Leon And Bob

Leon And Bob Bob is Leon s best friend He shares Leon s room Everywhere that Leon goes Bob goes too Then one day a boy moves in next door

  • Title: Leon And Bob
  • Author: SimonJames
  • ISBN: 9780744598032
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Bob is Leon s best friend He shares Leon s room Everywhere that Leon goes, Bob goes too Then one day a boy moves in next door.

    One thought on “Leon And Bob”

    1. This is a great book. It a story about a boy called Leon who moves to a new place. It is just him and his mother as his father is in the army. Leon has an invisible friend called Bob. Bob is always with him at breakfast, on the way to school, when he reads a letter from dad etc, etc. Soon a new boy moves next door. Leon decides to go and visit him the following day. As he is about to approach the door, however, he finds that his invisible friend Bob has left him. Leon is unsure whether to contin [...]

    2. This is a story about a lonely boy named Leon who needs a friend to play with. This is a great story about making friends.

    3. Simple and sweet picture book about Leon, a small, school-age boy who has just moved to a new place in the city, is often alone, and invents an imaginary friend, Bob, as his companion. One day, he ventures to make a real friend of the boy he notices on his street. He realizes that he is on his own, really - Bob is not there. He gathers the courage to knock on the neighbor's door, and finds a new friend whose name is, coincedentally, Bob! What makes this book a real standout, however, is the illu [...]

    4. Interest Level: Ages 5-9Reading Level: Ages 4 to upLexile Reading Level: 400LNominated for: Nestlé Children's Book Prize (in 1997)Awarded: New York Times Notable Books of the Year (in 1997)The story is easy to identify with. The illustrations show so much emotions that it is easy for the reader to emotionally engage with the characters and the plot.Great option for kids who are going through a hard family situation or who are from foreign (state/country) origins. It promotes cultural awareness. [...]

    5. A sweet story about a little boy (Leon) who has an imaginary friend Bob. Leon and his mother move to a new city while his father is in the army. Leon and Bob do everything together until one day Leon decides to go visit a boy who has just moved in next door. On the way over, Bob disappears. But Leon still goes to visit the boy, who become his friend and is name, of course, Bob.Nice illustrations.

    6. This simple story is so touching because of how universal its themes are. A boy named Leon misses his father who's away in the army. He would be alone most of the time except for his imaginary friend named Bob. Bob and Leon share breakfast together, read his father's letters together, walk to school together, etc. Bob fills a real hole for Leon until one day when a new kid moves next door. This story is a straightforward illustration of the meaning of friendship.

    7. A simple story that evokes warm feelings of friendship after an imaginary friend has vanished. Leon does everything with Bob until a little boy moves in the neighborhood. Fears and loneliness melt away as confidence builds. Simple, sparse text accompany the charming watercolor illustrations. A perfect story for those who have (or once had) imaginary friends.

    8. Great for reading aloud to a PreK child with lots of opportunities to talk. This book lends itself to conversations that encourage the child to make inferences and think critically with questions like, "What do you notice about Bob in the picture?" and "Why do you think Bob disappeared?" and "Why do you think Leon made up a friend?"

    9. Children can relate to moving to new areas and having to make friends all over again. Sometimes it is easier to make a friend up than having to find one, but finding a real one is even better than they think. Great book for imagination.

    10. This is a great book for kids with a story about growing up and how to deal with the "death" of an imaginary friend. It's got wonderful illustrations and original characters and it's an excellent book for younger children.

    11. This is a cute picture book that tells the story of a little boy and his friend (whom no one else could see) learning to be brave enough to make new friends. Young readers who have ever been shy to reach out and make new friends will recognize themselves in this story, for sure.

    12. This is sort of a special book, because Leon's dad is away in the army. You don't see many of those, where it's a fact, but not the whole story

    13. Really enjoyed this story abt a young boy who needed an imaginary friend to help him get through some big situations for a little kid.

    14. Leon moves to a new town. He has an imaginary friend named Bob, until he goes to make friends with a real boy next door.

    15. This would be a good book to have a child read who's parent is away in the army. I would do a creative writing journal lesson that prompts students to write about an imaginary friend.

    16. Dimitri would say the last sentence of this book over and over and laugh and laugh. I love to see him engage in a book like this!

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