Neurolink In the rd Century corporations have replaced nations and executives have absolute rule But when an underground enclave of independent workers threatens the system executive Dominic Jedes must neg

  • Title: Neurolink
  • Author: M.M. Buckner
  • ISBN: 9780441011889
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the 23rd Century, corporations have replaced nations, and executives have absolute rule But when an underground enclave of independent workers threatens the system, executive Dominic Jedes must negotiate with them face to face.

    One thought on “Neurolink”

    1. 4 stars. pretty straightforward stuff; reads nice and clean, no clutter. mildly interesting characters, well-portrayed. near-future dystopic. i'd give it a 3 & a half star rating: doesn't try to do much, hits its marks. except that, written in 2004, it perfectly predicts the actual 2009 crash, the worldview that made it, the banking practices, the end result. for a junk sf thriller, that's a pretty accurate extrapolation, i'd say, so points for that.

    2. It's the 23rd century, and the world is a wasteland caused by pollution and global warming. Exposure to the unfiltered air or water leads rapidly to cancer or other nasty conditions. Giant corporations, now known as Coms, dominate the world, and their privileged executive class as well as many of their protected employees, or "protes", live in domed cities. The Coms are in a more or less constant struggle with the Orgs, especially the biggest, baddest Org of them all, the WTO. (It's worth mentio [...]

    3. Two hundred years from now, Earth has become a toxic wasteland. Everyone lives in domes. Global warming has pushed the temperate climates farther north, rendering the area around the equator uninhabitable. Corporations called coms have takien over, ruling billions of protes, or "protected persons" (actually, little better than slaves).Dominic Jedes is about to become president of ZahlenBank, the only institution more powerful than the coms. He isn't just the son of Richter Jedes, the bank's foun [...]

    4. In a word: stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The writing is awful, the characters hollow, and the plot is dumb. It's the 23rd century and mega-corporations called Coms rule the world. One of the biggest, ZahlenBank, is overseen by a dying man whose son, Dominic, is about to take over. Now, how much do you think one of the largest corporations of the 23rd century would be worth? Five hundred billion? A trillion? I think it would be a lot, whatever the number. So imagine my surprise when Dominic men [...]

    5. A nice jaunty little read; overall trajectory is fairly clear from the beginning, and the workers vs exploitative upper class thing isn't new, but it's fresh enough to be fun, and Buckner keeps her hero and his immediate surrounds interesting - particularly when the action is confined to the isolated underwater world of the rebels. Fewer marks for the secondary characters and villain who seem rather thin. Nevertheless: enjoyable, vivid, marks the author as one to watch.

    6. This was decent. Another sci-fi about the privileged few looking down upon and abusing the masses. It covers a lot about the combining of man and machine, and how a computer chip implant can completely take over the human mind.

    7. Good, not great cyberpunk. It started out well, and ended well, but the middle was "Look how cool my universe is," a la Mission to Gravity. It was predictable, but enjoyable.

    8. I thoroughly enjoy the dystopian future this author paints. The fate of these characters is not all that unbelievable and the story holds together pretty well throughout.

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