The Girl in the Mask

The Girl in the Mask Set in Georgian England fifteen year old Sophia is trapped by the limitations of living in a man s world Forced by her father to give up everything she loves Sophia is ordered to make a new life in

  • Title: The Girl in the Mask
  • Author: Marie-Louise Jensen
  • ISBN: 9780192792792
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in Georgian England, fifteen year old Sophia is trapped by the limitations of living in a man s world Forced by her father to give up everything she loves, Sophia is ordered to make a new life in Bath By day, she is trapped in the social whirl of balls and masquerades By night, she secretly swaps her ball gowns for breeches, and turns to highway robbery to get her rSet in Georgian England, fifteen year old Sophia is trapped by the limitations of living in a man s world Forced by her father to give up everything she loves, Sophia is ordered to make a new life in Bath By day, she is trapped in the social whirl of balls and masquerades By night, she secretly swaps her ball gowns for breeches, and turns to highway robbery to get her revenge When one man begins to take a keen interest in her, Sophia must keep her distance, or risk unmasking her secret life.

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    1. I'm SO EXCITED! I didn't know she had another book out! I can already tell this is going to be amazing! *I've just ordered it! Can't wait :D *I'd give this book a 3.5/3.75.The book is about a girl called Sophia who is forced to move to Bath when her father comes back from his 4 year trip abroad. It becomes clear that Sophia and her father have a bad backgroud. I did like the references back, but there didn't seem to be much depth to it. Sophia yearns to experience excitment and to escape from he [...]

    2. This was a crackingly exciting book that was quite difficult to tear myself away from at times. The plot centres on a young girl in the early 18th century who is determined to escape her restrictive life and cruel father. Sophia is headstrong, fearless and at times very reckless, qualities that get her into a lot of trouble but also help to get her out of it. Add in an intriguing male friend, some enjoyable overtones of Georgette Heyer, and the firmly historical setting of 18th century Bath and [...]

    3. Really enjoyed this. Fabulous protagonist who sticks to her guns (ha!) and doesn't go all wishy-washy at the end as is so often the case. The book is well researched too, plonking you right into the middle of The Bath society. Exciting, pacey, and fun. Well worth a read.

    4. I was super excited when I found out that Marie-Louise Jensen had another book coming out. I reserved it from my local library and read it in two days. It was immediately gripping and I loved the brave character of Sophie, she wasn't going down without a fight! I also loved the character of Jenny who I really felt for despite her trying to be tough attitude! I knew I wouldn't be disappointed as I had loved Jensen's other books such as The Lady in the Tower. I thought the setting was written very [...]

    5. I had this on my Kindle somewhere, because I did like the concept, but I've read one of her other books already, so I was sort of wary about reading this. I'm afraid I got through a couple of chapters, but just couldn't stick with it. The writing is pretty bad. One minute the narrator is telling someone something because she knows he'll understand, and then immediately after he's responding with obviously no interest in it at all. And there are people exclaiming loudly and tall gangly young men [...]

    6. I loved the setting and the characters. The ending was a bit of a come down. But it was different to anything else I've read and it sure did surprise me.

    7. Liked this book loved the story line and the ending leaves an option of another book to follow though i don't think there will be. Amazing story loves this author.

    8. This book hooked me from the start. I was going to read 'just a couple' of chapters before bed, ended up reading more and then read as much as possible the next day! I started off thinking that Sophia had a pretty comfortable life with her cousin Jack, then her father returns home and everything goes to shit. He burns all of her books, poetry and plays, sends Jack away to the Army and packs Sophia up and takes her to Bath, so he can get her married and out of his hair as fast as possible.Of cour [...]

    9. At first I got the feeling I had read this book before, and I’m still not sure, the story is familiar but interesting. I though it a bit lacking at first, but it soon picked up into an interesting and fast paced adventure that kept me up past bed time. It’s best fit is probably the bridge between middle grade and teen: a fascinating mini adventure.

    10. I felt there are still many questions unanswered like what happened to Jack ?will sophia and charleton continue to be close friends? what will their future be like? there should be a sequel to this book.

