Beauty's Release

Beauty s Release In the final volume of Anne Rice s deliciously tantalizing erotic trilogy Beauty s adventures on the dark side of sexuality make her the bound captive of an Eastern Sultan and a prisoner in the exoti

The Sleeping Beauty Quartet The Sleeping Beauty Quartet is a series of four novels written by American author Anne Rice under the pseudonym of A N Roquelaure The quartet comprises The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty s Punishment, Beauty s Release, and Beauty s Kingdom, first published individually in and in the United States.They are erotic BDSM novels set in a medieval fantasy world The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy Box Set The Anne Rice was born in New Orleans in She is the author of many bestselling novels, including the widely successful Vampire Chronicles Her first novel, Interview with the Vampire, was made into a film in starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Beauty s Release Beauty s Release The Conclusion of the Erotic Adventures of Sleeping Beauty st first Edition by Anne Rice, writing as A N Roquelaure published by Dutton Adult Hardcover on FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Beauty Salon in Bournemouth Westover Beauty Welcome to Westover Beauty, the luxuriously appointed beauty salon in the heart of Bournemouth Westover Beauty is owned and operated by Louise Lawes a highly experienced Beautician, Guild International approved Tutor and Guild of Therapy Lecturer. Beauty WWD When speaking about The Hate U Give lamarjohnson said, I think it has a lot of representation for both sides black and white, or even just people of color in general, to ktauer. Exit to Eden Exit to Eden is a novel by Anne Rice, initially published under the pen name Anne Rampling, but subsequently under Rice s name. The novel explores the subject of BDSM in romance novel form The novel also brought attention to Rice s published works that differed from the type of writing she was better known for e.g Interview with the Vampire , such as her Sleeping Beauty series under Beauty s Transformation A Free Game for Girls on Play Beauty s Transformation online on GirlsgoGames Every day new Girls Games online Beauty s Transformation is Safe, Cool to play and Free We Compared First Aid Beauty s Hello FAB Skin Tint With First Aid Beauty s new Triple Protection Skin Tint looks strikingly similar to Glossier s Perfecting Skin Tint But they re actually very different. Bite Beauty s Latest Astrology Themed Lipstick Is Allure Bite Beauty is launching a collection of Astrology inspired lipsticks with unique shades for each sign Its newest shade for Libra is a balanced brown. Eye Duty Triple Remedy Brighten, Depuff and Smooth Shop First Aid Beauty s Eye Duty Triple Remedy at Sephora This three in one treatment can be worn with or without makeup to illuminate, depuff, and smooth.

  • Title: Beauty's Release
  • Author: A.N. Roquelaure Anne Rice
  • ISBN: 9780452266636
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the final volume of Anne Rice s deliciously tantalizing erotic trilogy, Beauty s adventures on the dark side of sexuality make her the bound captive of an Eastern Sultan and a prisoner in the exotic confines of the harem In Beauty s Release, Anne Rice makes the forbidden side of passion a doorway into the hidden regions of the psyche and the heart.

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    1. Disclaimer: I read the 1st book on a dare and the 2nd one out of curiosity - you can read my status updates and my reviews here and here, if you're interested. I have no plausible excuse for reading this last book. I just had to read it. After everything I had to endure during the previous books, I deserved to know Beauty's ultimate fate. Sure, I could have simply skipped ahead and read the last pages, but I made myself go through the whole enchilada - and that's why I said I had no plausible ex [...]

    2. I guess, in their own way, these three books really are like a fairy tale. Completely unreal. Amidst all the every day fetishistic debauchery, torture, gang rape, buggerization and constant whippings - it's the lifestyle - there is something missing. Blood. Snot. Fecal matter. A break for menstrual cycles. It is all so very clean. I mean, even going back to the very first book, where Beauty is rudely awakened by the priapic Prince - lets face it, she's been asleep for 100 years, surely she shoul [...]

    3. A fitting end to this High-Fantasy erotic series complete with HEA for all the characters we’ve come to love. "Yes," I thought, “Do it harder. Whip me soundly for what I have done. Let the blaze of pain grow brighter, hotter.” But it was not coherent, what I thought. It was like a song in my head, made up of rhythms – The strap, my cries, the creak of the wood…I actually enjoyed this much more than the other two books which preceded it. I was particularly pleased with the way that the [...]

    4. I am finally done with this series!!This was by far one of the most painful reading experiences I've ever had. As if getting taking from the castle and sold at a slave auction in the "village" wasn't enough, why not add kidnapping by a Sultan? Sureunds legit. Oh, and every two seconds someone was in love with someone else. It was just the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. There was no character growth, hell, there was hardly a plot. I felt nothing for any of these characters. I literally j [...]

    5. Review of the first book.Review of the second book.WARNING: Disturbing stuff ahead.And here is where we hit the rock bottom.As in, mass nonconsensual permanent genital mutilation.I know there are some people out there that like it, but I daresay it's one kink that doesn't need pandering to. Otherwise we might just as well have Gilles de Rais erotica.Or was it not supposed to be a kink?It's at this point where I started to wonder if Beauty series were supposed to be erotica in modern narrow sense [...]

