Blessed Twice

Blessed Twice The problem with starting over in another state after losing your partner is that your new friends don t understand why you can t just get over it They never saw how you were together how much you lo

  • Title: Blessed Twice
  • Author: Lynn Galli
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The problem with starting over in another state after losing your partner is that your new friends don t understand why you can t just get over it They never saw how you were together, how much you loved her, how she was your life They only see a number three, as in, the number of years since she died That s all the evidence they need to begin pressuring you to get bacThe problem with starting over in another state after losing your partner is that your new friends don t understand why you can t just get over it They never saw how you were together, how much you loved her, how she was your life They only see a number three, as in, the number of years since she died That s all the evidence they need to begin pressuring you to get back out there again It doesn t matter that you ve told them to back off No, they feel it is their duty to butt into your life and ambush you with blind dates This wasn t a predicament Briony Gatewood anticipated when she relocated for tenure at a prestigious university Yet after a year with her new friends, they ve ceased being merely concerned and moved on to obnoxious As if being fixed up wasn t bad enough, the dean at her college just volunteered her to teach a potentially career damaging class Along for the experimental course is the socially challenged M Desiderius, a fellow professor who won t ever win a faculty popularity contest But as they start working together, Briony begins to understand M s aloofness and is intrigued by the shy, brilliant, passionate woman Enough so that she s starting to believe her friends when they say it s time to move on And M, as complicated as her past has been and reticent as she seems now, may be the perfect person to help Briony finally heal and love again.

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    1. **! least favorite of these booksDNF! too difficult of a storyline to get through and the direction of the plotline also (100% honest)

    2. Blessed Twice is the 4th story in the Virginia Clan series (3rd if you don’t count the later added prequel) and I think it’s one of the best so far. The story is about two characters that are basically not part of the core group of friends.I was relieved to have not too much interference from the more annoying members of the Virginia Clan this time. Of all of them I like Willa, Quinn, Austy, Elise, Jessie and Lauren the best, the rest not so much. Partly because their characters are not fles [...]

    3. My first read was a 4, my second is a 5; possible reason for this is that I'm currently into the friends into romance slow burn and this book has this from the off. It's like a 'lite' (with lots of other differences I hasten to add) version of 'Give me a reason' by Lyn Gardner which is one of my all time favourites.Yep, on second read I found myself appreciating this one much more than I did the first time roundwe are fickle creatures!

    4. This one was much better than Imagining Reality. Thank God, because that one wasn't good. The gang thankfully wasn't present that much like in Imagining Reality. Still, they were annoying. Well, except Quinn, Willa, Jessie and Lauren. They were real friends, not the rest of them. I couldn't understand how they could be friends with the rest. I mean, they were pushy, annoying, judgemental and didn't know them at all.Now to the main couple. They were so cute together it hurt. That is all I have to [...]

    5. Lesfic has disappointed me a lot over the years, but I have always been grateful that it even exists at all. As a teen I would have loved to read anything that dealt with people "like me."Lynn Galli (thankfully!) is one of the best in her field, heck, one of the best writers, period! Discovering her books is one of my favorite things about this past year, as has realizing Kindle is probably one of the best ways to access lesfic in a world where libraries and bookstores don't give you much to pic [...]

    6. A different theme from Lynn Galli's previous works. It's not just a simple romance, it also deals with some very depressing moments concerning the character's pasts and their traumas (especially M).Both the main characters are imperfect, but they are perfect in their own way, and this love is possibly their last chance to hold on to. Since this is the kind of love that is especially rare, and it took them years before they could find it (It took M 37 years to find it). This is a happily ever aft [...]

    7. another great book. after reading austy's story, jessie's story and willa's story; i was admittedly getting annoyed by the common theme of all of these beautiful people being rich and having happily-ever-after stories. this one sung a little more raw, showed some flaws that actually made one of the rich beauties seem human. i loved that. i loved seeing this author take on a less 'charmed' story. and the psychology of it is moving and thought provoking.

    8. I recently read other books by Lynn Galli and got hooked up on her writing. The characters are usually well built as well as the story, so if you like a good romance you're in for a treat.

    9. I really enjoyed this one, loved the characters, especially M, she was written in a unique way. Out of now hundreds of FF books I've read so far she stands out in a good way.

    10. I absolutely loved this book finished it in 2 days and i am already reading another one of hers this author can definitely tell a good story and as much as i am not all to keen on the mushy mushy i love the way she portrayed the romance between M and Briony. This book will make you laugh but still has some sad parts the characters are well portrayed and very realistic so are the conversation. Great read!!!

    11. After all the violence and gruesomeness on my reading plate lately I was in dire need of something light and fluff.This is one of those books I enjoyed while reading it, but questions are starting to pop up now.It's a romance, at its center Briony, widow with a ten year old son, and M, whose character is only slowly unraveled, it turns out that she has had a very hard childhood that included sexual abuse and has had problems forming any sort of relationship with people ever since.Both teachers a [...]

    12. I'll say it first. The only thing that saved this book from an immediate click on the refund button after 3 chapters, was M's story. I really wanted to know her, why she is the way she is. And, to be fair, Briony's tireless patience to get M to open up.I'm not judgemental, but the 3rd chapter had me on my Kindle store page to get a refund. That came so out of the blue, I really didn't know what the hell was going on. (view spoiler)[ we're suddenly in an S/M club (hide spoiler)]. It took me a whi [...]

