Blood Passage

Blood Passage Experienced criminal investigators Donaghue and Stainer wrestle with their disbelief of a little boy s claims that he remembers the men who killed him in his previous life

  • Title: Blood Passage
  • Author: Michael J.McCann
  • ISBN: 9780987708700
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • Experienced criminal investigators Donaghue and Stainer wrestle with their disbelief of a little boy s claims that he remembers the men who killed him in his previous life.

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    1. With Blood Passage, McCann introduces us to polar opposite detectives who have a surprisingly effective partnership. Donaghue is reserved, calm, and thoughtful, while Stainer is brash and quick-tempered. There is no sexual tension between them, which I liked. This is a partnership that proves men and women can work together without one having constant erotic fantasies about the other.This is very much a plot-driven novel. While we do get to know the characters as the story unfolds, we spend no r [...]

    2. If you love murder mysteries, police dramas, and a few elements of the supernatural, then this is the story for you. Four years ago, Martin Liu was found dead in a backstreet alley, a drug deal gone badly, or so police thought. Now, with a young child making claims of remembering who killed him in his past life as Martin, the case is reopened with renewed fervor as not only the police try to find the killers, but Martin’s cousin, Peter Mah, also seeks revenge. This just blew my mind away, espe [...]

    3. 3.5 starsI'm a sucker for a good police procedural so when a friend recommended this series, I picked up book #1. Glad I did.Lt. Hank Donoghue & Det. Karen Stainer of the Glendale PD team up when new information surfaces concerning a cold case. Four years ago, a young Asian man named Martin Liu was murdered. Hank was briefly at the scene & remembers thinking something didn't feel right. In present day, a grad student has been assaulted after asking questions about the murdered man but fo [...]

    4. MARK'S REVIEWGot an hour? Because that's how long it'll take to describe all the great things about this book. But I'll try to keep it to a more appropriate length. To summarize, it's a mix between episodes of Law & Order, Cold Case and a dash of X-Files thrown in, creating a very unique appeal. To be fair, I haven't read as many book in general as Bec and certainly not as many self-published books, but based upon her reviews (and Sharon's) and the few I've been either able to read or at lea [...]

    5. Excellent. Even better than The Rainy Day Killer. More information about the characters and the Glendale, MD police department combined with a fascinating plot make this a riveting read.Having just finished McCann's latest novel The Rainy Day Killer, an ARC from NetGalley, I found myself wanting more. Blood Passage is the first in McCann's Donaghue and Stainer crime series.The reincarnation element that initiates the re-opening of a cold case creates interest very early. Taylor Chan is only thre [...]

    6. A murder scene looks like a drug deal gone wrong. It's worked until there doesn't seem to be any more evidence then turned over to CCU. Four years later, the case seems to be fully active again. New information has been brought to light that might help solve the murder. Donaghue and Stainer are working the case as if it's new again. Asking questions, meeting people from the past and taking in the new information. It seems Martin Liu, the victim, is reincarnated in the body and mind of three and [...]

    7. Blood Passage, by Michael J. McCann, features Lieutenant Hank Donaghue and Detective Karen Stainer, two officers in the city's homicide department. Four years earlier, Hank had been briefly involved in an investigation into the death of a young Chinese student; four years later, another young student is beaten up for his investigation into that unsolved murder. Thus are Donaghue and Stainer brought back to the cold case, as a result of which they soon find themselves dealing with reincarnation, [...]

    8. Blood Passage is an exciting murder mystery that will keep you turning the pages. I love reading murder mysteries and police procedurals. Full of exciting characters, good and bad. The story is about the re-investigation into the murder of a young man, Martin Liu, which happened 4 years previous in the story. The case is re opened when a little boy starts saying strange things from a person in his previous life. The police are of course skeptical, especially hard nosed Dectective Stainer who wit [...]

    9. Mystery of a Past LifeMcCann tells us "There are more than 2,500 documented cases of young children who have reported memories of a previous life." Imaging how many go undocumented. Enter the homicide detective team of Donaghue and Stainer. The pair are pulled into a four year old Chinatown murder by odd circumstances. A child psychology researcher has new testimony from the victim—a young boy named Taylor Chan. From there an enticing story unfolds.Michael J. McCann keeps us turning pages with [...]

    10. A good detective story with an interesting twist - a dead victim becomes a witness, as a reincarnated child. As a Canadian, picking up a book by a Canadian author, I was disappointed that it wasn't set in a Canadian city. I found it well-written, although a bit generic in style. Two minor grumbles - overuse of clothing descriptions, and glossy ink. I do most of my reading at night, and the shiny ink on matte paper would reflect the light and distract me.

    11. Not being a regular reader of crime novels, I started reading this book not knowing if it would grip me as much as The Ghost Man did I was hooked in no-time and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

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