    11. Mr. Charleton is amazing. I love him. I will admit that the ending was a tad disappointing because I wanted something else to happen, but it was unpredictable and fun.

    12. "Stand and Deliver! Hand over your valuables if you value your life!"Set in Georgian England, fifteen-year-old Sophia is trapped by the limitations of living in a man's world. Forced by her father to give up everything she loves, Sophia is ordered to make a new life in Bath. By day, she is trapped in the social whirl of balls and masquerades. By night, she secretly swaps her ball gowns for breeches, and turns to highway robbery to get her revenge . . . When one man begins to take a keen interest [...]

    13. Review from my blog, Em's Book Corner.emsbookcorner I recently finished reading what I think is probably my first historical fiction novel of the year! How crazy is that? Don't worry though, this book reintroduced my love for historical fiction so I'll be reading a lot more during the last couple months of the year!The book that I read was The Girl in the Mask by Marie-Louise Jensen (one of my favourite authors!)Just to let you know, this is a spoiler free review!The Girl in the Mask is set duri [...]

    14. It's difficult. I had so many up and down opinions about this novel, but overall I find that I really enjoyed it. There were so many things about this novel that I really liked about this. I liked the way that this plot developed. Even though it was slow and at first I had a little trouble figuring out where this was going, when it finally got there, I really liked what I was reading. I really liked it to the point where I couldn't help flipping the pages.It was slow. This is my first Marie-loui [...]

    15. This book is so good! It's amazing! I love it!!This novel is historical fiction written by Marie-Louise Jensen. It's about a girl called Sophia, who lives in Georgian England. Her father is very controlling and doesn't give her any freedom to do what she loves. The story gets started when her father suddenly comes home after years abroad, and he sends her cousin and best friend Jack away. Sophia, her father, and her aunt move to Bath because Sophia supposedly ruined her reputation while her fath [...]

    16. Please read full review on: readingtothestarsandback.wordpI thoroughly enjoyed this book! The last book that I read of Marie-Louise Jensen was 'The Lady in the Tower', I remember liking that book quite a lot. But this book was brilliant!It's no secret that I ADORE historical fiction! I was attracted to this book by the synopsis, it just sounded like it was going to be one highway robbery after another.d it was. Kind of. In the end. I didn't like the ending. I thought it could have been much bett [...]

    17. I always like it when fictional stories are tied to real historic events and this was a nice little book to read. However, I did think that the characters were a bit like carboard cut outs; the mean terrible father who treats his only daughter terrible (and whose meanness doesn't even really get explained, although it could have at least been based on the death of his wife or something), the widowed aunt who cheats at cards and turns out to be using father and daughter for her own evil doings th [...]

    18. Well, it wasn't that amazing, but it was good enough that I stayed up about a quarter of the night to finish it.So, thanks again Kindle! Where would I be without you to supply me with cheapish books in your sales :DOkay. So we have Sophia, rich young lady, been living for years with her cousin Jack. We have Jack, seems like a nice guy for the 5 minutes we get to know him in, and then we have Sophia's father. And he is one mean guy.Sophia's father has just returned from a four year journey to the [...]

    19. I was absorbed in this book from the first page until the last. I absolutely loved Sophia and Jenny. Sophia seemed believable as a character, as she was only 15 her naivete fit perfectly, as did her stubbornness.I had some problems with the "bad guy" characters since none of them had any depth and were clearly the antagonists I was supposed to root against the entire time. I prefer my villains to have a little more to them that just being flat out evil.The story was really well paced, though, wh [...]

    20. The title was kind of misleading. There was a lot of society stuff and hardly any highway robbery. I thought all the characters were a bit too stereotypical, but I was willing to overlook that due to a) the rather wonderful friendship/romance between Sophia and Mr Charleton that happens despite them both mistrusting the other, and b) Sophia's attitude not making her any friends. I really dislike it when a "sassy" heroine has people falling over their feet to befriend her, despite her snobbery an [...]