    13. (view spoiler)[ Just sick and tired of reading about rape every damn time I read a book. I'm beginning to want to skim through before even reading a book because it seems like 75% of lesbian books have their main characters being raped. And that sucks, because it takes away the fun. What a fun read (sarcasm). M, the professor, was repeatedly raped by her 18 year old foster family's son. Okay. He also tried / likely did rape the 12-year-old daughter. OK. Later in the book, she is almost raped out [...]

    14. What I appreciated most is that the children in the story were not only loved but valued. Also the possibility of true love twice.

    15. I really love this author, but this is by far my favorite because the characters are so likeable. It is really easy to root for them. There is also some nice humor mixed in to the story.

    16. Reasons I liked this story:1) it depicts a different kind romantic journey and shows how relationships submit to their own logic and develop their own authenticity regardless of external perceptions or social norms. Refreshing.2) it touches on some tough subjects and tackles them with real skill and sensitivity3) as with book 1 of this series, it feels stronger for concentrating more fully on the nuances of the central relationship4) mastery of the smouldering-slow-burn taken up to tantalising l [...]

    17. I read this series not in order at all. Wasted Heart, Imagine Reality and Blessed Twice. I havent read the first book about Quinn and Willa yet.I like this book. I like all of the characters, M seem to me a bit gloomy but thats because of her past. Still, I like her. Briony is sweet person. They both are so good together, got chemistry and such. It is a slow burn love and i like how M opened up to Briony bit by bit. And when she tried to change herself and touch Briony, it seem cute to me. Adora [...]

    18. i always cringe where a person is asked to move on from her ex by her friends or when a certain new person makes entry into their lives . i loved this book most because Briony went through her healing process herself not because M entered her life and it was her who changed M's life not the other way around

    19. OK I finally broke down and purchased a 2nd Lynn Galli book. My first was Full Court Pressure and it was GREAT. However, this is about my 2nd read if this author. Blessed Twice by Lynn Galli. Blessed Twice is a very brief emotional look at Briony's loss of her partner thru a life ending accident and a few years down the road when the turning of the page shows her a possible new relationship. Although Lynn takes us down the blind date pathway (which as you all should realize is hilarious), the ma [...]

    20. This is my, I'm fairly certain, fifth book I've read that was written by Lynn Galli. I was somewhat reluctant to start, not to buy and eventually read, but just to start. Because it involved two people who were not a part of the Virginia Clan when this series started. And I wasn't really sure I wanted to know anything else about Bri. Also, I, yet again, already knew that the couple would, at the very least, be a couple, because the last book included them in the epilogue. So. I read. Started whe [...]

    21. This is the first book I have read by this author, but it won’t be the last. I started reading in the evening and was extremely miffed with myself because my eyes were so tired by then, they got blurry, and I couldn’t finish it all in one sitting.It is written in 1st Person POV, and the author used this to give the characters genuine depth, so much so that they became real to me. I ached so badly for the two main characters emotional hurts and was optimistic as the story progressed that they [...]

    22. This is another great book of the series. Since I started with book 1, I could able to connect to the characters easily. This author so far proved to be better than I expected with each book. After reading the first book I loved Austy& Elise so much I didn't thought Jessie & lauren's story is going to be better than book 1 but on contrast it was great similarly Briony & M's as well. The chemistry between characters, story, humor and romance are just about the proportion what I was lo [...]

    23. 3.5 stars I've read a few Lynn Galli books recently - and they've all been consistently 3.5 stars for me - not better, not worse.Despite what it may seem from the blurb, this is not one for angst lovers. Minimal barriers to our path to love here folks.I read this as a standalone and the cast of a thousands secondary characters - which clearly would have been familiar from previous books - was a little overwhelming at times. Not so much that it took me out of the story though.This is my first in [...]

    24. I enjoyed both of these characters and their interactions. M's story was intriguing and different from those you usually get in Lesfic, which lead to an unconventional type romance. I also loved the interactions between Briony and Caleb (and by extension Caleb and M). As this is a VA story we have the VA gang as backup characters, unfortunately the good characters (those already featured in their own stories) take a back seat to the filler characters from the previous stories, which was a mistak [...]

    25. The beginning of the story was a but hard to get into, probably because I was distracted by the mentionings of Jessie and Lauren, and hoping for more mentions of Austy and Elise. But as the story progressed, I was so touched by Briony and M. They are both so lovable, and the love between them is just beautiful. I have such a tender affection for broken characters, my heart breaks for them while I yearn to comfort them, and when little by little they begin to heal and trust, my heart just burst i [...]

    26. My first Lynn Galli book, and one that started off a bit of an obsessive read-fest, as I was in the mood for some semi-mindless romance fluff. Not that her books are totally mindless, as the characters are fairly well-developed and this in particular dealt with some pretty dark themes throughout. It had a good build-up with the characters and I enjoyed it enough to read nearly all her other books pretty quickly after I was finished. Even if I wanted to punch a few of the main character's friends [...]

    27. I really loved this book. I actually read it after falling in love with the book forevermore of the same author.Briony is such an amazing character who is not afraid to love and help who is suffering from so many traumatic memories. I loved how opposite yet complementary these two were. I wish the author would come out with a 3rd book about them.

    28. Loved it!!!The author did it again, she wrote a wonderful story full of love and dealing with subject matters that in today's society are integral in the development of the character of many women and particularly women like M and the patience and love. That Brioni had for her to give her the space she needed to grow into the love she shared with Bri.Well done!

    29. Brilliant book! Loved everything about it, from the difficult topics it examined to the building feelings between the two women. The issues affecting both M and Bri made the development of their relationship slow, which I loved. It made it all the more intense when they took another step towards each other.

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