One thought on “La llamarada”

  1. Warning! Keep away from this book!Boring story, unwieldy use of vocabulary, and no redeeming qualities. I gave up after one hundred pages, and should have given up way sooner.

  2. Writing is almost poetry in its attention to detail and the descriptions of the inner impression the world makes on the protagonist. It depicts what happened to the people of Puerto Rico as a consequence of moving the economy from a multi-crop agrarian structure to the cultivation of a single crop, sugar, as a way to meet the demands for sugar outside the country itself. It documents the abuses and inhumane conditions that are a consequence of the influx of mega sugar companies, mainly from the [...]

  3. This novel provides the reader with clear understanding of how the sugar industry worked its magic in Puerto Rico. It also provides an opportunity to , at a glance, see how the labor force was obligated to conform to the shareholders wants and needs without compensating labor force effort. This analogy is not Germain to the Caribbean Island but it was carbon copy of how the industrials treated workers here in America. The riches men in america got their richest by sub humanising the poor and the [...]

  4. Fantatstic historical background ( the era of the American Sugar CO and the mistreatment towards the peons) and he done a good job describing the principal character's evolution through the story, still he didn't knew how to keep the reader wanting to know more.

  5. this is an extremely important book about past puerto rican life, and i think all puerto ricans should read it, but shit boy was it slow. it had a crazy amount of characters, some that only appeared once. it had very little dialogue. the characters felt pretty real though, and the development they went through seemed genuine. anyway, espero no colgarme en el final.

  6. Está bien, me entretuvo, pero tuve ciertas discrepancias. El autor repite demasiado ciertas palabras, y eso cansa. La historia no me enganchó nada.

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