Erebos Bu bir oyun Seni izliyor Seninle konu uyor d ller da t yor Seni test ediyor Tehditler savuruyor Onun tek bir amac var Seninle oyun oynamak istiyor Oyuncular yla oynanan bir oyun Bu oyunu oynayacak ka

Erebus In Greek mythology, Erebus r b s, b , also Erebos Ancient Greek , rebos, deep darkness, shadow or covered , was often conceived as a primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness for instance, Hesiod s Theogony identifies him as one of the first five beings in existence, born of Chaos. EREBUS Erebos Greek Primordial God of Darkness EREBOS Erebus was the primordial god protogenos of darkness and the consort of Nyx Night.His dark mists encircled the world and filled the deep hollows of the earth In the evening, Erebos wife Nyx drew Erebos darkness across the sky bringing night and his daughter Hemera scattered it at dawn bringing day the first obscuring Aither Aether , the heavenly light of the ether, the second Erebos by Ursula Poznanski Jan , An intelligent computer game with a disturbing agenda When year old Nick receives a package containing the mysterious computer game Erebos, he wonders if it will explain the behavior of his classmates, who have been secretive lately. Erebos, God of the Dead Theros Gatherer Magic The As long as your devotion to black is less than five, Erebos isn t a creature Each in the mana costs of permanents you control counts toward your devotion to black. Erebos MTG Wiki Erebos definition of Erebos by The Free Dictionary Erebus r b s n Greek Mythology The dark region of the underworld through which the dead must pass before they reach Hades Latin, from Greek Erebos Erebus r b s n Placename Mount Erebus a volcano in Antarctica, on Ross Island discovered by Sir James Ross in and named after his ship Height m ft Erebus

  • Title: Erebos
  • Author: Ursula Poznanski İlhan Yabantaş
  • ISBN: 6054456383
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bu bir oyun,Seni izliyor,Seninle konu uyor, d ller da t yor,Seni test ediyor,Tehditler savuruyor,Onun tek bir amac var Seninle oyun oynamak istiyor.Oyuncular yla oynanan bir oyun Bu oyunu oynayacak kadar cesur musunuz Akl n z s rekli me gul edecek, etkisinden g nlerce kurtulamayaca n z ve size ba tan sona t rnaklar n z yedirtecek kadar s rad , gizemli, heyecan ve geBu bir oyun,Seni izliyor,Seninle konu uyor, d ller da t yor,Seni test ediyor,Tehditler savuruyor,Onun tek bir amac var Seninle oyun oynamak istiyor.Oyuncular yla oynanan bir oyun Bu oyunu oynayacak kadar cesur musunuz Akl n z s rekli me gul edecek, etkisinden g nlerce kurtulamayaca n z ve size ba tan sona t rnaklar n z yedirtecek kadar s rad , gizemli, heyecan ve gerilim y kl bir roman ar yorsan z erebos tam size g re

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    1. 12Feb16 update: Ha! The copy I ordered from Thriftbooks (because I NEEDED it) turns out to be an ARC. Not sure whether to be tickled about this or not.----------Hidden Gem buddy read with YA & Beyond4.5 stars, rounded up because I'm on such a book high right now that it's ridiculous.I wasn't overly keen on this in the beginning; the writing came off as stilted, I assume from translation, and things aren't always consistent -- it's set in London and yet the characters say things like "sixth g [...]

    2. 3.5 stars.I was a bit wary of reading Erebos at first because I thought it sounded a lot like Ready Player One and while I really enjoyed that book, there’s only so many things you can do with a book about video games, right? Woah, did you hear that?It was the sound of a million video game players hissing at me all across the globe. I’m not even going to pretend that I know the gamer gabble (yeah, that’s not a real thing… I made that up) because I really don’t. I like watching when peo [...]

    3. Lectura con el grupo 221 b Baker street"Erebos es un juego. Te recompensa, te habla, te amenaza, te observa, te castiga"Este libro me engañó y lo hizo como solo los YA lo han hecho: dándome una premisa que suena bastante buena, y luego tirándola hacia abajo con un desarrollo aburrido y unos personajes tan escuetos que apenas si hoy día recuerdo el nombre del protagonistas.Yo no soy gamer, dependiendo del juego me encanta ver como juegan las personas y me entretengo esporádicamente con vide [...]

