The Epic of America

The Epic of America A beautifully written story of America s historical heritage by one of the country s greatest historians

  • Title: The Epic of America
  • Author: James Truslow Adams
  • ISBN: 9781931541336
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • A beautifully written story of America s historical heritage, by one of the country s greatest historians.

    One thought on “The Epic of America”

    1. While Adams' prose is easily read and he coined the term "the American Dream" in this book, it is a classic example of revisionist history. Adams served on the staff of Woodrow Wilson who may be the worst president in American history although our current president is giving him a run for his money.

    2. This is what a history book ought to be.In school we were taught all the names and dates that make up an important part of American history. What we missed out on is the story, the adventure of forming a nation.I bought the 1931 edition on because I wanted to read about the idea of the American Dream. The phrase comes up often in books by Hunter S. Thomspson. I was surprised to learn that the term has a specific origin and a short history. It seems almost an afterthought. The phrase comes up fr [...]

    3. Wow. Adams takes the reader on a broad, birds-eye view of the history of America up until the date of publishing, 1931. Rather than being caught up in details, the author looks at causes, sentiment, feelings and the products of events. With delightfully witty and passionate prose and a genuine desire to see his nation pull itself out of the mire of World War One and to become great once more, Adams touches on timeless truths and outlines a path back to 'The American Dream'. An amazing book that [...]

    4. Amazing insight into the American idea of 'bigger is better' and how, with the rise of corporations in the 1840s, bribery and corruption became the American way. How both economic and political power played into the hands of a few very wealthy people, and effectively ended any real prospect of making the 'American Dream' a reality. A must read for anyone who wants to understand the reality of America.

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