The Poppet and the Lune

The Poppet and the Lune A lyrical original fairy tale for all ages with a cast of characters you won t soon forget The witch who made the patchwork girl died before she could give her creation a name Stitched together from

  • Title: The Poppet and the Lune
  • Author: Madeline Claire Franklin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A lyrical, original fairy tale for all ages, with a cast of characters you won t soon forget.The witch who made the patchwork girl died before she could give her creation a name Stitched together from the remains of the villagers dead children whose memories still live in her flesh the patchwork girl is a spell as yet unfinished, held together by nothing than a ringA lyrical, original fairy tale for all ages, with a cast of characters you won t soon forget.The witch who made the patchwork girl died before she could give her creation a name Stitched together from the remains of the villagers dead children whose memories still live in her flesh the patchwork girl is a spell as yet unfinished, held together by nothing than a ring made of moonbeams She can never be what her parents want her to be a replacement for the children they ve lost So when the poppet grows up, and grows tired of being a disappointment, she decides to embark upon a journey through the Everwood Forest in search of her real name.In the forest she meets Faolin, a newly made wereman a man trapped as a wolf except during the full moon running from the beasts who made him Wanting nothing than to become human again, and to return to his fianc e, the patchwork girl promises to help him in his quest is he will help in hers Together they face the dangers of the forest, forming an unlikely bond as their paths wind together Faolin running from his destiny, the patchwork girl in search of her own, and both of them bound by moonlight.But Faolin, afraid of the beast he has become, has known all along what he must do in order to lift the curse and return to his fianc e in fact, it is the very reason he sought out the patchwork girl to begin with But now, his cure has become the very reason why he must leave her to protect her from himself.

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    1. What a beautiful tale!This edition comprises books #1-4The Poppet and the Lune (The Poppet and the Lune #1-4)by Madeline Claire Franklin. Audio version Narrated by Elizabeth Basalto."A lyrical, original fairy tale for all ages, with a cast of characters you won't soon forget."I loved this story, which covers all four books in this series.This is a beautiful and clever, nicely paced fairytale with great and lovable characters. The concept is brilliant and the story has a lot of moral thread runni [...]

    2. More people need to hear about, know about and read this book, 'The Poppet and the Lune' by Madeline Claire Franklin. Every bit as good as Neil Gaiman's best works (and I am a huge NG fan).The protagonist is a young Poppet who was created by a powerful witch. She is on a magnificent journey to discovering her unique identity and where she fits in to the world. She also has a wolf for a traveling companion whose motives may or may not be in the best interest of the Poppet. It's a little difficult [...]

    3. The Poppet and the Lune takes fantasy away from the more typical swords and sorcery and into something more magical and philosophical. Aside from the storyline, the author's lyrical and mellifluous writing style makes this book a pleasure to read.This is a story of a girl who is created from the parts of many children, yet who doesn't know just who or what she is. When the children of a small village are killed by a tragic accident, the parents of the children convince the local witch to bring a [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book. The story is very well written, it has excellent pacing, with a good balance between adventure and character development as the Poppet and the Lune discover about themselves. It is written in a fairly simple style, probably aimed at older children but good enough for adults to enjoy as well. The story is fairly linear and not complex, but it does make for an easy and fun read.The characters are excellent with both lead roles being very interesting and it is very easy [...]

    5. what? I know I wrote it. But do you really think I'd publish it if I DIDN'T think it was a five star book? ;D

    6. I sometimes really wish I could blurb for books. I had one all thought up for The Poppet and the Lune. "This is the cutest fairy tail you could imagine about a girl sewn together from the discarded organs of dead children."But, nobody ever asks me for a blurb. (Hmm, I wonder why?)The Poppet and the Lune was really cute though, despite the fact that the main character was an amalgamation of dead children. It's a fairy tale about finding yourself.The poppet is a beautiful character - she's naïve, [...]

    7. I really, really liked this book. All the children of a small village are killed at once; the village's witch takes pity on the parents and creates a new girl child from bits and pieces of all of their children. The poppet is brought to life, but the witch is killed, and the girl -- Elizabeth -- finds out years later that the witch was unable to finish her before she died.The poppet strikes out on her own. In a magical forest, she meets a were-man -- a human man who has been turned into a wolf, [...]

