Lady Ice

Lady Ice An experiment for myself the original is pencils only subsequently inked and colored with Photoshop and one of the few one shot I ve drawn Also an experiment on uploading comics and graphic novels to

  • Title: Lady Ice
  • Author: Barbara G. Tarn
  • ISBN: 2940011316883
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Nook
  • An experiment for myself the original is pencils only, subsequently inked and colored with Photoshop and one of the few one shot I ve drawn.Also an experiment on uploading comics and graphic novels to Smashwords The original is in color and can be found in print.

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    1. Barbara Tarn's Lady Ice is about a man named Kurt Wolf, who had just lost his family. He decides to visit the island of wishes to visit some old friends, in particular Beatrissa. During Kurt's time on the island, he talks to his old friends Mattman and Leo about the changes Beatrissa has made since the last time he has seen her. Beatrissa had changed from a warrior woman to a cold lady, who had a string of lovers over the past years but never loving any of them. Kurt suggests to Beatrissa that t [...]

    2. This story is about a broken-hearted guy named Kurt, wanted to go to this island where he feels safe ad at peace. His parents had passed away so he was very upset. He meets up with an old girlfriend who he actually felt feelings for. The fell in love but the girl did not want to be in love, she was very hesitant. His friend had always had a huge crush on her, and they both knew it but she loved him. They went through some fighting and then realized they wanted to be together. he plot of the stor [...]

    3. In this book, a man named Kurt lost his family and while he was at their funeral he decided to go see his old girlfriend named Beatrissa, on the island of wishes. She was known to be a warrior women but has now become a cold lady. Her and Kurt start to fall for each other again. At a party in Beatrissa's house a women named Amanda comes and is flirting with Kurt. Beatrissa gets jealous and kicks Amanda off the island. Kurt is happy that Beatrissa is jealous and they both admit their love for eac [...]

    4. This book is about a boy named Kurt Wolf that recently lost his family. He visits the island of wishes to see some of his old friends. While he's there he talks to Mattman and Leo. He talks about Beatrissa and how she went from a women warrior to a lady of ice. The hold a remembrance party on the island for all of their friends. After the party Kurt and Beatrissa make the decision to be in a relationship. A women named Amandina comes to the island and spends a lot of time with Kurt and that make [...]

    5. Lady Ice tells the story of a boy who just lost his family and his journey to rediscover love. He retreats to an island and bonds with the Lady Ice who earned her name from her heartless mannerisms. Together they discover their feelings. The story is told in a cartoon style, like a comic with black and white pictures and speech bubbles. Thick outlines suggest strength or possibly the illusion of strength as the characters are very tough in an effort to protect their emotions. The pictures are al [...]

    6. This book is about a boy who doesn't know what to do with himself after his parents have passed away. He decides to meet up with a girl who he used to like, but she's not that into it. After some trial and error with jealousy from another girl, to her being very hesitant, they decided that they liked each other.This story is written in a way that is easy to follow along and it is a classic example of a graphic novel. It has borders around the pictures and text bubbles that show when people are t [...]

    7. Overall this is a prime example of a graphic novel. It is in color and is a fantastical love story. The pages are pretty consistent in terms of layout. You can really tell the characters' emotions and can feel their movements. The illustrations are very detailed and add to the depth of the story. The story line was a little hokey for me. I didn't really get into the story but this would be appropriate for preteens.

    8. Despite having liked a few panels, this comic lacked narrative focus and character development. The art wasn't superb, but that wasn't really what made it bad. The story just had nothing going for it. No build-up, no real confrontation, the action bounced around without logic and it was just hard to firgure out what it was all about.Still, the art wasn't all that bad.

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