Mr. Harrison's Confessions

Mr Harrison s Confessions This charming and witty prequel to Cranford is a neglected Gaskell classic with all the period detail distinctively drawn characters and a well knitted plot associated with her worksEnjoying the com

  • Title: Mr. Harrison's Confessions
  • Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
  • ISBN: 9781419135545
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • This charming and witty prequel to Cranford is a neglected Gaskell classic with all the period detail, distinctively drawn characters, and a well knitted plot associated with her worksEnjoying the comforts of his well kept home, country doctor William Harrison is prevailed upon by his longtime friend Charles, a bachelor, to dispense some advice on the wooing and winning This charming and witty prequel to Cranford is a neglected Gaskell classic with all the period detail, distinctively drawn characters, and a well knitted plot associated with her worksEnjoying the comforts of his well kept home, country doctor William Harrison is prevailed upon by his longtime friend Charles, a bachelor, to dispense some advice on the wooing and winning of women s affections So begins the fascinating and varied recollections of one of Gaskell s best loved characters Lured to rural Duncombe by the promise of a partnership in a country practice, William finds himself trapped in claustrophobic provincial life where society is apparently presided over by the scheming of a set of under occupied middle aged women Their supposed matchmaking prowess in fact leaves much to be desired so much so, indeed, that before long the hapless young physician finds himself betrothed to three women none of whom is the beautiful Sophy, the woman he truly desires Chaotic, hilarious, and poignant, this comedy of manners and of errors will resonate with Gaskell aficionados and newcomers alike.

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    1. A charming little story about mistaken engagements and village gossip. A beautiful introduction to Elizabeth Gaskell's rural life.

    2. From BBC Radio 4 Extra:A young surgeon arriving at the village of Duncombe discovers that his female patients seem to require a singular remedy.Starring Marston Bloom as Frank Harrison, Geoffrey Whitehead as Mr Morgan, Alison Pettitt as Sophy Hutton, Sophie Thompson as Mrs Rose and Rebecca Front as Caroline Tompkinson.Elizabeth Gaskell's 1851 novella - dramatised by Jeremy Front - is notable for being a prequel to her novel Cranford.Director: Sally AvensFirst broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1998c/pr [...]

    3. A book recommended in the book "The Gentle Art of Domesticity".Funny in its situations and facinating because it was written in the 1800's. I plan on reading many more of Elizabeth Gaskell's books!

    4. Mr Harrison is a young doctor, and as the novella opens he is settling down to tell his old friend Charles, newly arrived home from Ceylon, the story of his “winning and wooing” the story of how he met and eventually married the woman who is upstairs putting the baby to bed. This is merely the framing of William Harrison’s own story, the story of how he arrived in the small country town of Duncombe to work alongside Mr Morgan his father’s cousin, in his rural practice. Mr Morgan is a wel [...]

    5. This book is so sweet and full of adorable misunderstandings. Just as lovely and fun and quaint as 'Cranford'

    6. I'm pretty sure that this should officially count as a novella--but dang itI read it.After Cranford, I kept longing to return to that world. I read that this was considered essentially the prequel to Cranford so I got it (along with "Lady Ludlow") for the steep price of $.99 on BN. (This being able to buy books instantly while wearing PJs is wreaking havoc on my budget.)This book, although fine and good and entertaining, is no Cranford. It tells the story of a young physician (Mr. Harrison) and [...]

    7. Mr. Harrison's Confessions is part of the Cranford novellas, which is a collection of works by Elizabeth Gaskell that was used to create the world of Cranford for the BBC miniseries a few years back. If you're a fan of the miniseries (as I am), you'll recognize a lot of the pieces in this book. A good portion of the town of Cranford as seen in the miniseries is lifted directly from this book, and it's a very charming place, full of well-meaning but gossipy women and a new, young doctor (Mr. Harr [...]

    8. This was a bit in the vein of Cranford, although not so cute and sometimes tedious and sentimental (the little boy's death). I sort of spied the traces of Margaret Hale (the Sue from North and South) in Sophy and wanted her to disappear, but of course no, she had to get her little Victorian heaven. Omg and I thought that Mrs. Gaskell wouldn't take the easy road and do some twist on me and have Mr. Harrison marry the Bullock girl. Alas.