    8. Read this book.Five stars is barely half the number I would give to this work.This is an amazing story and you have to read this if you love, like or have any interest in dark fairy tales, magic, werewolves, magical creatures or stories of discovery, love and perseverance, read this. This book should be a best seller.The story is captivating. The writing is poetic and very keeping with how classic fairy tales are told. I loved the strength of the patchwork girl. My god, why are you not reading [...]

    9. What a stunningly beautiful read. This modern fairytale is as engaging as it is well written, filled with characters whom I missed as soon as I'd finished the novel. I don't remember the last time I was so entranced by an author's writing style, and I dearly hope that this book ends up on the shelves of every fantasy lover out there: one cannot help but be changed (in the sweetest of ways) after reading it.

    10. I went into this book not knowing what to expect, and was blown away! I couldn't put it down! I was enchanted by the characters from the get-go, wanting to know what was going to happen next and who I was going to meet along this fairy tale journey. This is the first I've heard of this author, but you can be sure that she is going on my watch list!

    11. Read this. Regardless of what genre you like, authors, anything, this novel is a beautiful adventure filled with magic, love, grotesque cruelty, selfishness, and discovering what makes people human. Thank you so much for writing mrs. Franklin

    12. I very much enjoyed this sweet tale. I loved the message it sent of self acceptance and self worth. I wish I had read this story as a teen.

    13. Amazing. If you love faery tales this book is a must read. I finished it in one day. Eagerly awaiting this author's next work.Just beautiful and something different.

    14. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big lover of fairy tales. I have three entire shelves dedicated just to fairy tale retellings, and then two more dedicated to collections of fairy tales. When I was contacted by the author for a review and read the summary, I knew I had to read this book. The Poppet and the Lune sounded right up my alley, so I accepted and waited impatiently for my review copy to grace my mail box.The wait was so totally worth it and I am so glad I read this novel. The Poppet an [...]

    15. (From my blog at wordvagabond.wordpress - Reviews of independent and small press publications.)After tragedy strikes a small village, killing all of its children, the villagers strike a deal with their local witch to create a new child, a patchwork of those who died, to replace those they have lost. With great reluctance, the witch complies, and soon produces Elizabeth, the “Poppet” referred to in the title. The witch is killed before the process is completed, leaving Elizabeth with many una [...]

    16. Although the author has since re-released this novel in four separate parts, The Poppet and the Lunereally is one whole novel and I read it as such. This is an old-school kind of fairy tale that does not shy away from the gruesome. I absolutely loved the first section, wherein we meet the "Patchwork Girl" made of magic and moonlight and the salvaged parts of a village's dead children, as she learns about herself as well as the ways of humanity. I enjoyed the second section, too, as the girl and [...]

    17. Warning: Some nonspecific spoilers.This is probably closer to 2.5 stars. I'm more disappointed in it (I think) because it has been on my to-read list since I've been on and my anticipation was greater than it should have been. I liked the story, it really is a good fairytale, but the writing didn't really work for me. There were some particularly forced similes throughout. One that comes to mind is when one of the characters was feeling nervous in addition to starting to fall in love and the si [...]

    18. I found The Poppet and the Lune, by Madeline Claire Franklin, simply enchanting. It tells the story of the patchwork girl, a being born of a witch's magic, and her quest to discover her true name and what she really is. Along the way, she meets Faolin, a wereman, (much like a werewolf, except he turns back into a man during the full moon while remaining a wolf the rest of the time). Faolin becomes her traveling companion and friend. His quest is to discover how to be human again.The patchwork gi [...]

    19. *I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review*The Poppet and the Lune tells the story of Elizabeth, the patchwork girl who wishes to find her own place in the world.The patchwork girl was not born, she was created by a witch on the demands of the grieving villagers who had just lost their own children. The witch died before she could finish or name her creation and so the villagers called her Elizabeth; a name that did not feel was her own. As time passes and the women of villa [...]

