WikiLeaks Sisäpiirin salaisuudet

WikiLeaks Sis piirin salaisuudet Domscheit Berg Daniel WikiLeaks Sis piirin salaisuudetT ll kertaa paljastusten kohteena on WikiLeaks itse Internetsivusto WikiLeaksin paljastamat diplomaattiraportit ovat kohahduttaneet maailmaa WikiL

  • Title: WikiLeaks Sisäpiirin salaisuudet
  • Author: Daniel Domscheit-Berg
  • ISBN: 9789513162344
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Domscheit Berg Daniel WikiLeaks Sis piirin salaisuudetT ll kertaa paljastusten kohteena on WikiLeaks itse.Internetsivusto WikiLeaksin paljastamat diplomaattiraportit ovat kohahduttaneet maailmaa WikiLeaksin keulahahmo Julian Assange on ollut julkisuudessa my s seksuaalirikosep ilyist.Daniel Domscheit Berg toimi kolme vuotta WikiLeaksin kakkosmiehen Viime syksyn kaDomscheit Berg Daniel WikiLeaks Sis piirin salaisuudetT ll kertaa paljastusten kohteena on WikiLeaks itse.Internetsivusto WikiLeaksin paljastamat diplomaattiraportit ovat kohahduttaneet maailmaa WikiLeaksin keulahahmo Julian Assange on ollut julkisuudessa my s seksuaalirikosep ilyist.Daniel Domscheit Berg toimi kolme vuotta WikiLeaksin kakkosmiehen Viime syksyn kaksikko ajautui v lirikkoon Kirjassaan WikiLeaks Sis piirin salaisuudet Domscheit Berg kertoo miksi.WikiLeaksin perusidea on tarjota mahdollisuus vuotaa salaisia poliittisia tai kaupallisia dokumentteja ilman pelkoa kiinni j misest Daniel Domscheit Berg paljastaa kirjassaan kuinka WikiLeaks toimii H nen kertomuksensa ovat tyystin erilaisia kuin Julian Assangen Mukana olijoita on paljon v hemm n ja salainen aineisto on saatu paljon helpommin kuin mit Assange on v itt nyt.Onko Julian Assange tahallaan antanut WikiLeaksin toiminnasta todellisuutta salamyhk isemm n kuvan Domscheit Bergin kovimmat syyt kset koskevat Assangen tapaa suhtautua lev per isesti tietoja luovuttaneiden ihmisten suojelemiseen Onko Julian Assange tavoitellut vain omaa etuaan Paljastuskirja WikiLeaks Sis piirin salaisuudet avaa verhon maailman vaarallisimman internet sivuston ytimeen, josta vain muutamat ihmiset ovat t h n saakka tienneet.

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    1. A difficult book to judge. In large part, it seems to be one side of a battle over a broken relationship. Not knowing the other side, how am I to judge who's right? And why should I bother?In this particular case, the dispute is between the book's co-author, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, and famed Wikileaks director Julian Assange. I'll credit Domscheit-Berg and/or his co-author Tina Klopp (who I presume is a ghost writer), with showing some restraint; they paint Assange as an arrogant and irresponsibl [...]

    2. *So far I'm approaching this book as I often tend to, first and foremost, as an interest in the cult of personality. In that respect, meditations on the subject of leadership and generally how one person or a great idea really can change the world are my source of inspiration, here. There are too many threads of thought to follow there, so I will leave it at that for now. I don't doubt your own ability to spearhead that subject independently.*Otherwise, this story is obviously a one sided versio [...]

    3. Fascinating account of the rise and fall(?) of Wikileaks. I read it cover to cover over two days.It clearly recounts the early history of Wikileaks and in a way is the account of a breakup of the relationship between Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg. Also it is the story of a start-up. It shows what can be done by two driven guys sleeping on sofas with an old server and a concept to sell to the world. Assange is portrayed as brilliant, eccentric and manipulative and Domscheit-Berg often [...]

    4. E mai mult despre Asange decat despre Wikileaks. Iar ceea ce se spune despre Asange nu e prea roz.Autorul cartii si Asange au bazele Wikileaks impreuna si au coordonat activitatea organizatiei ani in sir. Apoi Asange a luat-o razna.Este amuzant ceea ce spuneau lumii ca este Wikileaks in comparatie cu ceea ce era de fapt. O organizatie imensa, mii de voluntari care sorteaza documentele, sute de servere ascunse in intreaga lumea, donatii de sute de mii de dolari etc. Cand de fapt multa vreme au fo [...]

