Funny Frank

Funny Frank Being a duck isn t all it s quacked up to be But don t try telling that to Frank he s a chicken with a dream All he thinks about are webbed feet waterproof feathers and the cool water of the pond So

  • Title: Funny Frank
  • Author: Dick King-Smith John Eastwood
  • ISBN: 9780440418801
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • Being a duck isn t all it s quacked up to be But don t try telling that to Frank he s a chicken with a dream All he thinks about are webbed feet, waterproof feathers, and the cool water of the pond So when Frank takes a dip and nearly drowns, his mood turns foul Luckily, he gets a little human help in the form of a man made wet suit and a pair of flippers and soon he sBeing a duck isn t all it s quacked up to be But don t try telling that to Frank he s a chicken with a dream All he thinks about are webbed feet, waterproof feathers, and the cool water of the pond So when Frank takes a dip and nearly drowns, his mood turns foul Luckily, he gets a little human help in the form of a man made wet suit and a pair of flippers and soon he s the speediest bird in the water And while Frank knows he s ruffled a few feathers, he doesn t care there s just too much for him to crow about Until a certain young chick catches his eye, that is From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. I love this book. My son has autism and I am pretty sure that Frank, the chick, might be on the spectrum as well. My son is reading this book as his chapter book for the week but he also asked that I read it to him aloud as our nightly reading. Frank is a chick, but he doesn't quite fit in. I almost cried in the first chapter when Frank is not playing with the other chicks and then, when his mom calls him over, his reaction is familiar, "Usually little chicks run to their mother when she calls t [...]

    2. Frank, one of a brood of eight chicks hatched on a farm, is rather unusual. Unlike his brothers and sisters who go about doing conventional chicken-like things, Frank spends much of his time at the edge of the duck pond staring at the ducks and ducklings as they swim and splash, letting the beautiful liquid sprinkle and spatter them. Frank wants nothing more than to be able to swim. His bewildered mother, Gertie, expresses her concern over her son’s peculiar behaviour to her friend, Mildred, t [...]

    3. Message of this book = If you are different, prepare to conform or be ostracized.This book is horrible. Frank is a chicken and he is different from other chickens. So what does his mother do? She disowns him. What do all the other chickens do? They gossip about him and shun him.As Frank grows up, he yearns to have a place among the chickens. Does the author give us a tale of understanding and acceptance? No. Instead, Frank gives up what made him happy so he can fit in. Wow. message to put out th [...]

    4. It was a very funny, really fast-paced and really easy children's chapter book. It had really well-written illustrations, really good humor, great characters and a very funny story. I haven't read this book in a very long time. This is one of the best and shortest Dick King-Smith books I've ever read in my whole life. I really recommend this book to kids and adults alike.

    5. This book was atonishing,the way that Frank was teased was heart breaking. The book really spoke to me in a meaningful, touching way. Many parts of the book were suspensful poor little Frank. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to go on a thrilling adventurous ride with a brave duck. Funny Frank feels like a new member of the family <3

    6. This book was AWESOME! I loved this book cause its about a chicken who wants to be a duck. And I thought," Thats not possible." And you want to see if it is possible,read to find out. Oh, and I wanted to give a BIG Thank You to my aunt, who gave me this book. SOOOO THANK YOU TABBY! L<3ve,Morgan

    7. A lovely little book for young children. Dick King-Smith is a great author. This audio book was read by Andrew Sachs, who is a very good narrator.

    8. Funny FrankThis book would be suitable for children between the ages of seven and ten. The story is about a chicken who wants to be a duck. As a result, he is not accepted by his mum, siblings and the other chickens on the farm. Instead, he spends most of his time by the pond wishing he could join in with the other ducklings. Frank makes many attempts to run into the pond, however, he is saved by the farmer’s daughter, Jemima. With the help of Jemima’s mum, dad and uncle, who is a vet, they [...]

    9. Young chick Funny Frank is a chick that’s formed his own personality and characteristics. He doesn’t want to peck all day on land; he’d rather play in the water all day long. He longs to swim and be like all the other ducks in the duck pond but he doesn’t have waterproofed feathers or webbed feet – two things a bird needs to swim. But with the help of his owners, he soon learns how to swim. His mother disapproves of this idea and finds him to be an embarrassment. She soon abandons her [...]

