Sophie's Fish

Sophie s Fish What naptime story would you read to a fish When Sophie asks Jake to take care of her pet fish while she s on vacation he says sure how hard can it be to babysit a fish But the minute he agrees Jake

  • Title: Sophie's Fish
  • Author: Ann Edwards Cannon Lee White
  • ISBN: 9780670012916
  • Page: 492
  • Format: None
  • What naptime story would you read to a fish When Sophie asks Jake to take care of her pet fish while she s on vacation, he says sure how hard can it be to babysit a fish But the minute he agrees, Jake starts imagining every possible fish related crisis What does a fish eat for dinner How do you give him a bath What kind of stories does he like Pitch perfect humor aWhat naptime story would you read to a fish When Sophie asks Jake to take care of her pet fish while she s on vacation, he says sure how hard can it be to babysit a fish But the minute he agrees, Jake starts imagining every possible fish related crisis What does a fish eat for dinner How do you give him a bath What kind of stories does he like Pitch perfect humor and wonderfully detailed, quirky illustrations make this a refreshingly funny and imaginative picture book.

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    1. This book was a gift to my child from the author. Fabulous read. Art work is colorful and lively, while the story is interesting and keeps you wondering until the end. There is a bit if silliness in the story that my kids love.Highly recommend.

    2. How hard can it be to babysit a fish? What if . . . Nah, it'll be okay, right? Perfect for writing what might happen next.A must read and check out the illustrations closely.

    3. Sophie asks her friend to watch her pet fish. He not sure how to care of a fish, he thinks of all kind of things that might go wrong. The fish is not what he expected. Very good.

    4. How hard can taking care of a fish be? In Sophie’s Fish, Jake finds out. After agreeing to take care of Sophie’s fish, Yo-Yo, he starts having second thoughts as he imagines all the disastrous things that could happen. We can all relate to agreeing to helping out a friend and then realizing that we really don’t want to take on this chore and don’t want to back out either.What if plagues his mind. And to the reader, the what if’s are silly. But Jake conjures up all kinds of what if’s [...]

    5. This story goes into the mind of a boy named Jake who is asked to babysit his friend Sophie’s fish. He accepts, thinking, “How hard can it be to babysit a fish?” The book then transitions as his thoughts do into all the scenarios that could happen. Every hypothetical is more ridiculous than the last. He personifies the fish, wondering if the fish will care if his special blanket gets wet during story time or what he will do if the fish starts crying. When Sophie comes to drop off her fish [...]

    6. Notes:1st person narrator. " A girl at school named Sophie asked me to babysit her fish" "jake," Sophie said, 'will you take care of Yo-yo?"I've never met Yo-yo, but I said okay. How hard can it be to babysit a fish? EXCEPT! (then he gets nervous, watching time and realizing he doesn't know anything about caring for fish)THen examples of what he doesn't know (what do fish like to eat? what games do fish play?stories they like to hear? do fish care if their blankets are wet?)Will he have to call [...]

    7. Jake has second--and third--thoughts about taking care of his classmate's fish while she is away for the weekend. The more he thinks about it, the more he starts to worry about what snacks to feed the fish, what games to play, and what sorts of readalouds a fish might prefer. He imagines the worst case scenarios for the fish and begins to make up excuses for why he can't take care of Sophie's fish. But before he can beg off from his promise, Sophie shows up, and Jake has quite a surprise when he [...]

    8. Ha! I really liked this book. It was amusingwith just the right amount of bizarre and whimsy thrown in for good measure. The illustrations were fabulous; they were a blend of decoupage and drawings. Each page was a work of art. I loved the over-active imagination of Jake and his worries about taking care of a fish. I LOVED the tribute to other children's books through spectacular fish book titles - those made me laugh. The ending was quite good and made me chuckle. It kind of reminded me a littl [...]

    9. A little boy's imagination goes wild with worry--who can't relate to the fears of a new responsibility?! The surprise ending adds just enough humor and even a bit of an edge to make this adorable book slightly complex. It's one of those books I'd love to see a Part II on! I know the author from several writer's conferences. I want to say that she is both incredibly gracious and wonderfully generous! Her talent and her kindness are a real tribute to the industry of children's lit! I would recomme [...]

    10. Cute story with interesting twist at the end. Cool, artsy illustrations. I enjoyed the illustrations more than the worrying story. There's another worrying story I like better which is Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes because it seems more realistic about what kinds of things kids actually worry about whereas Sophie's fish is just plain silly. Personally, I'd give it a 3, in terms of books I enjoy reading to my daughter (who is now 4-years old), however, she asks for it almost every night and it [...]