    20. A retelling of the patchwork girl fairytale, this book captivated me. From the very first few lines, the atmosphere rolled out under me like a lush carpet, fantastical creatures and places invading the reader’s mind.The setting is perfect a perfect fairytale one, a small village that could really be anywhere, surrounded by dark, terrifying woods full of wolves. It creates a sense of isolation that works wonderfully with the story, immersing us head first in the novel.I loved the main character [...]

    21. The Poppet & The Lune was amazing in many ways. First and foremost the characterization of both Elizabeth and Faolin was brilliant. Especially Elizabeth's because I could always feel her inner turmoil and emotions as though they were my own. Moreover "watching" her emotional growth throughout the story made me care about her even more. Elizabeth wasn't just a pretty magical creature she was a person who made mistakes, who had existential crisis, in short a genuine person. That's not to say I [...]

    22. THE POPPET AND THE LUNE is a beautiful, easy-to-read, wonderous story.Created from the remains of a tragedy that struck a simple village, the patchwork girl is a being of pure magic. When she leaves her home(s), her journey takes us through the Everwood Forest, into the clutches of Father Time, the depths of the castle of the charming Prince Baylis and into the very pits of the kingdom of the Weremen.From the remains of the other children, she eventually discovers herself, and we along with her. [...]

    23. This epic fabrication created by Madeline Franklin took you back to those once upon a time days and inserted a new story about a young patch-work girl's journey to find her identity. With twists and turns, beasts and fairies, this story--albeit a bit long-- will have you listening intently to the end to learn the final piece that makes this patch-work girl whole.I was impressed by Franklin's imagination and creation of new fairytales. It was well written and easy to follow. Elizabeth Basalto nar [...]

    24. I LOVED this book!It reminded me of Clive Barkers Abarat. Elizabeth Basalto did a wonderful job narrating!The Poppet was a girl,sewn together from remnants of a towns dead children.A town witch took pity on the townspeople and gave them a daughter to share.Things happened,the Poppet left in search of her worth and her name.She meets a wolf,who is not always a wolf.Of course there is a villain after them. A great story.I've recommended it to friends.This audiobook was provided to me at no cost fo [...]

    25. It waffles between a 3 and a 4. There are definitely parts of this that I really, really enjoyed, but there were clunky bits that reminded me too much of what I dislike about my own writing (womp womp). Also, it is very heterosexual. And not even in like a 'ONLY STRAIGHT PEOPLE HERE, YEP' way, but in way that says it's unfathomable for there to be anything else. There is only heterosexuality, and there is only a gender binary, and bro I am so tired of that. I really, really am. So yeah. Gird you [...]

    26. The Poppet and the Lune is a sweetly-dark fairy-tale style of storytelling. It follows a girl who was created from the parts of dead children in a village accident. As she grows with the village, she starts to feel out of place, not sure what her purpose is, nor what her true name is supposed to be. She ventures out and becomes a companion with a wolf who changes into a man on the full moon. It was a sweet story, full of moonlight and fantasy. Fun read for those who like fairy tale retellings bu [...]

    27. This is without a doubt one of the greatest books I have ever read. I loved it from beginning to end. It was a beautiful, magical story with great moral lessons and just all around amazingness. (Is that not a word? I don't even care.)If I had my way, this story would become the next big animated fairy-tale hit of the century. I can't get over how great it is!!! Recommending to everyone for the rest of my life.

    28. I won this book in a Giveaway. It is described as a fairy tale but don't let that put you off. I really enjoyed this book once I settled in, as if I grabbed a seat by the fire to listen to the storyteller weave this tale. The story really grabbed me after the 20 pages or so. There are a few grammatical/typo errors, but I didn't let those bother me. All in all, it was a well written piece.

    29. 4.5This felt like what the night garden was trying to do, but this time, it actually works.There are many different parts of this story that could work as their own little story, but the author manages to tie them together successfully. The story has good pacing and a whimsy about it that usually would turn me away but in this case was done in a way that drew me in. My only complaint is that the first section lagged a bit.

    30. This book is reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm fairytales, and the author has included a unique portrayal of the traditional myths and lore associated with such tales. I found the characters and setting of this story were both rich and unforgetable, and I became totally invested in the characters. I actually read this book really quickly and it is definitly a recommendable read, I have already passed it on to my sister!

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