Blade of Fire

Blade of Fire It s been twenty years since Queen Thirrin Lindenshield defeated General Bellorum and saved the tiny country of the Icemark But changes are coming Charlemagne the youngest of Thirrin and Oskan s five

  • Title: Blade of Fire
  • Author: Stuart Hill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s been twenty years since Queen Thirrin Lindenshield defeated General Bellorum and saved the tiny country of the Icemark But changes are coming Charlemagne, the youngest of Thirrin and Oskan s five children, is growing increasingly angry and resentful that he can t train to be a warrior, because of the polio that crippled him when he was only four Sharley is their paIt s been twenty years since Queen Thirrin Lindenshield defeated General Bellorum and saved the tiny country of the Icemark But changes are coming Charlemagne, the youngest of Thirrin and Oskan s five children, is growing increasingly angry and resentful that he can t train to be a warrior, because of the polio that crippled him when he was only four Sharley is their parents favorite Medea is a year older than Sharley, and the only one of the children to inherit their father s gift of witchcraft But while her father turned toward the Light, Medea is letting her hatred and resentment of Sharley turn her toward the Dark.Meanwhile General Bellorum decides that with his army s superior training and new weapons, he and his sons will have no trouble overcoming and squashing the troublesome kingdom of Icemark forever When Thirrin realizes that this might be a battle she and her allies won t be able to win, she decides to protect the Icemark civilians and Sharley by sending them to the Southern Continent, where the ruling Doge has offered them refuge She makes Sharley Prince Regent of the refugees, giving him royal power equal to her own He is to lead and govern them until it is safe to return Will the changes of the last twenty years be enough to give General Bellorum an edge, and a victory What about Sharley what awaits him far to the south And Medea will she turn completely to the Dark, deserting her family and the father she adores, and helping destroy her homeland Changes are coming, and it s impossible to control or predict what the fates will decide description was written by Joni R Bodart excerpted from www2holastic

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    1. Book 2 continues the Saga of the never ending battle of the IceMark. I must say that I have been totally engulfed by all species. To the point thhat sometimes I forget if I am thinking about Wolf folk , Snow Leopards or human kind. The relationship between the species are so human that sometimes their does not seem to even be a difference. Book 2 has you swapping locations within a moment. One moment you are in the great room of the Icemark Palace. Next you will be crossing the creepy land of th [...]

    2. May I be the first to say, that this book was awesome. The first couple of chapters were refreshing in how they caught you up to speed. And as you asked yourself questions they were answered. As when I was trying to calculate, how old was Thirrin when she got married and started having all those children? Cressida comes along as says " When my mother was around my age, she was queen of the icemark, married and already had a child." How great is that, an author who knows how to fill in all the li [...]

    3. A supremely satisfying read which deservedly is called a ‘page-turner’ This fantastic book will have you shivering in delight from the moment when thirteen-year-old heroine, Princess Thirrin, punches a Werewolf on the nose…you know instantly that you are in for a rollicking good read. Well-written and highly readable, the original and sometimes quirky approach to a historical fantasy is like nothing I have encountered before and which is what sets this series apart from many others. I thou [...]

    4. I loved reading this book. It made my heart pound, ache, and rejoice all at the same time. The story picks up twenty years after the first book; Thirrin and Oskan are married and parents of five teenagers. And despite the relative peace that the Icemark has enjoyed, the land still faces obliteration from Scipio Bellorum and his sons! I shuddered when I thought about his return. He was already very ruthless, so I knew that if he ever reared his evil head again that he would be new and improved. B [...]

    5. The Cry of the Icemark has long been one of my favorite books. Though I was slightly bothered by the unexplained similarities between the Polypontian Empire and the Roman Empire, the many merits of the book far outweighed the fault. Unfortunately, in this book, I felt that much of the creativity and spirit I admired in the first book were lost. I was unhappy with the naming choices the Stuart Hill made for his new characters and countries. I felt that as he expanded his setting, rather than comi [...]

    6. This is a sequel toCry Of The Icemark. It takes place 20 years after the first book, when the teenage Thirrin from book 1 is now a grown woman, queen, and mother to 5 teenagers. The main focus of this book is 14 year old Charlemagne ("Sharley"), who because of a disabled leg is the family pet and not a warrior like everyone else he knows. War comes to the Icemark again when bad guy Bellorum decides to get revenge on this puny kingdom that defeated him 20 years earlier. I really liked this book e [...]

