One thought on “Da Wickedest Ride”

  1. Never judge a book by it cover Just finished reading it but I wish it didn't end. As I read I could clearly picture what happens as if it was a movie or a close friend problem. I enjoy this author's unique writing flow, can't wait for part 2

  2. This right here is the truth. I mean this seems too real to be ficton Librscalez did the damn thing. Solaiyah depicts a feamle that could be anyone we are or know. To think i get my nails done at the same salon as the female who penned this book. Don't sleep on her shit!!!! Can't wait for part 2 or her new one she mentioned she's working on. This is a new author i intend to see more from on a regular.

  3. At first i was copping this book only to rep one of Philly's own, but damn this book blew me away. LibraScalez just written her way into my heart, some of the situations she laid down hit close to home. Solaiyah is a true Gem, but i need to know Lehky's story. Can't seem to wait for Da Wickedest Ride 2 to drop.

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