Underneath An ancient city entombed beneath a museum that seeks to understand the brutal race that once inhabited the underground world A young woman with special empathic powers offered a job to create an exhi

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  • Title: Underneath
  • Author: Heather Marie Adkins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An ancient city, entombed beneath a museum that seeks to understand the brutal race that once inhabited the underground world.A young woman with special empathic powers offered a job to create an exhibit of the city s artifacts.Underneath, they wait for her.Underneath is a ten thousand word novelette, approximately fifty pages.

    One thought on “Underneath”

    1. I think this was a really well written story, I just wish it was longer!I will be checking out more by the author! :)

    2. Book was good, liked the directions she was taking with storyline and characters. My only negative remark is that it finished way to soon. Later in the afternoon when I picked up my Kindle to cont. reading I was at 14%, then it was BAM!I was that I was at 72% then book was finished at 81%.I think and feel that the author could have really taken the characters further and the storyline deeper.The Book had a really great beginning, a mediocore ending and barely any middle. I even arrowed back page [...]

    3. A short tale about the horrors waiting to unearthed in an underground city. The author grounds the narrative in the relationship between a mother and daughter, Rebecca and Adara, who are both empaths and practitioners of magic - an aspect which works well in building suspense during the earlier sections of the story as dark hints are alluded to about the nature of the unearthed city of Garneria, said hints carrying far more weight because we are aware of the gifts they possess. I also found both [...]

    4. This is really a wonderful novella. It has a creepy atmosphere that looms over the story with the mystery of what the city underneath looks like and exactly what went on down there since the main character is too terror filled to bring herself to even get near the entrance of the place. The side characters are lovingly brought to life with wise beyond her years Adara with her adorable love of tarot and matchmaking and Darren with his alluring geekiness and attractive awkward shyness. The mystery [...]

    5. A short story that could completely become a novel. So much to learn about the what lies underneath. On my Nook it was 90 pages & I finished those in no time. I just wish there were more.

    6. Underneath Was To ShortThis was a very good story line but in the author's haste to end it there was too much left unfinished. Who were the things, where did they come from, why were they like they were. The list could go on and on. And yes, I know the answers will be revealed in Series 5 or 6 or 7. I can't call these books because they are just short stories that eventually answers some of the questions the reader has. The author never answers all the questions because it appears by the time th [...]

    7. Great read!I really enjoyed this book. I'm has a very unique storyline and the characters were interesting. I think it might be better to make it longer instead of having a sequel since this felt short to me and parts could have been longer.

    8. I enjoyed reading this story as it had a bit of a different undertone that most books. Trying to place yourself in the main characters shoes, creeps you out as things occur.

    9. Rebecca has just been offered an exhibit at the Museum of Ancient History. The idea is to promote the underground city that was found in a cavern below the museum. But something evil happened there. Rebecca is an empath and has no desire to even go near the city but in the end she goes.Adara, Rebecca’s daughter, is excited about the new exhibit. And Rebecca’s new boss, Darren, is also thrill to have her there. Rebecca learns that Darren is also an empath when he talks about a bad feeling whe [...]

    10. I loved this short story it was fabulously haunting. I like reading paranormal type stories.Rebecca is a widow and a mother who works in a museum as a technician but loses that job and goes to work for another museum called the Ancient and she becomes the curator for the Garneria exhibit which she really didn't was due to her being an Empath and Garneria has a lot of evil energy.Rebecca's daughter Adara likes to read tarot cards and is a little psychic, she read her tarot cards 3 times for her m [...]

    11. SPOILER ALERT! This was a free Kindle short when I got it. I got it a while ago, so when I started to read it, I had no idea what it was about. It was written extremely well. The characters were well rounded, the story moved and you really get a feeling of the horror of the underground city and its "people".The reason I am not rating it higher than three stars is because it is without hope. The ending is left open-ended and the evil isn't defeated, it's waiting to be let free again. There is mag [...]

    12. Detailed, fast-paced action loaded with solid characters creating an book that I didn't want to put down. What exactly was so sinister about the Garneria exhibit that Rebecca had troubles with it? The author did a good job getting the action up to speed quickly and the suspense was building rapidly in the beginning chapters. I would have given it 5 stars as I like a quick-read with good suspense, good plot and also a read that leaves me as a reader hanging with some possiblities but.I thought th [...]

    13. When I first started reading this I was a little wary are the author's writing style. It seemed abrupt and a bit juvenile in the beginning. After the first few short chapters I warmed to it and it was definitely worth the read. I don't know how much more I would read from this author but I would definitely read an extended version of this story. I think there was so, so much room for growth and so many places to fill out that it could make an excellent novel. One thing I would love to see in a l [...]