    4. Ovu knjigu bih preporučila svim gejmerima pre svega ljubiteljima RPG žanra. Priča prati grupu srednjoškolaca koji započinju avanturu ne nadajući se kakve posledice ona izaziva u realnom životu. Čitajući je podsetila sam se davnih vremena kada sam i ja igrala RPG igre po celu noć. To toliko može da vas okupira koliko i dobra knjiga još samo jedan "level", još samo ovaj "quest" i vreme leti. Medjutim, Ereb nije obična igra, ima i svoju mračnu stranu koju klinci kasno uvidjaju i svim [...]

    5. Αυτό το βιβλίο, δεν ήταν ποτέ μέσα στη λίστα με αυτά που ήθελα να διαβάσω. ήρθε τυχαία στα χεριά μου και ξεκίνησα να το διαβάζω από ανία. 5 σελίδες κ το έρεβος με είχε τραβήξει μέσα του. Οι περιγραφές ήταν τόσο αληθινές σε σημείο που είχα συνδεθεί με τον ήρωα Νικ ο όποιος είχε γ [...]

    6. 2 1/2 stars“A game you can’t buy. A game that talks to you. A game that watches you, that rewards you, threatens you, gives you tasks.'Sometimes I think it’s alive…’”To anyone who’s ever been a MMPORG addict/widow(er) I think this book will be particularly frightening. And to everyone else, who’s sitting there right now, saying…really? Could a game really consume your life like that? I invite you to visit this website, where level 85 World of Warcraft characters are frequently [...]

    7. When you take a look at the genres I normally read, this book doesn’t necessarily fit in. I am not much of a gamer, and although I wouldn’t say that the world of computer games doesn’t interest me the slightest, it’s not necessarily a topic that makes me squeal with excitement. Yet, this book has won the "Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis" in the category that is decided on by young adults themselves, and after it blinked at me so many times at my local bookstore, I was tempted.In the end, I [...]

    8. Abandonado en la página 133.Qué libro más aburrido. Para leer una descripción de un videojuego prefiero ver un video en Youtube o yo mismo me pongo a jugar a un RPG. Dice que es un libro de terror y no pasó absolutamente NADA siniestro en más de 100 páginas, solo el pelotudo del protagonista jugando a un juego de rol en línea (además se nota que el autor no tiene la más puta idea de cómo son porque Erebos es cualquiera). Es como una versión aburrida de Ready Player One.

    9. Al fin terminé esta cosa.Cabe decir que la historia es original y muy interesante pero no lo supo llevar a cabo. 1. Los personajes son totalmente sosos, el único que se salva un poco es Jaime pero tampoco sale mucho que digamos.2. La narración del juego es aburrida, parece que estás escuchando un youtuber y en ningún momento le da emoción ni siquiera cuando el personaje principal pelea o está al borde de la muerte. Creo que si hubiera optado por sumergirse en el mundo y darle un enfoque m [...]

    10. Was für eine großartige Idee für ein Buch! Ich habe etwa die ersten 2/3 so gesuchtet, weil es so toll beschrieben war und mir die Atmosphäre und unser Protagonist echt gut gefallen haben. Einen Abzug gibt es, weil es manchmal kleine Unklarheiten gab und das Ende mir nicht ganz gepasst hat. Allerdings finde ich das Buch sehr besonders, lesenswert und ziemlich gut recherchiert.

    11. Yunan mitolojisi + Yapay zekaya sahip bir bilgisayar oyunu + oldukça iyi kurgulanmış bir olay örgüsü. Kitaba 5 yıldız vermekten başka çarem yoktu, aksi haksızlık olurdu.

    12. İlk defa böyle bir farklı romanla karşılaşıyorum. Bir bilgisayar oyunundasınız, bir hayatda. Senaryonun bu kadar eksiksiz kurulmuş olması, Poznanskinin hayal gücünün ne kadar geniş ufuklara açıldığını gösteriyor. Esere fantastik demeye dilim varmıyor :) Her zaman karşılaştığınmz roman türlerinden farklı bir deneyim yaşamak istiyorsanız, Erebosu kaçırmayın derim.