    11. A little boy is asked to watch his friend's fish while she visits her grandmother over the weekend. He's excited at first but then gets a little worried, what do fish eat? What if the fish wants to go outside and play?A great story for little kids who may have to babysit a pet, or want a pet of their own. Illustrations are unique, but a little grey which makes the mood a little sad. But a great book that kids will love.

    12. This was almost a “so-so” pick. The plot is pretty simple and predictable. Sophie has asked her friend Jake to look after her pet fish, Yo-Yo, for a few days. Jake eagerly agrees, but then begins to imagine all sorts of worst-case scenarios. I felt pretty ho-hum about the whole story. Until I got to the last page and laughed out loud. So now? You must read it. And trust me that the end is worth it.

    13. I loved this book with the what if after a little boy is asked to take care of a classmate's fish while she visits her gram. I didn't like the dark colors of the illustrations but I loved the ending and the bada bing! The little boy comes up with lots of excuses why he shouldn't do it and it won't go well and talks himself into the babysitting fish job. Cute.

    14. I like to add children's books to my good reads when I find them fun and enjoyable to read. A little boy agrees to babysit a classmate's fish, after all how hard can it be? While waiting, he experiences anxiety about how to care for a fish. He finally calms down when she arrives and he is in a for a little fishy surprise ending.

    15. Author A. E. Cannon gives readers a peek inside the active imagination of a little boy wondering if he made the right choice. Clever, humorous and detailed illustrations by Lee White tell a story of their own perfectly complimenting the narrative.My full review is here:bit/Kv1X0W

    16. "How hard can it be to babysit a fish?"Jake agrees to watch Sophie's fish, but then has all kinds of second thoughts about what might happen. What snacks do fish eat? What kind of games do they play? But when Sophie arrives at the door, all of Jake's fears are allayed? Or are they?

    17. I love Jake's musings about how it will be to babysit his friend's fish for the weekend. Don't we all sometimes make mountains out of molehills? And then the humorous last page makes him double guess his double guessing. Wonderful. Kids loved hearing that the book's author lives in SLC.

    18. This is a cute story about a little boy fish-sitting. It is a very imaginative and totally something a little boy could think of if they were nervous about fish-sitting. The pictures are in a not so bright colors but are colorful. Very well written and clever story.

    19. A classmate asks Jake to fish sit for the weekend. After going through every possible doomsday scenario and settling down, Jake gets a little surprise at the end. Will be met with choruses of "read it again!"

    20. Sophie asks her friend, Jake, to take care of her fish over the weekend. Jake wonders what to feed the fish, how to bathe the fish, what bedtime stories a fish would like? He worries and worries about his skills as a caregiver in this silly and entertaining story.

    21. How hard can it be to babysit a fish? Jake imagines all the problems of caring for friend, Sophie's pet fish until she arrives and sweetly expresses her appreciation. Fishy details in the illustrations and humor combine for a whale of a story. Reviewer 17

    22. Sophie's Fish is everything you wish for in a children's book--great illustrations, an inventive and very clever storyline, and a laugh-out-loud surprise ending. This is one both youngsters and adults will adore.

    23. Worrywart Jake is asked by classmate Sophie to babysit her fish while she's away. His imagination runs wild with all the problems he could run into. White's watercolor and collage illustrations are fantastical and silly and a teeny bit dark. Gr. K-2.

    24. When Sophie asks Jake to watch her fish, Yo-Yo for the weekend, Jake worries that he doesn't know how to take care of a fish. Lee White's whimsical illustrations contain hidden fish facts and patterns while capturing Jake's growing hysteria.

    25. Jake starts to worry about everything that could go wrong when he agrees to take care of his friend Sophie's fish for the weekend.SubjectsWorry -- Juvenile fiction.Fishes -- Juvenile fiction.Humorous stories

    26. Jake's classmate Sophie is going to her Grandmothers house for the weekend and needs someone to fish-sit. The anxiety of all the work and care potentially needed in caring for this fish is consuming Jake's every thought. Very funny book; a great read aloud.

    27. I just met the author of this book. What an amazing experience!! Even though I met the author, I want to be unbiased about the book. I think the story is fun and interesting the artwork is interesting with layersd good way to talk about pet responsibilities Over a really good book!

    28. How bad can it be to babysit a fish? A boy agrees to do it, but then has second thoughts because he's afraid he won't do it well. When Sophie comes to drop off her fish, he figures it can't be that hard

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