The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine

The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine Relates Matilda s adventures in the Chinese house that grew in her back yard Collage illustrations made from nineteenth century engravings

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  • Title: The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine
  • Author: Donald Barthelme
  • ISBN: 9781585678280
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Relates Matilda s adventures in the Chinese house that grew in her back yard Collage illustrations made from nineteenth century engravings.

    One thought on “The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine”

    1. A Donald Barthelme children's book might be the greatest thing under 1,000 words and between two hard covers. I only wish I owned this when my daughter was young - I would have read it to her over and over until she asked me to stop because the book smelled funny.Because my personal copy does smell funny. A stale old cheese smell, something left on the counter better refrigerated. But I love it, and inhale deeply with each turned page, the scent altering slightly as the story progresses. A Barth [...]

    2. A beautiful hardcover book for children, composed of early woodcut illustrations. Written by the notoriously strange Donald Barthelme. Essentially, the story is this: One morning a little girl wakes up and goes outside to discover a Chinese tent in her back yard. Within the tent she discovers a Djinn who shows her around and introduces her to the pirate-who-knits, the elephant-who-falls-down-hills, the sword fencers, etc. etc. There is a slight Alice In Wonderland vibe to the whole thing, except [...]

    3. Barthelme gears his minimalist mimicry into 'The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine,' a great children's picture book, which was justly rewarded with a National Book Award nearly 2 score years ago (1972).It can be read in 10 minutes, so I won't say much as far as the plot goes without giving it away. But there are many lessons to be learned in this collaged story, such as finding happiness when what you want isn't happening quite exactly as you'd like. TSIFE contains the types of collage works that [...]

    4. I paid a lot of money for this book because it used to be out of print. Donald Barthelme wrote a a book for children?!? And it won an award?I had to get a copy.It was OK.

    5. This is one of those really odd books that I didn't really like so much as I liked finding something so obscure and strange in the library collection. A young girl goes out into her back yard to discover a mysterious Chinese house. The "illustrations" are 19th-century wood engravings. I really liked the elephant! I should add that this "children's" book (winner of the National Book Award!) will really appeal more to adults than actual kids.

    6. I couldn't even interest my 2-year-old son in TRYING to read this. After reading it once through myself, (with much protest from my son) I decided this isn't really a children's book. It's quite bizarre. I think it's meant to be some kind of hoity-toity, artistic, hullaballoo meant to impress adults with it's creativity. (but i don't appreciate it)

    7. “Would you like to have an escapade?” the djinn asked. “We can arrange that. Escapades come in two styles – fancy and more fancy.”

    8. I have known artists who work in the realm of word and image collage, but this is the most successful storyline I've seen. It's a beautiful, compelling, dadaist story with a letterpress aesthetic. Not to be missed!

    9. I own a copy of the original 1971 copy which won a National Children's book award. A facsimile copy has recently been released. Barthelme's collage technique makes for a fun and fascinating read.

    10. This was the most bizarre children's book I've ever read. Normally I don't rate all the kids' books I read on here, but I wanted to save this one so I would remember it.

    11. An adult children's book, accompanied with great Victorian Dover-clip-art-esque illustrations. Bizarre tongue-in-cheek fun.

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