Closed For Winter

Closed For Winter Twenty years have passed since that day on the jetty but it is only now that Elise has found the strength to go back and face the events of her past And so she begins to unravel all that has been tyin

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  • Title: Closed For Winter
  • Author: Georgia Blain
  • ISBN: 9780140272079
  • Page: 239
  • Format: None
  • Twenty years have passed since that day on the jetty but it is only now that Elise has found the strength to go back and face the events of her past And so she begins to unravel all that has been tying her up, picking through that day, piece by piece, from beginning to end Over and over again But sometimes what you uncover is not what you were searching for, and Elise fTwenty years have passed since that day on the jetty but it is only now that Elise has found the strength to go back and face the events of her past And so she begins to unravel all that has been tying her up, picking through that day, piece by piece, from beginning to end Over and over again But sometimes what you uncover is not what you were searching for, and Elise finds herself face to face with a truth she had not expected.

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    1. Elise has lived most of her life in the shadow of her sister's disappearance from an Adelaide beach one hot summer's day. Although she was on the beach too, she did not see what happened to Frances. There are no clues, no evidence - just a gaping hole in the life of Elise and her mother, a hole that continues to haunt them both twenty years later.Elise lives her life desperately blending into the shadows, careful not to be noticed or offer an opinion. She keeps a photo of herself and her sister [...]

    2. Closed for winter is a wonderful haunting idea, skillfully done. A missing person, particularly a child is an event that has such wide spread repercussions. As a child the blown up photos of the missing Beaumont children had such a profound effect on me that I still remember how I felt when I saw the posters. I think Blain has written this very diffent novel exceedingly well. I only have two complaints. I felt there was just two much repetition in the first half of the novel and the mother was m [...]

    3. The painstakingly explored life of Elise to whom nothing much happens but whose character has been crushed since childhood by the experience of her older sister going missing. I read this on a visit to Adelaide so I enjoyed visual cross references but struggled to keep turning the pages and sometimes turned three at a time with seemingly no loss in the narrative.

    4. my workmate asked me what this book was about and I had to honestly say "not much really". This book reeks of Literature, which seems to be an excuse for slow to no plot. I get the feeling we will not resolve the case of the missing sister, rather spend a lot of time painstakingly analysing the world through a broken narrater. I don't think I will bother finishing this book.

    5. Closed for Winter is a sad and haunting tale of a family broken by one life changing day. This book has so much depth to it. So many unspoken words yet the actions say so much. Blain has created unforgettable characters that you can't help but feel anguish and sadness for. And her setting was perfect for this harrowing story.

    6. Never let anything get hold of you it could last for twenty years. Always find the answer and don't believe everything you are told. (Especially by your mother)I absolutely loved it, finding someone who has been used so badly and comes out of it ahead.

    7. I was completely enthralled by this book and read it in one sitting - must find some more Georgia Blain!!!

    8. This book, while meditative, lyrical and historically convincing, reminded me of the Man Booker Prize-winning but excruciatingly dull The Finkler Question, in which a man of no substance lives an underwhelming life over which he has no agency. He does not learn; he does not grow. He fades from memory even before the book ends. I didn’t care what became of him and I feel the same way about the main character (who is not a protagonist) of this storm, who just lets life happen to her and seems to [...]

    9. Georgia Blain is a beautiful writer. Closed for Winter is an evocative and haunting story about a woman whose older sister went missing when she was a child. Now in her late twenties, Elise finds relationships, be it with her mother Dorothy, her boyfriend Martin, or her workmates and neighbours, difficult. The disappearance of her sister is still a mystery. Both her mother's health and her relationship with Martin are deteriorating. It's a bleak story, with little redemption, and Elise is a toug [...]

    10. I thought this book was well written but I found it hard to relate to Elise because she was so meek and let people walk all over her. The only thing that kept me reading, despite my annoyance with her, was the mystery of what happened to her sister. And I found the resolution to the book/mystery very disappointing. Almost like the writer didn't know what she wanted the ending to be.

    11. I read this a couple of weeks ago -only took a couple of nights -before I read The Solitude of Prime Numbers. The former is an "okay" written book with a more satisfying ending. and the latter being a much better book with an less than satisfying ending. Why is it that I think there should be a clearly defined resolution??? Is this a consequence of my education?

    12. I've been hanging out to read this for so long and hunted high and low for a copy. I'm delighted to say I was not disappointed! I finished it in under 24 hours! Gripping, tragic and ultimatelywell It was so worth the search! Georgia Blain deserves every accolade! Her writing absolutely takes you to the moment and I've started to incorporate passages into my teaching.

    13. I read (well, mostly skimmed) this book on a recent road trip. All the characters are depressingly unlikeable especially Elise, who was one of the meekest women I've ever come across. There is the case of the missing sister but it wasn't really resolved in the end despite the synopsis hinting that the 'truth' will be revealed.

    14. It's been years since I read this one (and later saw the film), but it has stayed with me because of its emotional power and evocative descriptions both of landscape (seaside Adelaide) and family interactions.

    15. I have finished this book. Unlike Carol I did not find it an easy read, I felt annoyed with Elise I wanted to shake her, and I felt at the end that it was really unresolved.

    16. This story is written in a style that climbs inside your head and settles disturbingly in. Unfolding with perfect pace and a conclusion that is satisfying. A great read.

    17. Not really worth the 3 stars except the sense of place is well written. Dreary characters, but also well defined.

    18. Quite a sad story about a family in perpetual crisis. Telling the truth and facing it's consequences can be devastating but not facing them may be worse.

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