (lo quiero en mi vida) y me hacía suspirar muchas veces. Tengo muchas ganas de ver cómo acaba la trilogía y de por fin tener a Mia como protagonista.

    22. I didn’t like this book as much as the first one. I found Ripley’s constant anger annoying and Mac too much of a cliche while their story wasn’t as engaging as Nell’s. I loved the first book so I hope the third one will be better!

    23. 3.5/5I ended up really enjoying this installment of the Three Sisters Island Trilogy, but not as much as I enjoyed the first book. It was nice to get back in this world with the characters I grew to love in the first story, and I liked focusing on Ripley. I'm looking forward to reading the final book to see how everything wraps up!

    24. Yes, her magical series are redundant and some are much better than the others, but there’s still something to enjoy and by which to feel moved.

    25. J’ai été moins emportée par ce time, essentiellement à cause de Ripley qui m’a tapée sur les nerfs avec son comportement permanent de garce.

    26. Ännu en härlig bok från Nora Roberts om Three sisters island. Lättläst, mysig och med magiska inslag. Längtar tills tredje delen kommer ut, som kommer handla om den tredje 'systern' Mia.

    27. I picked up Dance Upon the Air from my favourite bargain bin and found it full of corny stuff that I enjoy. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's a trilogy, and I have to track the other two down.[return][return]The Three Sisters Island Trilogy opens with a prologue of three witchesEarth, Air and Fire - who used their power to create a sanctuary from prosecution during the Salem witch trials. They found refuge on the island, but each witch went on to enter relationships that ultimately [...]

    28. I liked the first book in the trilogy, but this one just wasn't anywhere near as good for me. I like all the characters overall, but as far as main characters, I liked Nell and Zack much better than Ripley and Mac. It's really personal preference; I'm not much of a fan of nerdy intellectual types as heroes and not much of a fan of brash, rude heroines. Hopefully Mia's story in the third part is better. This book only gets three stars because Zack and Nell are in it a lot; otherwise I think it wo [...]

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