Nymphidia or The Court of Faery

Nymphidia or The Court of Faery None

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  • Title: Nymphidia or The Court of Faery
  • Author: Michael Drayton Thomas Maybank
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 283
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Drayton’s Nymphidia is, considered as a fairy-story (a story about fairies), one of the worst ever written. The palace of Oberon has walls of spider’s legs, And windows of the eyes of cats, And for the roof, instead of slats, Is covered with the wings of bats. Pigwiggen rides on a frisky earwig, and sends his love, Queen Mab, a bracelet of emmets’ eyes, making an assignation in a cowslip-flower. But the tale amid all this prettiness is a dull story of intrigue and sly go-betweens; the gall [...]

    2. Written in 1627, Nymphidia is a quirky, yet masterful, poetic excursion into fairyland. King Oberon learns that Queen Titania is having a tryst with the Faery knight, Pigwiggin. His fury knows no bounds, but his attempts to take revenge on the lovers are bumbling at best. Nymphidia, one of the queen's maids -- and the "gentle Fay" who, Drayton says, "bewrayed" this tale to him -- learns of the king's approach and plots to spare both Titania and Pigwiggin the humiliation of discovery. Delightful [...]

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