One thought on “Bert and Barney”

  1. This book started off with introducing two characters named Bert and Barney. They were best friends, and would do everything together. They would also constantly compliment each other. One day, the activity they chose to do was wrestle. As they were wrestling, they both gave up, because they both were really good. They both tried to convince the other one, that the other one was better. So finally, Bert told Barney that they were both equals, and called Barney a jerk. Barney got mad, Bert got ma [...]

  2. Cute little story about a frog and an alligator who are best friends. Personally, I found them extremely shippable, which was certainly a surprise in a picture book. Still, in some ways it made the story even cuter, and the writing style was absolutely adorable. It's a sassy little book, and I think it's one of those great picture books that is even more fun for grown-ups. It's a shame, though, that this story doesn't seem to have gained much popularity or cult status.

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