    13. Nick took advantage of his friend's change of mood and asked one last question. "Has the game ever actually crashed on you?"Now Colin laughed. "Crashed? No. But I know what you mean. Sometimes it just doesn't want to work. It waits. It tests you. Know what, Nick? Sometimes I think it's alive."Erebos is a frightening sci-fi thriller about a highly-addicting game that knows too much. Teenagers start swapping pirated copies of the game around school, which is how it falls into the hands of sixtee [...]

    14. Wow, gewoon wow! Wat een tof en vooral ook origineel boek was dit!De titel klinkt echt duf en saai en is allesbehalve aantrekkelijk. Maar geloof me; geef het een kansje!In het eerste hoofdstuk leer je alle personages/spelers kennen en dat maakt het wat rommelig, maar vanaf het tweede hoofdstuk werd het allemaal wat gemoedelijker en rustiger (raar uit te leggen, want het verhaal zelf werd helemaal niet rustiger haha) en zat ik ín het boek tot de laatste bladzijde. Ik kon het boek echt nauwelijks [...]

    15. Her kitaptan beni şaşırtmasını beklemem. Hatta bazen sürprizler iyi bir kitabı mahvedebiliyor. Bence bir kitabın iyi olup olmadığı yazarın okuyucuyu şaşırtmasına bağlı değildir. Sonu önceden tahmin edilen bir kitapta yazar olayları, karakterleri, diyalogları birbiri üstüne başarıyla oturtabiliyorsa o kitap iyi bir kitaptır. Bazı kitaplar sürekli yön değiştiriyor, gidişatı tahmin etmeniz imkansız oluyor fakat bir çok anlaşılmaz açık nokta bırakılıyor ve [...]

    16. This book has been translated into English, with the same title: Erebos.Despite my promise not to read any more young-adult German books (too soon), I ended up giving Erebos a shot anyway. It turned out to be surprisingly addictive! I felt akin to the main character, all excited to discover the world of his computer game, ready to take on any dragon.Nick is a 16-year-old high school student and one of the cool kids. On his way to becoming a doctor ( provided he survives his Chemistry classes), p [...]

    17. 4-1/2 stars. I really enjoyed this! I'll try to write a proper review later, but I can see why this was a bestseller in Europe. The book is just as addictive as the title game -- fast-paced, exciting, slightly creepy, and very suspenseful as MC Nick tries to both win the game and figure out what it's connection to the real world is. Definitely recommended!

    18. Um livro diferente, que decorre como um jogo de computador, que parece ter vida própria. Achei diferente do que já tinha lido até agora e bastante interessante, apesar de o final não ser lá muito emocionante, um pouco morno mesmo, acho que nesse sentido esperava mais. Mas no geral, gostei bastante

    19. I’m not really a gamer, unless The Sims counts, which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. However, this book had me absolutely enthralled and if it weren’t for really annoying things like 3000 word assignments at university I would have finished it much, much sooner. So, I found the whole premise of this book pretty disturbing. A malevolent computer game that controls your life, ‘reads’ your mind and watches you while you surf the internet. It knows when you’ve been disobedient…and you b [...]

    20. KlappentextIn einer Londoner Schule wird ein Computerspiel herumgereicht – Erebos. Wer es startet, kommt nicht mehr davon los. Dabei sind die Regeln äußerst streng: Jeder hat nur eine Chance. Er darf mit niemandem darüber reden und muss immer allein spielen. Und wer gegen die Regeln verstößt oder seine Aufgaben nicht erfüllt, fliegt raus und kann Erebos auch nicht mehr starten.Erebos lässt Fiktion und Wirklichkeit auf irritierende Weise verschwimmen: Die Aufgaben, die das Spiel stellt, [...]