    10. Funny Frank is the story of a young chick that is not like all the others! Frank doesn’t want to peck around in the dust like the rest of the chicks he wants to swim with the ducks. The story tells how Frank overcomes many obstacles to follow his dream of being able to swim.I think this story would be suitable for children aged 6-10. I like this story because of the underlying message that it is ok to be different. It shows how Frank overcomes the hostility of others (including his mother) to [...]

    11. Frank is a chicken. He knows that. He knows that chickens are supposed to run around pecking at the ground. But he just can’t. All he wants to do is swim – like the ducks. Is that too much to ask?But Frank is in for a big surprise the first time he tries to swim. Because, however much he wants to, he can’t! But Jemima, the little girl who rescues him from the water, seems to be sympathetic. Can she find a way for him to swim?Discussion.Funny Frank is funny. Very funny. It cracked me up. It [...]

    12. This is the story: One chick out of a group of chickens is attracted to the water and wants to swim like a duck. He tries, but fails. So the farmer's wife makes him a special suit so he can swim wonderfully. All the chickens, including his own mother, think he is weird.At first he is happy, but when he grows up, he becomes discontent. The answer? The farmer buys a female chicken (not an ordinary brown one, but a speckled one!!!) Frank and the chicken (whom he names "Gorgeous") fall instantly in [...]

    13. This was not one of my favorite Dick King-Smith books. I did not like the writing style as well and the story seemed unbelieveable;however, I think if I gave it a 2nd read that I would find that I would rate it higher. One of the things that I did notice was the author's use of verbs, especially those that deal with ducks and chickens such as: quacking, splashing, flapping, swimming, wading, wagging, preening, floating, pecking, sploshing, squawking etc. Children would learn a little about the h [...]

    14. This is by no stretch Dick King-Smith's best book but it's still an enjoyable tale for seven-ten year olds. Frank is a chicken chick but is desperate to swim with the ducks. To his Mum's horror, the family that own him turn him into a makeshift duck and Frank can swim all he wants. My favourite thing about the book is the ending because it shares a valuable moral about growing up. Plus the idea of a swimming chicken is quite pleasing. It's nothing particularly special but animal-loving children [...]

    15. Frank, a chicken, wants nothing more than to be able to swim like the ducks in the duck pond. He is so determined that he nearly drowns himself several times. So Jemima, the little farm girl, her mother (Carrie) and Uncle Ted (a vet) try to help. First, they devise a waterproof suit for Frank (made out of a hot water bottle) and then webbed feet (made out of rubber gloves.) Frank enjoys his swimming, but as he grows, comes to miss being a rooster.

    16. Funny Frank is a cute story about how one chick’s dreams come true. It is a story that encourages those who have dreams that may seem ridiculous to try and pursue those dreams. It also teaches the moral that even if your dreams come true that the life you had could have been what you really wanted all along.

    17. Funny little book. I am not sure that I like the message of his mother not wanting to be associated with him because he was "an embarrassment" until he saved her life. And I especially disliked the message at the end when Frank has to deny his past to get the girl he likes to like him back. Sad statement.

    18. I might give this story one and a half stars. It is a funny story for younger readers, with a built-in lesson that encourages the reader to follow his dreams while remaining true to himself. It is very Dick King-Smith (in fact, it is the first of his books that I ever read, making it, to me, the quintessential Dick King-Smith tome).

    19. Not my favourite King-Smith offering but still a cute story. I wish I had found this earlier when my children who are such animal lovers were young. They would have really connected to the young lady who took care of Frank and his special needs.

    20. This book is about how a being a duck is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you are the runt on the family. This duck Franck has a dream, but he is not a normal duck he has a problem, that may not be able to fix. Read more to find out.

    21. I loved it! I should have known I would since it's by the same author as Babe. Frank is a little chick that just wants to swim. Who wouldn't love that? Very cute story!


    23. I read this to my kids and it was a really fun book. For a chapter book, it was a pretty quick read. We read it in about an hour. Fun book about a chicken who wants to be a duck.

    24. It is about a Chicken who wants a Duck and the farmers and other people are giving him gear so he can swim.

    25. RL 850. Frank, a chicken, longs to swim with the ducks and becomes an outcast (and oddity) among the farm animals.

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