For Time And All Eternity

For Time And All Eternity None

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  • Title: For Time And All Eternity
  • Author: Paul Dayton Bailey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “For Time And All Eternity”

    1. This is a reread for me as I read it many years ago. Although it couldn't be considered great literature, I liked it because it gives one a great insight to polygamy and is really a heartwarming story.Unfortunately it is out of print, but is probably available in used bookstores in Utah.

    2. My 85 year old neighbor gave me this book to read. Apparently, she loved it and even had 2 copies. I could not finish it. It reads like a harlequin romance novel only worse. The author is so descriptive that he continues to describe the same things more than once. It also gives off a very negative vibe of Mormons and polygamy. Of course, because I didn't finish the book, I don't know if it gets any better and my review should probably not count. And I still really like my neighbor!

    3. There were a few habits of writing style that I did not care for -- his use of adverbs for one -- that would normally have merited three stars if it had not been for the otherwise great job he did writing about an unusual and difficult subject: Mormon Polygamy.Near the end of the book the protagonist Nancy Scott witnesses a group of Mexican Catholics performing a strange religious Easter ritual. A man has been beaten and is carrying a cross and is followed by a group of men who have also flagell [...]

    4. PBBBBBBBBTI borrowed this book from Mom, and it started out so well: the setting is superbly drawn, the characters are people one can almost see, and then it all went to pot.The novel is set in Utah in the late 1860s. Nancy and her half-sister Flora spy two soldiers outside the wall around the tiny town of Ammon. Nancy falls in love with Joel Scott at first sight. But. Soldiers are Gentiles, not Mormons. Soldiers persecute Mormons. . . usually. Well, the inevitable happens: Joel and Nancy meet a [...]

    5. Full disclosure: Paul Dayton Bailey was a half-cousin to my grandfather.This book was written in the 1940s, as I recall (I read it over 10 years ago). It begins with the main character participating in persecution of Mormons in Missouri in the 1830s. He isn't sure why they are doing it, but he participates with verve.Later, he encounters problems of his own and finds himself in Illinois (where the Mormons have re-located). He is welcomed warmly and decides they aren't as bad as he thought. He jo [...]

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