    14. This story has quite a bit of depth for a short piece. The plot plays out at a good pace, and the content offers us a convincing look at otherworldly possibilities. Rebecca's character is well developed. I enjoyed the interplay between Rebecca and her daughter. Their abilities are handled in a way that is both believable and intriguing.My only complaint is that the ending feels rushed. We are told about the aftermath, rather than being allowed to experience it along with the characters. Aside fr [...]

    15. Free kindle download that did the job. I really loved this storyline and was excited anticipating how it would evolve. I even told hubby, this may be a book for him too! Then I looked to see how far I was into the book, knowing it wasn't very far and low & behold, I was 77%! Damn, I really HATE short stories. This could have been a great 5+ star book if it was full length. Short stories almost always leave me disappointed.But, I see the potential in this story and I get a feel for this autho [...]

    16. An interesting story involving Rebecca, a museum, and an underground city that has been uncovered. Rebecca is an empath and can sense the evil vibes coming from the underground city. Her boss is also an empath, but not as strong.He ends up kidnapped and the ancient city is the location. Rebecca has to try to save him despite the pain the evil vibes causes her and despite the fact that there are perhaps hundreds of evil ghost-like beings that want to make her their next sacrifice.

    17. I was kinda hooked on this from the very beginning. Imagine finding evidence of a lost civilization, under your Museum of Ancient History, when the ground-breaking mayor literally falls through the earth.Rebecca is hired to curate the exhibit. Unfortunately, she is an empath and the waves of hatred, fear, and terror coming from underground cause her distinct pain. It seems the civilization thrived on human sacrifice.This was a free short story for Kindle. Enjoyed it.

    18. This short story was well-written, and it was an interesting story. The three stars are because of my personal preferences, not any lacking in the writing. The daughter of the main character was proficient in reading tarot cards and neither mother nor daughter gave a second thought to any reference to the daughter's other-wordly abilities. It doesn't really bother me to read about adults practicing such things, but for some reason, it unnerved me to think about a child doing it.

    19. Good scary short. It really could be fleshed out into a book. There's lots of material here for one. The heroine is an empath and the setting is a mysterious underground city that they're excavating. I probably would have given it 3 1/2 stars because the author was a little brief when she could have had fun with it. But I'm checking out some of her other books.

    20. This was a quick read with interesting characters that ended too quickly & abruptly. I picked it up as a Kindle freebie because it shows the Hagia Sophia on the cover and I was hoping the book would have something to do with the Byzantine underworld, so it was disappointing that it didn't. The characters are likeable but I think Adkins could have done more with them.

    21. This is a really solid short story. I wasn't expecting the main character (Rebecca) to be the age she was or that she would have a daughter but both of those details were refreshing; many stories of this type focus on teenage characters. Adkins does a good job of describing the characters and settings, as well as how Rebecca was feeling.

    22. As the short read progressed I found myself getting more and more into the plot and characters. However, I felt an entire story drop of the cliff and end abruptly into a few pages. I felt as if the book ended on chapter five. It was so good I was hoping for a full version. Still worth a read. Just a very quick read!

    23. It may be short in length, but certainly not in content. I love how this author writes - you feel like you are right there with the characters, feeling what they are feeling. A newly-discovered underground city, mysterious disappearances, a budding romance - and action that keeps moving through the story.

    24. It was goodnot high art or a hint of great literature, but it helped me pass an hour without boredom. it's a teaser for a future novel but it is still a complete story cliffhanger and I commend the author for that! I hate literature that leaves me hangingI might buy the sequel if it's not overpriced as this one was entertaining, proofread and well written.

    25. Since this is a short story, I'm going to cut it a little slack for the remaining questions that were remaining. I gave it five stars because I was pissed when it was done. I wanted more. Hopefully the author will have a full length book on this out soon"

    26. This was the first book of heathers that I have read. I wasn't sure what to expect! It was a little slow at first but really picked up! I got completely drawn into the story and when the portal to garneria was opened I could not put it down! There is room for a sequel with this one. I can't wait!

    27. In but 9000 words Adkins weaves a tale of a cavern, below a museum, that holds an unspeakable destiny for any who venture into it. This author always amazes with her descriptive prose painting her canvases with stunning realism. We are indeed fortunate that she shares them with us.

    28. Not a bad short story but I think I need a bit more background for the characters. The ending lacked resolution but I guess that's what you get from a short story. Not bad for a free book from .

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