    5. I'll probably need to read Julian Assange's book when it comes out, to compare the picture, but what's said in this book looks right.There are no technical details on the wikileaks setup, there's nothing that can be used to trace people or disrupt the site, in this regard the book (and the conduct of Daniel Domscheit-Berg) are proper and professional.It paints the story of wikileaks, and especially of Assange (who is almost the personification of WL), of his behavior, increasing paranoia and som [...]

    6. En algunos momentos el lector puede tener la sensación de estar leyendo una historia de ficción, salida de la mente calenturienta de cualquier escritor de novela negra, por lo que llama la atención saber que todo eso ocurrió y que en realidad surgió de la mente de un joven programador australiano. Reseña completa: libros-prohibidos/dani

    7. Although this book offers a fair bit of interesting information on Wikileaks; the people involved, the set-up behind the scenes, some info on leaks that weren't published, etc, Inside Wikileaks is essentially a vehicle for Daniel Domscheit-Berg's bitter attacks on Assange and I told you so statements. He plugs his new site, relentlessly attacks and criticises Assange, tells us (with the benefit of hindsight) what he would have done in such and such a situation and other petty, pathetic bullshit. [...]

    8. This memoir of WikiLeaks has no literary pretence; however the detailed and chronological account of the web site and its founder is very compelling.WikiLeaks and Assange need no introduction. This account of Domscheit-Berg’s charts the very scrappy founding of what appeared to be an ad hoc website with limited servers, outdated technologies and a couple of brilliant techies to become a force to be reckoned with worldwide.He also chronicles the personal relationship between Assange and himself [...]

    9. I am not a much of WikiLeaks fans nor hater, only a curious citizen. I found this book, literally, hidden among other management themed books. I found out later that this book is one the source for the up-coming movie on WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, titled The Fifth Estate, played by my favorite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch ^_^ I often need to arrange my expectations when it comes on biography or autobiography, not all of them were actually good to read, particularly this one. I am [...]

    10. I give it 3 stars solely because it is a unique primary source about WikiLeaks; if this was not from a principal player, it would not be worth reading as it is shallow incomplete garbage.Negatives: the writing is absolutely atrocious, although I don't know if this is due to the translation from the German or whether the co-author journalist screwed it all up. And Domscheit comes off in some passages as too ignorant to even understand Assange's beliefs (for example, I seem to recall that there wa [...]

    11. Inside WikiLeaks by Daniel Domscheit-Berg details the inner workings of the internet phenomenon that became known as WikiLeaks. The author, a computer scientist who worked in IT security before coming to WikiLeaks, became the number two man and spokesman for the organization. In the book he chronicles the evolution and inner workings of WikiLeaks, his relationship with the founder, Julian Assange, and finally, his eventual withdrawal from the organization. In an ironic turn of events, Wikileaks [...]

    12. Like many I share a cautious attitude toward the personal attacks Domscheit-Berg makes on Assange. However, the narrative he tells reasonably explains Wikileaks' unfortunate fracturing. I was persuaded by the read to believe that the goals of Wikileaks are sound and that the project does represent a necessary revolution in transparency, which is big because two years ago, at the time of Cablegate, I wanted Assange dead. I find it unfortunate that Domscheit-Berg's decentralized approach with Open [...]

    13. Very good. If I knew all that in 2011 it would have been better.Blog • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn • Instagram • Google+

    14. Awesome book, definately worth a read if you think Assange is a hero. Domscheit-Berg is carefull not to throw any unjust punches Assange's way, and in fact he seems to still like the guy, despite what he did.

    15. Julian Assange -- "Daniel has a disease, it's some kind of borderline paranoid schizophrenia."By page 238 of this book, where the quote is found, it seems clear that Assange is a frequent, and apparently unwitting, practitioner of the elementary psychological problem of "projection," and clearly so in the quote above.While it's quite possible that WikiLeaks would never have taken off the way it did without Assange, from Daniel Domscheit-Berg's account of his time there, it's also clear, by the s [...]