    6. I read the first book in this trilogy about four years ago, which appropriately demonstrates how well the triptych held my interest. Truth be told, I only bothered to pick this up because my mother-in-law (who is an otherwise fabulous person of mostly sound judgement) is eating up those goddamn "50 Shades" books and asked if I had "anything like that" she could borrow. I assumed "like that" meant "erotica in three parts" rather than "steaming pile of badly written horse apples," so I figured I o [...]

    7. It's nice to have finally completed this trilogy. As imaginative as they are, you really do have to brace yourself when reading these books. Since erotica is much more important than the plot in this trilogy, I'll divulge a little on this final book.The Queen sends a rescue squad to recapture Beauty and her fellow slaves Tristan and Laurent, but not before Laurent secretly teaches the Sultan's steward Lexius what it feels like to be a slave which, of course, Lexius very much enjoys and finally s [...]

    8. I am not writing a review for all three booksor maybe I will just copy and paste this post to all three. My title says is it all. These are Adult FairyTale FANTASY books. Please do not read these books and base them on real life. I need to make that clear. I LOVE these books and think about them often. They are mind blowingly wonderful but fully fantasy. I chuckle when people review "that could never happen" or something like that because, UHM YEAH! not real life. Be warned, there is major kink [...]

    9. This sleeping beauty trilogy is the porniest book I have ever read, it is so porny it transcends its form as a book and breaks through into being a porn movie. All your categories of porn are here: straight, bi, lez, gay, threesome, foursome, orgy, s and m. This book involves so much leather and phallic shaped fruits its funny, accounting for the two stars. And don't anyone tell me I just didn't get it--this book has no literary merit no matter what anyone says.

    10. The first book was shocking. The second installment was more than shocking. Then the final book… I think I got used to these naked people walking around and having sex ALL THE TIME (they need to find a new hobby… like paint) that it got pretty boring. I had to skip pages and pages of BDSM just to find the direction of this story. It was twisted, weird and gay. I just don’t understand why Ann Rice had to shift point of views. And for my first erotic trilogy, I think I handled it well. LOL!

    11. WARNING - ADULT CONTENTSo, if you got this far into the series, you know that nothing is sacred. Men with men, women with men, women with women and sometimes several at a time. This is the final book in a trilogy penned by Anne Rice (A. N. Roquelaure).All of them are very well written for what they are - Erotica. Some are getting hung up on the literary worth, but if you are in the market for this type of book you can't really go wrong with this series. After Beauty is awakened by the Prince, sh [...]

    12. Każda kolejna część serii jest lepsza od poprzedniej :) choć wszystkie trzy są bardzo dobre (no może po przeczytaniu całości poprzednie nie wydają się aż tak, ale w miarę czytania jak najbardziej się podobają).Takie śliczne zdanie: "Obrócił moją twarz ku sobie i pocałował mnie mocno w usta. W ten sam sposób pocałował Tristana, a ja popatrzyłem na te dwie złączone nie ogolone twarze, splątane blond włosy i półprzymknięte powieki. Mężczyźni podczas pocałunku. Ja [...]

    13. This was probably my least favorite of the 3 books, though probably the hottest. I found my mind wandering at the "sameness": punishment, confusion, fear, acceptance. I didn't feel liked I gained anything new here, but still enjoyed this final book. Again we see differing pov and not really as much of Beauty as we did in the past. The slaves go on a whole new adventure here, and discover many interesting aspects of their characters they never knew before.At first I was frustrated with the indeci [...]

    14. Copy received from Plume through NetGalleyWarning: this is a review of a work of erotica that should not be read by anyone under the age of 18 or easily offended. It also contains possible spoilers.This, the third and final part of Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy kicks off exactly where the second book, Beauty’s Punishment, ended. Beauty, Laurant, Tristan and three other slaves find themselves captive on a ship, bound for foreign lands and the court of an Eastern Sultan. While some thing [...]

    15. Una trilogía difícil de puntuar, no necesariamente agradable para cualquier lector. Es por eso, y teniendo en cuenta las opuestas reviews que encontré sobre ella, que decidí esperar a leer sus tres partes para analizarla con un poco más de "completitud". En conjunto se llevan sus tres estrellas, aunque el segundo me resultó mejor que los demás, quizás por la introducción de otros personajes, que modifican, en cada capítulo, los puntos de vista. Pasamos armoniosamente de la tercera pers [...]

    16. "Beauty's Release is the final book in the Erotic Triology of Sleeping Beauty and I thought it was such a pleasant change of pace and direction for the entire series and when I write that, I mean more of a change of pace and direction than that from book one to two. The new setting gave more opportunity for newer endeavors for the story and I was hoping for a specific kind of delivery since this is the last book in the trilogy. What I got was something a little different from my hopes but it sti [...]