    7. This book was by far my favourite of the series because the action was widespread and intense. Charlemagne journey I found most interesting because of the growth and strength that he finds within himself during the book, I am also a sucker for the stories were the 'wallflower' as such becomes the hero.Not to mention Stuart Hill excels at world building, I can truly believe everything he writes making me want to jump into the action on my page. I would recommend this book for all ages(maybe not u [...]

    8. I enjoyed this as much as the first. Fun book, interesting twists in story, etc. Easy read, but I again enjoyed the world Hill has created. Even with all of the use of things that exist in our world, and even use of their names and some modern colloquialisms in the characters' speech. I don't think all of his choices are in the best taste, I wouldn't say it's great literature, again, but it was fun.

    9. In the second book of this series, I learned that small battles can win the war. I loved this book even more than the first one, and I loved the detail. Another war with the Empire leads to much more trouble, and Oskan's evil witch sister Medea is out to get him throughout the entire book. More impossible allies are made during this book. If you are ever bored and like action/violence/war, then I suggest this book to you!

    10. I was a tad nervous when I picked up this book. I love Cry of the Icemark and was skeptical about going back 20 years later. However, it worked and worked VERY well. The new allies were splendid and only Stuart Hill could have made them work so very well. I almost cried at one point, but there, you have to go and read the book yourself! I am going to add this to my books to read over and over-in fact, it is a GREAT series! I would recommend it to anyone to read!

    11. I loved Thirrin and I love her children. They all have problems that they over come in interesting ways. The old characters are just as remarkable and are added to perfectly with new characters.

    12. This book was better than the first of the series. I felt it could have been shorter by cutting down some of the excess, however there were no boring parts or sections that dragged. The expanded cast of characters were wonderful, I really liked Sharley the main character, and Medea was an intriguing side story. The family dynamics of Thirrin's family and the character development of each of her children was good.Overall, it was a good solid read. Interesting, even though it may not be a unique s [...]

    13. I'd love to give this book 5 stars but for what happened to Medea I won't its unfair and awful and Stuart Hill should be ashamed!

    14. Scipio Bellorum is back to take revenge on the little country that stood up to his Empire. After his astonishing defeat by the barbarian Queen Thirrin and her allies (The Cry of the Icemark contents), he had to quell numerous uprisings around the Empire so it has taken him twenty years, but he has returned to end the conflict permanently. Meanwhile, Thirrin and allies (the Werewolves and Snow Leopards mostly) have cemented their bonds of alliance fighting off Ice Trolls and continuing to work to [...]

    15. Die Eismark wird durch einen alten und mächtigen Feind bedroht. Die Lage ist äußerst gefährlich. Die einzige Chance zur Rettung liegt in den Kräften von Königin Thirrins Kindern. Der 14 jährige Sharley wird ausgesandt um im Süden weitere Verbündeten zu gewinnen. Nach vielen Abenteuern kehrt er mit neuen Freunden nach Hause zurück, um in die längst entbrannte Schlacht einzugreifen. Doch der Gegner verfügt über furchtbare Waffen.Meine Meinung zum Buch: Das 2 Band von Die Herrscherin d [...]

    16. For this book's rating, I was caught in the middle of 3 stars and 4 stars. While it dragged on a bit and was a little too long for my liking, it wasn't terrible necessarily.Blade of Fire is set nineteen years after the Cry of the Icemark ends. Thirrin and Oskan are married (surprise, surprise) and have five children. The Polypontian Empire was defeated, as was their general, Scipio Bellorum, but now he is back in business with his two sons, Sulla and Octavious, and he is ready to wipe the Kingdo [...]

    17. In the second novel of his series, Stuart Hill expands the medieval realm of the Icemark to include new lands, cultures, and characters. Joining the well-loved characters of "The Cry of the Icemark" are a range of allies, enemies, and unlikely heroes that only add to the appeal of Hill's masterfully-created world.Thirrin and her friends are faced with new and powerful weapons as Scipio Bellorum and his sons return to the Icemark to exact revenge for the Empire's defeat twenty years ago. Knowing [...]

    18. I love how Stuart opened up the world. The north was so amazingly explored in the first book, and it was great to see him do the same thing with the rest of it this time. I loved that he explored both plots relating to and war/political movements. He showed that it's not just one big battle and done, but an ongoing effort. The fact that he included the siege and the psychological suffering that it causes, was really effect to showing that. Oh, the characters and their poor parenting/family relat [...]