    21. Seguro que cuando ves la palabra "videojuego", tu mente te dice de inmediato que no te gustará, si eres de los que les huyen. Lo sé porque eso fue precisamente lo que pensé cuando lo vi.Tenía mucho miedo de abrirlo porque:1.- La portada no es atractiva en el buen sentido. Es más como de miedo.2.- Tiene + de 500 hojas y era un poco intenso leer tanto de un libro que podría no gustarme.3.- No había oído nada de él.4.- Videojuegos nah ¡qué aburrido!5.- Videojuegos ¬¬ no soy niño ¬¬P [...]

    22. Phhhu, ich bin immernoch ganz geflasht von Erebos.In einer Londoner Schule geht plötzlich eine geheimnisvolle DVD herum. Keiner spricht über sie, niemand der diese DVD nicht besitzt weiss was dadrauf zu finden ist. Immer wieder fehlen Schüler aus den Klassen oder kommen total übermüdet und verstört zur Schule. Auch Nick "hat das Glück" irgendwann an so eine DVD zu kommen. Erwartunsvoll installiert er sie auf seinem PC und tritt ein in die Welt von Erebos ein. Doch schnell wird klar, dass [...]

    23. Erebos is unreal. I mean, Ursula Poznanski must have played some MMORPGS (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games for those of you not in the know - think World of Warcraft) in her time because she has managed to capture, within Erebos, the addiction, the need to play, the drive to do anything to get that chance to play - and then turn that to make a thrilling, hold on-to-your-hats type of story that had me racing to the end.Nick seems like your all around normal 16-year-old kid with par [...]

    24. Of be.Özellikle son sayfalar neydi öyle?Kitap normalde okuduklarımdan çok farklıydı ve bu farklılık bende başka türlere yönelim de yarattı ama Bundan sonra romantik bir şeyler gider sanki?Eğer erebos gerçek olsaydı, ben kendimi oyuna adayan bir gerizekalı olurdum arkadaşlar fakat sizi bilemem, okuyup öğrenin!

    25. Διαβάζοντας αυτό το βιβλίο,αναπόλησα την παιδική-εφηβική μου ηλικία. Πόσες ξέγνοιαστες,ανέμελες στιγμές, πέρασαν από μπροστά μου Νιώθω τυχερή που ως παιδί και έφηβος μεγάλωσα σε μια δεκαετία όπου η τεχνολογία-και ότι συνεπάγεται αυτής- δεν επηρέασε την καθημερινότητα μου [...]

    26. Dobré to bylo :)Příjemné počtení s docela dobrou zápletkou, ale ne moc děsivé. I když počítačové hry nehraju, vážně mě bavilo tohle číst A není to moc podobné Stačí jen chtít, za to jsem vážně ráda.Doporučuju pro čtenáře 13-15 let, být mladší, užiju si to víc.4/5*marky-books/2017/

    27. Σύμφωνα με τον Ησίοδο ο Έρεβος προήλθε από το Χάος και τη Γαία (τηv γήινη ύλη) με τη μεσολάβηση του Έρωτα. Συμβολίζει την σιωπή και το βάθος της νύχτας. Μαζί με την αδελφή του τη Νύχτα, πάλι με τη μεσολάβηση του Έρωτα, δημιούργησε τον Αιθέρα, το Φως του Ουρανού και την Ημέρα. Ανή [...]

    28. 1.5 / 5 Sternen.Was eine Qual. Den halben Stern dazu gibt es nur, weil ich die Grundidee dahinter wirklich spannend fand, aber die Umsetzung hat an allen Stellen gefehlt. Wie man so viele Seiten mit so vielen nutzlosen Infos füllen kann, das ist mir schleierhaft.

    29. Excellent novel aimed at older teens. The storyline was fun, and at times creepy, character development was realistic, world building was exceptional and moral of the story was well played out.I have one major problem with this novel and that was the translation. The copy I read was an English translation and although Poznanski's writing is first-rate, the translation leaves a lot to be desired. The novel is set in London yet the Americanisation’s overwhelm the ‘Englishness’ of the setting [...]

    30. My Thoughts: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It was very engaging and I read through it during the course of a morning. The characters are quite realistic and the game was described in such detail that it almost made me want to play it, despite everything – especially despite the fact that I don’t like computer games! It definitely showed the dangers of addiction to video games, too, and how people can take such things way too seriously. I would recommend this to pretty much [...]

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