    17. I'm a little sad to see this trilogy is over. It was a steamy little diversion for me the past few weeks, and I'll miss it. The 3rd book is not as delicious as the first, but I am satisfied with the ending. Happily ever after is different for everyone; Beauty's happens to include being whipped and dominated. Far be it for my incurable hopeless romantic streak to argue. Apparently, I still love it when the princess gets her king, nipple clamps and all. I saw the Beauty/Laurent connection a mile a [...]

    18. Well WellI finally finished this series after waiting forever for it in the mail. Loved the first book, really loved the second book and now I'm back to just loving. This book wasn't as good as the second. I truly enjoyed the singling out of Tristan in the second book and I admit I became attached to him and his gentle and frail personality. I was broken hearted when he had to leave Nicholas. Now in this third book, we are taken away from Tristans thoughts and brought into Laurent's thoughts. La [...]

    19. When I was child, I was sort of disappointed with the endings of fairytales. But I got my answer and yes I liked it. Sleeping Beauty ends with kiss, right? Prince reached the tower and kissed the sleeping virgin to wake her up. This is considered as highly non practical. See you got nearly killed during the journey, you were thirsty and hungry not mention horny. The first logical choice was to satisfy at least one of those craving and the third seems as the most logical thing to do. The prince f [...]

    20. So once I read the first and second book in this set I was commited to finish the third. It was like a pull that called to me, you read the others now see how it ends. Call it odd that I liked the books but I did over all if you can get past all the smut, and weird the WTF moments it's good. And to this day my best friend and I who told me to read this set still have moments in conversations where I turn to her and say, "You told me to read it, and I should kick you for it!" Or other words not m [...]

    21. This is the third book in the trilogy, and I suggest saving it for last so that you know the history. If you've read the other two, then obviously you're not bothered by literature containing fantasy sexual violence, various BDSM and the like. Again, as with all three of the books, the spankings get monotonous, but there are less scenes of those in this book than in the prior two. This book has yet another change in locale as Beauty and a few others are kidnapped from the village and taken to an [...]

    22. The best in the series by far, simply because of the wonderful pov changes throughout. I started to lose interest in the first installment due to Beauty's insufferable tears that fell on every page. Thank you, Anne Rice, for letting the other characters narrate for awhile. In my opinion, this series turned out to be rather good for porn on paper. I hate to admit it, but oddly enough, my own tears hit the pages when Beauty was released. Predictable ending, but fairy tales are supposed to be predi [...]

    23. This book was better than the first two. The first one had an intriguing premise, the second one was hard for me to finish but this one went by fast. It is the first time you see a reversal in the characters. Some of them are no longer trying to find a way to rebel against being slaves or developping coping mechanisms and that's refreshing. It stops the monotony of the endless palace/village/palace punishments.

    24. this book starts off all hot and interesting taking the captives to another country to be sex slaves, and just when things are getting really good everyone is rescued and she slaps a happy ending on to it. i think this is the worst thing about anne rice. she does this alot when she gets either bored or stuck she'll just wrap it in a neat little package brown paper of course, and then says "and they lived happily ever after". boo.

    25. The female lead is a stupid twit, but the male characters are the ones that keep this book series going. I only wished that Laurent had been introduced sooner, for he truly is the most interesting out of this series that does lose steam quite quickly. Overall, I liked it for an easy read. I read it in about five hours while sick, methinks.

    26. Foi uma trilogia diferente, que captou o interesse ao ponto de levar a ler os três livros. No entanto, a partir de meio do segundo começou a ser demasiado repetitivo Enfim, é uma leitura erótica interessante!

    27. In the final volume of Anne Rice's deliciously tantalizing erotic trilogy, Beauty's adventures on the dark side of sexuality make her the bound captive of an Eastern Sultan and a prisoner in the exotic confines of the harem. In "Beauty's Release", Anne Rice makes the forbidden side of passion a doorway into the hidden regions of the psyche and the heart.Part of the allure of this version for me was a release from the utter crudity of the European castle and village. Religious and philosophical t [...]

    28. In the final volume of Anne Rice's deliciously tantalizing erotic trilogy, Beauty's adventures on the dark side of sexuality make her the bound captive of an Eastern Sultan and a prisoner in the exotic confines of the harem. In "Beauty's Release", Anne Rice makes the forbidden side of passion a doorway into the hidden regions of the psyche and the heart.Part of the allure of this version for me was a release from the utter crudity of the European castle and village. Religious and philosophical t [...]

    29. I found the first book to be exciting. Kinky. And yes, kinda arousing. I probably said so before. Then came the second book, which was quite catastrophic, not as arousing and very disturbing. And now this which I have no words for.It was disgusting in many occasions. The amount of rapings was ridiculous. The fairly common over-the-knee spankings from book one completely disappeared and gave way to people being bounded and gagged and then whipped. It stopped being kinky and went to disturbing.The [...]

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