    19. The second in the series my son recommended to me. Its a better book and the last one was good.Once again it is great to read a book where the women and girls are not simply there as a romantic interest or to be victims. In this books the female characters are on an absolute par with the males and in fact of the core group the females tend to be the action heroes and the males the more emotionally aware and cerebral. It is a huge credit to the author however that this does not feel out of place, [...]

    20. The first book of the Icemark Chronicles to me has been a great book, and the second one, which is this one, I have to admit is once again a thrilling book, grabbing your attention and putting you off to the edge of your seats. One part that showed this a lot was this one: "Thirrin sagged down and leaned heavily against her sword. 'My friends, we must stand against an enemy we cannot fight.' She turned to Oskan, who stood, seemingly deep in thought, at the foot of banner. 'It's time we say our g [...]

    21. I'm amazed! This was even better than the first!The plot was richer, the Lindenshields, Oskan and their allies were so amazing and lovable, Bellorum and his sons were as hated, and even more so, than in the first! This is definitely a favorite! I absolutely loved! Mekhmet and Sharley were such cute friends; I loved it! I fell in love with His and Her Vampiric Majesties! I cried when His Vampiric Majesty died! Such a shame that she will have to continue an undying existence without her beloved! A [...]

    22. This review was originally posted on ThirstforFictionTwenty years have passed since Thirrin and her allies managed to defeat the huge army of Scipio Bellorum. Bellorum is getting old, but he still hasn’t lost any of his arrogance, and he’s coming to try and conquer the allied forces for a second time. This time, he has a weapon that will be able to destroy the Icemark for good. But he might not need to because Medea, one of the royal couple’s offspring, is poisoning the family from within [...]

    23. This one took me a while to finish this one, but it was just as good as the first one, at some points even better! In this book, you are introduced to Thirrin's son, Sharly, and I think I might like him even more than I liked Thirrin in the first book! Excited to see if there is another book, although I really think the series has ended. Who knows? Here were some of my favorite quotes: ¨ 'That's not what I meant Sharly, and you know it,' Cressida answered sharply, 'Not all warriors carry swords [...]

    24. Stuart Hill writes a mesmerizing, enchanting story. A page turner, this book will satisfy one's search for a well-written fantasy. If one loved "The lord of the Rings," "Dragon Rider more »," "Artemis Fowl," "Eragon," or other great books in this genre, one will agree with me that this masterpiece and it's prequel will always be classics. 5 stars all the way. (Although, do not be discouraged by a couple monotonous chapters.) When Scipio Bellorum returns to wage war on the Icemark, Queen Thirri [...]

    25. Blade of fire is 574 pages and is was written by Stuart Hill. The setting of this book took place in a kingdom of Ice Mark and in the Desert kingdom. The story is told in first person and is about a young boy named Charlement. Charlement or Sharley is a young prince of the age of 14 he is son to Oskan the witch father and Thirrin Queen of Ice Mark, at the age of 9 Sharley was hit by polio but luckily his father saved him but it made it so one of his legs is crippled and causes him to have a limp [...]

    26. Only 200 pages in, and I had to make the difficult decision to return "Blade of Fire." I normally try to stick books out until the end, but with this one, I just didn't see it as worth my time. I thought "The Cry of the Icemark" was entertaining, and I looked forward to reading the sequel. I started into the book and was excited to read about Thirrin and Oskan's new adventures. But I felt that the book quickly turned into a repeat of the first book. The Polypontian Empire was going to invade the [...]

    27. I had such lukewarm feelings about the first book that I held off on this many times when I saw it sitting on the library shelf. I just grabbed it the other day and read it. I like it more than the first one--the main character, the son of the hero of the first book, is a sympathetic character. I like how he learns more how to rehab his polio-ravaged leg in a different culture. But the characters are just too stereotypical just like the first book. Lots of noble nobleness, brave bravery, making [...]

    28. After the Cry of Icemark, it is revealed that Queen Thirrin and the warlock Oskan have finally accepted their love to each other and married. This book revolves mainly around their children. As the couple return from war with the Snow Leapords, they are faced with another difficulty. The general is back and he has gained force once again. Icemark is plunged into the perils of bloody battles yet again. They are forced to evacuate, so Thirrin sends her most beloved and youngest Charlemagne away. C [...]

    29. I liked this book slightly better than the first, it had more characters and more variety in places that were described. This makes it a nicer read with some more change between chapters, instead of constantly staying in the north we saw more of the world. It was nice to see Thirrin's kids and to see how things have changed in 20 years. I did think the villains were still a little undeveloped, even Medea, who makes a pretty big decicion not to help her family, barely gets a good motivation for h [...]

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