    21. My sister bought this book solely for the cover oops and I picked it up with no particular expectations and very little understanding of what the book was about. Ultimately, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Marie-Louise Jensen did an incredible job in transforming the reader to this eighteenth /nineteenth (can't remember which one) century scene. Her characters were fleshed out well, the main protagonist being an incredible BAMF throughout the story as well as utterly despicable characters like h [...]

    22. A few things right off: I love historical fiction and Georgian Bath is the greatest setting if there ever was one. Set in the early 18th century, it's a time period I don't have much knowledge off, so quite a few references went over my head (I looked them up), but it was nice to learn something new. Sophia was adorable. Trapped by societal pressure and her father, she just wants to read poetry, not learn how to dance or look for a husband. She might have caught the eye of a particular gentleman [...]

    23. If I am entirely honest I am shocked myself that I read this and gave it a 5/5. The reason being is I only selected this book out of the library, with some others, is because my reservations hadn't arrived and there wasnt much choice. I didnt really read the back in the library and just grabbed it. The cover made me feel it was going to be similar to The Selections etc. However after reading my other selected books I thought Id give this a try. after finally reading the back and about twenty pag [...]

    24. I felt this book really dragged though I really did try and love this book as much as I loved The Lady in The Tower, but I couldn't. The two main characters were just as fun and witty together as in her other books; yet i felt they did not really get to know each other as they did not spend much time together. But what really annoyed me as I read into the night to finish those last few pages was how unsatisfying the end was. (view spoiler)[ I wanted that happy ever after for the two characters w [...]

    25. 3.5/4 StarsThis book was definitely slow to start and did take me a little longer than usual to read, however I sped through the second half much faster than the first. I love books with strong, smart female protagonists and Sophia was exactly that. The slight hint of romance in the book was at first a little disappointing but actually very fitting to the plot and progression of the story. I would however love another book to see how everything evolves after it was all wrapped up. I haven't read [...]

    26. This book was read by Six Book Challenger, Sophie Burgess, here is her review:"The Girl in the Mask is set in Bath during the year 1715 and it is about a young girl called Sophia whose cruel father is trying to find a husband for her in order to get her off his hands. Sophia bravely goes against the wishes of her tyrranical father and does every thing she possibly can to stop herself from being married off, even turning to to highway robbery. This book was particularly interesting because whilst [...]

    27. This is my first book by Marie-Louise Jensen. I tried to love it, I really did.But the story line seemed commonplace. While it could have been full of intrigue, Sophia was too busy being oblivious and whine-y to realize what was going on. The looming danger of (view spoiler)[her father(view spoiler)[ never appeared to be that threatening or believe. He was a villain. but why? There was some truly comical moments and witty anecdotes sprinkled throughout. The ending and even, the whole book did no [...]

    28. A glorious first two hundred pages. Marie-Louise loves Bath and her research is impeccable and never obtrusive. Put a fearless tomboy in stuffy chauvinistic Bath in 1720 and light the touch paper. The book ends with a triumphant scene with the stage set for a sequel. That is my only quibble, that the later scenes were more reminiscent of pantomime with our hero never likely to suffer for her fearless escapades. No book could deliver the same heart stopping thrills and wicked humour throughout an [...]

    29. I really enjoyed this book. Sophia was a fantastic heroine that I could easily relate to with just the right amount of fear and feistiness to generate empathy within the reader and make her both believable and likeable. The time period is clearly well-researched and the story intricately plotted, for there was quite a lot going on with a surprising amount of political intrigue and an interesting dash of romance thrown into the mix. A slightly rushed ending left me feeling a little wanting, but o [...]

    30. It was okay for what it was but I can't help feeling disappointed by it, it just felt flat. So much more could have been done with the subject matter and plot; there was a lot of potential that just didn't materialise and the ending just didn't seem to fit with the rest of the novel. It's a shame really as there were some interesting aspects of The Girl in the Mask that just weren't developed enough, like the Jacobite rebellion and the character of Charleton. I think I would have enjoyed it more [...]

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