    16. En ole aikaisemmin ehtinyt perehtyä tarkemmin tähän Ecuadorin konsulaatin parvekkeella piipahtelevaan Julian Assangeen ja hänen tarinaansa Wikileaksin parissa, paitsi nyt. En tiedä loppujen loppujen onko Assange (joka vaikuttaa hieman erikoiselta ja autistiselta, niinkuin useimmat läppärinsä kanssa symbiottisessa suhteessa elävät) kansalaisille palveluken tekevä hakkeri-Robin Hood vai kiero heppuka tapauksessa sähköpostiketjuja joita hän ja hänen "yhtiökumppaninsa" joka kirjan on [...]

    17. Fantastic account on the roots of WikiLeaks becoming a political player rather than an engine for the democratization of information and a whistleblowers' safe heaven and publication outlet.It is my opinion that WikiLeaks died when Daniel left, and it is now a plaything of a celebrity spoiled sociopath.Read it and weep at the missed opportunity, and as a cautionary tale against the need for a progressive strongman: they might improve things for a while, but the backlash against them cause more h [...]

    18. This was a well edited look into the time Daniel Domscheit-Berg spent working for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. At the same time, the reader should keep in mind, that this is one sided view where the writer was portrayed as hardworking, diplomatic and dedicated. While these traits may or not be exacting, it was clear that money and fame had a depressing impact on Assange.

    19. While this book will not win literary awards, it is a fascinating account on the first years of Wikileaks, on the motivation of the people behind it.It also helps to understand how a structure devoted to transparency in politics and journalism can turn into a tool for the far right, in the US as well as in Europe.

    20. Difficult storyIt wasn't a horrible book but it was difficult to read to the end. Much good information and wisdom shared by the author but I still had the sense it was more a story centered on the sour grapes between two egos.

    21. The book I read to research this post was Inside WikiLeaks by Daniel Domscheit-Berg et al which is an excellent book which I bought at a car boot sale. This book was published in 2011 and is definitely the kind of controversial book I should be reviewing. WikiLeaks was a website where if someone wanted to release confidential information they could anonymously and hopefully avoid prosecution. There were discrepancies however with while most of the information was freely available there were payp [...]

    22. If half of what Berg recounts about Assange's behavior is true, WikiLeaks is not a platform whistleblowers should trust to look out for their best interests, or preserve what's in the public's best interest regarding the information whistleblowers bring. WikiLeaks could be utilizing their users' submissions to advance its own agenda in some fashion. That's one fear that comes from reading this book.Berg's stories would mean that Assange's personality and private life have become far too enmeshed [...]

    23. Daniel Domscheit -Berg kertoo oman näkemyksensä Wikileaksin historiasta, omasta toiminnastaan siinä ja suhteestaan Julian Assangeen. Lukuja teoksessa on yhteensä 24 ja lopussa on vielä Wikileaksin historiikki.Muutamassa luvussa nostetaan esille liikkeen huippuhetkiä, mm. sveitsiläispankin salakähmäisyys, skientologien salaisuudet, Collateral Murder -video sekä tapaus Bradley Manning.Tekijä valottaa omaa hakkerihistoriaansa ja porvarillisen ammattinsa varjopuolia ennen heittäytymistä [...]

    24. I'm a bit underwhelemed would be an understatement for this book. Infact the only interesting bit about it is the title - "My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website". The author, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, rarely makes you feel that you are reading about the inner entrails of World's Most Dangerous Website. As a programmer myself, and a Berg being an IT security guy, I thought the book would contains details about the infrastructure or the security that went in to making it w [...]

    25. The author of Inside WikiLeaks, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, had a front row seat to the phenomenon that is WikiLeaks through the strange friendship he developed with Julian Assange. Due to events in Sweden in 2010, Assange himself has now become more “story” rather than any of the material the website published, so it is interesting to learn how it all began. The story that emerges in Inside WikiLeaks is that in its early years the organisation was neither well funded nor well organised. For exam [...]

    26. I have to say that I had this book for quite sometime and I didn't read it because I thought it will be boring plus the ratings and comments didn't help. But in fact, this book was completely opposite. At times, I was impatiently waiting to get to the next page and next chapter while I was reading it. But there were also times when I felt Author sounded childish. The Author for most part has had huge differences with the Founder Julian Asssange and it shows in every second chapter where he talks [...]

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