No Time for Love

No Time for Love Conner O Brian knows his engagement is a mistake but before he can take steps to end it his fianc e is dead and FBI agents are on his doorstep Then Liz Saxton a resourceful and self assured private

  • Title: No Time for Love
  • Author: Nancy Campbell Allen
  • ISBN: 9781577346524
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • Conner O Brian knows his engagement is a mistake, but before he can take steps to end it, his fianc e is dead and FBI agents are on his doorstep Then Liz Saxton, a resourceful and self assured private investigator, shows up looking dangerously like the woman he thought he loved Conner is hardly looking for a new romance, and the last thing Liz wants is to get involved inConner O Brian knows his engagement is a mistake, but before he can take steps to end it, his fianc e is dead and FBI agents are on his doorstep Then Liz Saxton, a resourceful and self assured private investigator, shows up looking dangerously like the woman he thought he loved Conner is hardly looking for a new romance, and the last thing Liz wants is to get involved in a murder investigation with someone as attractive as Conner O Brian.Before they know it, Liz and Conner find themselves on a nonstop chase across continents and oceans in a race to find the evidence they need before a bullet finds them.

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    1. So, this book follows Liz (Amber’s sister from Love Beyond Time) and Connor. This could probably be a stand-alone, but I would recommend reading book one first. I liked that we were able to see a bit of Amber and Tyler and what they have been up too since their story was told. Liz and Connor have known each other for years but have only been “just friends”, although deep down they both have feelings for one another. They are thrown together when Connor’s condo keeps getting broken into a [...]

    2. I REALLY liked this book—it was WAY different from the first book in the series, which was a sort of time-travel-american-historical-religious-romance This one was a modern (well, 2000, anyway) mystery-suspense-religious-romance. ;) So this book is about Liz Saxton and Connor O'Brian. Liz is Amber's sister (main chick from book 1) and Connor is the great-great-grandson (ish) of Ian O'Brian, the Mormon guy Amber and Tyler met in Civil War times in book 1.So, this book Starts off with Connor's f [...]

    3. I liked this book better than the first book of the series. It was fun and I liked the cute romance. Some of it seemed a little unbelievable for me (like that they could travel the world and find clues that the police and FBI couldn't find or look into), but hey, it's fiction, right? This is a quick, cute read, perfect for a rainy day.

    4. I liked this book, but probably not quite as much as the first in the series ;) It was a more fast-paced story involving more espionage and traveling- and at times I wish the author would have slowed down to share more. A great read still and I hope to be able to finish the last book soon!

    5. This is a fun LDS mystery that takes the reader all over the world. It is the second in the Time series. The first book was a time travel mystery and I expected this to be one as well, but it isn't. In this story, Connor who is a descendant of Ian O'Brien is caught up in a huge mystery when his fiancé mysteriously dies in Colorado. He didn't really love her and was ready to break it off when she died. Liz is a computer wiz and working for a surveillance company catching cheating husbands. Needi [...]

    6. This is the second book in a series. The characters are new, but related to those in the first novel, Love Beyond Time. The author is LDS, so this is a romance but clean. Unfortunately, these characters are not particularly interesting or believable. They have known each other for several years, since the marriage of the characters from the first book. They are both attracted to each other, but have chosen to remain friends rather then lose that connection. Connor's fiance dies just as he has pl [...]

    7. This is the second in a series. I read the first one quite a few years ago, and the third one a couple of years ago, and didn't realize they were connected.This book was okay, but I got very tired of the "I love her, but I'm afraid to tell her," and "I love him, but I'm afraid to tell him." I also got tired of the descriptions of how gorgeous the main characters were and how rich. I guess you can't fall in love with someone unless they're drop-dead gorgeous. And I felt there were some details ab [...]

    8. I don't want to be an online bully, but this book sucked. I read it because Sydney brought it home from her school library and it said it was a romance novel, so I read it first to make sure it was age appropriate. For one, I'm not letting her read it. It is written by an LDS author so nothing was bad, really, but it's grown-up relationships (at one point the guy has to take a cold shower) that she doesn't need to worry about. Two, it's so cliche I wanted to claw my eyes out. They widened their [...]

    9. I'm afraid I've been buying too many books lately. That is bad for my pocket book but good for my reading list. This is the second book in this series, and though you don't really have to read the first one to understand what happens, it will help.This book is a change of direction from the last one. This is more of a mystery/thriller book then the last one was, though there is still some nice romance. I had a lot of fun trying to guess what exactly was happening and watching the characters come [...]

    10. I would have rated this higher except there were some things that didn't need to be in the book (she didn't need to review the story of Amber and Tyler when they went back in time as it has absolutely nothing to do with the present story) and some of it was unrealistic (like two people would run around going after a guy who is importing drugs without alerting any authorities, as well as not telling the FBI that someone was impersonating one of their agents). So besides that, it was a good story. [...]

    11. Not my favorite book for sure. The plot was weak and unbelievable. I also couldn't stand the "I love her, but I'm too scared to tell her--I love him but I just can't tell him" stuff. Good grief. It took until page 175 for them to finally spit it out. I gave it two stars instead of one because I actually liked the characters and I was intrigued enough to finish the book. Glad I only paid a dollar for it at the DI.

    12. I wish I had read this series in sequential order instead of book 4, then book 3, then book 1 and finally book 2. It was with book 3 that I realized I was reading what must be a series and tried to rectify it by going back to book 1, then book 2. Anyway, I liked this book and its linear plot line. Rating 3.5.

    13. Fairly decent take on the theme: guy and girl chased by bad guys, and happen to fall in love in the process. (Why were they being chased again? I can't actually remember.) I would have liked this one better with more plot, and less character-driven angst over how much they liked each other but didn't want to ruin the friendship.

    14. A great sequel to Love Beyond Time. I liked this one a lot! Of course, I love intrigue and suspense mixed with romance, and it's even more fun when it adds world travel. It is also a stand-alone story, so you don't have to have read the first one to get what's going on here, as it's a different set of characters (though related).

    15. It follows the predictable formula, and uses the word "clenched" much more often than I like; clenched jaws, stomachs, etc. It spends too much time with the main character/love interests wondering "does (s)he like me, I really like her (him), but (s)he probably only thinks we are friends." Still, it was quite readable.

    16. I thought this book was marginal. It had some holes in the suspense portion and the love story developed way too quickly to be believeable. Ms. Allen has some potential though - maybe her later novels get better.

    17. I read this book about a year ago and loved it. But I never remembered the title. Then, a few days ago, I was looking for something to read at the library and I bumped into this book again. I was thrilled. This is one of my favorite romance novels.

    18. This book was full of adventure, suspense, and guys who just don't get it! the guy in it just doens't get it! Ohhhhhh I wanted to hit him! but then when he finally figures things out, he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Fun adventure/suspense story mixed with romance. Great characters jetting around the globe in disguise to solve a mystery. Handsome, kind hero,art, adventurous heroine,what's not to like?

    20. I enjoyed the plot best in this book from the three I read by this author. I accidentally read them out of order though - this one should have been second. A fun, clean, easy read.

    21. This series is one of my favorites, but I enjoy LDS romance fictions over random romance fiction books. Each book in the series is quick and easy to read.

    22. Yay for N.C. Allen!! Another amazing read from this fantastic author!I love how the story is about Amber's sister and Ian's something-great-grandson. :) Very cute.

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