Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!

Sneeze Big Bear Sneeze It s autumn and Big Bear thinks that his sneezes are causing the leaves and the apples to fall from the trees and the geese to fly away until the wind convinces him otherwise Cozy illustrations rende

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  • Title: Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!
  • Author: Maureen Wright Will Hillenbrand
  • ISBN: 9780761459590
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s autumn, and Big Bear thinks that his sneezes are causing the leaves and the apples to fall from the trees and the geese to fly away until the wind convinces him otherwise Cozy illustrations rendered in pencil and mixed media add warmth and humor to a story that children will love.

    One thought on “Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!”

    1. Poor Big Bear--every time he sneezes, he thinks he causes something bad to happen (leaves falling off trees, apples falling to the ground) and he doesn't seem to understand when the Autumn Wind tries to explain that it is she who is blowing all these things about, and for good reason given the season. But, Bear keeps sneezing and misunderstanding and finally Autumn Wind has enough.I would have liked this one so much better if the autumn wind had seemed a little more friendly and hadn't lost her [...]

    2. I love the illustrations in this. The story had promise, but the text didn't quite work. Some of the rhythm was off. And some things didn't flow well from page to page. Plus, the ending seemed a bit, um, mean? Not sure how to put it, but I didn't really like it. Won't work for my fall storytime theme, but I can keep it on display.3 stars only because I like the illustrations of the bear and bunny.

    3. Hillenbrand's illustrations lift up the text and the okay ending. My favorites are the apples piled back on the tree branch, and the geese exploding into flight.

    4. Cute book with excellent work from Will Hillenbrand, of course the rhyming text is a bit rough at times, but overall this is a nice little story.

    5. I got this book on my Kindle for a bedtime story for my 4 year old daughter. It is a quick read and very enjoyable. We giggled a few times with how silly the bear was being. My daughter loved the pictures and the story of how autumn starts and she said that Big Bear is super silly. This book was the perfect length for a bedtime story and just a fun book.

    6. This is a beautifully illustrated short book for children with a great message about well sneezing and the season of fall. It's a little different from "Book Review: Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!" but still is fun. Parents can try counting leaves, apples, and geese with their young ones and have a laugh while doing it. A mood raiser. 

    7. I'm already fond of Big Bear and his bad hearing, and his little bunny friend, so I enjoyed this one. I think it would be fun to read to a little one. First Line: "The wind whipped through the autumn woodsand swirled to the spot where Big Bear stood."

    8. Cute children's book!Another great book in the Big Bear series! Each one teaches a lesson in such a fun way to preschoolers!

    9. I love big bearI love this book and reading it out loud to my daughter.She always has me read it to her twice.

    10. I adored this book. I have enjoyed all of the Big Bear books I have read, but this one is about fall, which is my favorite sesason. This rhyming book has Bear sneezing throughout. He thinks he is responsible for the leaves falling, the apples falling and does his best to return these things back to the trees. Wind tells him it isn't so but Bear doesn't understand. I think this is my favorite Bear book so far!

    11. This has become a new favorite. I love the rhyming text that flows so beautifully allowing young readers to help "read" the story. I also love the repeating of "Wind, it wasn't you-the leaves fell down when I sneezed ACHOO!" Which allows young readers to see that word repeated and help read it each time it repeats. I have used this all fall in my storytimes as well as in our home with our 2 year old granddaughter and it is loved by all!

    12. preschool age. About a bear going through the forest sneezing and when he does leaves or apples fall and other things happen. He feels bad these things are happening but the wind keep trying to tell him it's her preparing the world for fall but he just won't listen What happens when Bear does listen?

    13. This is an entertaining, rhyming tale about the wind's effects during Fall. Bear thinks that his sneezes make the leaves and apples fall from the trees and the geese fly off, but it's the wind that makes it all happen. The illustrations are entertaining, although the wind is a bit scary-looking on a few of the pages. We enjoyed reading this story together.

    14. A story fulling of rhyming and beautiful illustrations, this is a good of the season changing to fall and Big Bear experiencing what I think are allergies. It is a cute story showing how powerful nature, seen here in clouds, can be, but I would recommend it for the story line and of course the pictures that so well go with the actual words. This is another cute story for right before bedtime.

    15. For Story Time, the kids (3-5 age) did not seem to understand that it was the wind and not the bear sneezing. They also seemed a little bored with it. I absolutely love the illustrations but I probably won't use this again for a Story Time.

    16. A great story for fall. I love the digital and watercolor illustrations by Hillenbrand. Bear is certain that his sneezing is the cause of falling leaves and geese flying south, while Autumn Wind knows that Big Bear had nothing to do with it.

    17. Bear and the "autumn breeze" battle it out--are a myriad of things (falling leaves, flying geese) happening because of his sneezes, as he believesor because of the wind as winter is approaching? Nice option for fall to liven up the same old line-up for storytime selections.

    18. Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! is a great little tale about a bear who thinks that his sneezes are causing the apples and leaves to fall and the geese to fly away in the Autumn. Only the wind can convince him that the autumn breeze is to blame for the changes in the season.

    19. I got this book at the Buckeye Book Fair.I read it to preschoolers, first graders, and second graders today. They loved the rhyming, the illustrations, and the ACHOO! It was a fun book to read aloud and the students enjoyed it.

    20. Fun and colorful storyCute story about the autumn breeze and a the bear it makes sneeze! Every line rhymes which is fun for adults and children. The illustrations are beautiful and really add some color to the story.

    21. A Lilac Wolf and Stuff ReviewMy 6 year old listened so well. He loved it. I thought it was cute, the pictures pretty. Best of all it works on the kindle. It was a good one to read aloud.

    22. Cute illustrations, but the story doesn't match. It seems pretty pointless. I'll test it on my grandkids, but I can't think kids will like it any better. It does teach a disconnect between cause and effect.

    23. This book is so cute and teaches children not to be self-absorbed. It's fun how the wind wants to be recognized for its hard work, too--maybe kids will enjoy nature a little more after "hearing the other side of the story."

    24. Great for my 1 year oldMy son is 19 months old and it is difficult getting him to hold still long enough to read a book. He loves big bear and even helps turn the page as we're reading. The illustrations are wonderful, especially great for night time reading.

    25. ANother simple bed time story. Big Bear really doesn't know why he does what he does. He is a little slow to learn, but it is kind of endearing. My preschooler enjoys these books.

    26. Disappointing sequel to the more playful book Sleep Big Bear Sleep. Not as useful for phonemic awareness activities though a fun book to share during the fall season.

    27. This is a sweet, funny, and wonderful book. It passes the read-this-again test with an A+ because the bear and the illustrations will always give you a smile.

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