    9. I didn't know until a little way into this book, that it, My Lady Ludlow, and Cranford were all used in the making of the BBC TV series Cranford (which is wonderful). So that explains a few things. Whatever, this was a cozy little book. A few mix-ups and misunderstandings and then domestic bliss is achieved once more. Perhaps not the book for fans of Cormac McCarthy.

    10. I loved it! The intrigue, romance and just the daily life of the village fascinate me. If you liked the BBC series Cranford, then definitely read this.

    11. The writing style is in keeping with traditional novels of the time, which I enjoyed for the most part. The actual story was not to my liking though; too many women with nothing better to do than gossip, the men don’t seem much better either. I haven’t been persuaded to read Cranford, though I am interested in Miss Bullock’s story

    12. Wonderful comedy of manners. Young doctor finds that three women in the country village he serves believe they are engaged to him. Oh the misadventures of the young. This is a prequel to "Cranford" and this story was actually interpolated into the mini-series with Judi Dench. This is short, but sweet.

    13. Very amusing story of young doctor Hamilton's entrapment in the rumor mill of a small town whose matrons use every scheme they can think of to get their daughters suitable husbands, couching it all in pseudo-etiquette. Written over a century and a half ago, I enjoyed listening to this as a free download from LibriVox.

    14. Miss Mary Smith often visits Cranford. While she provides an outside view of the goings on of this town of "s," she views herself as a true Cranfordian. She usually stays with Deborah and Matty Jenkyns, and later, after Deborah's death, with just Miss Matty. Yet she has been known to stay with the gossipy and often inadvertently hilarious Miss Pole, in particular during the misunderstanding of what a cage is to some, a piece of undergarments, to Miss Pole, erroneously a parrot cage. Everything [...]

    15. This contains some particularly frustrating episodes that watchers of the BBC mini-series Cranford will easily recognize. Good, but I like Miss Smith as a narrator better than Mr. Harrison.

    16. By virtue of its being co-opted, along with My Lady Ludlow, into the fantastic BBC adaption of Cranford Mr. Harrison's Confessions is considered a prequel, but is in fact set in Duncombe. There are some related character-names, but I'm not convinced that that was more than coincidence. Mr. Harrison is a handsome, and so very eligible, young doctor who has started a promising practice in Duncombe under the supervision of Mr. Morgan, the established doctor. All is going well until he finds himself [...]

    17. Mr. Harrison's Confessions ist eine Kurzgeschichte oder Novella, die man als Prequel zu Cranford ansehen könnte. Die Geschichte wurde auch in der BBC Fernsehserie Cranford mit verarbeitet.Mr. Harrison ist Arzt und gerade fertig mit der Uni, als er seinen ersten Job als Landarzt in Duncombe antritt. Duncobe hat das gleiche „Problem“ wie Cranford: die meisten respektablen Einwohner sind alte Jungfern und Witwen. So ein junger, fescher, gutaussehender Doktor ist Freiwild für die Damen.Als ein [...]

    18. Au départ, il faut rappeler la série Cranford, réalisée pour la BBC et adaptée de trois ouvrages de Mrs Gaskell, dont celui-ci. Les Confessions de Mr Harrison nous racontent, en seulement 140 pages, l'arrivée du jeune docteur à Duncombe, la ville jumelle de Cranford, où vivent majoritairement des veuves et des vieilles filles. Son statut de célibataire lui confère bien des égards, imaginez donc, c'est la course avec les coups de coude, les ronds de jambe empruntés, les bouches pincé [...]

    19. Mlle Alice, pouvez-vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec Les Confessions de Mr Harrison? "North and South a été l'un de mes énormes coups de coeur de l'année dernière! Un livre qu'on ne peut pas oublier et un auteur que l'on a forcément envie de découvrir plus. Malheureusement, difficile de trouver ses livres en français jusqu'à présent mais ceci est désormais réparé grâce à la publication cet automne chez Points de Cranford et des Confessions de Mr Harrison."Dites-nous en un pe [...]

    20. Livre assez court, qui permet de ne pas trop pousser en longueur.J'ai bien aimé l'histoire et les réflexions du personnage principal, même si il n'y a que peu de suspense !

    21. My copy is actually not this edition but The Cranford Chronicles, a collection which includes Mr. Harrison's Confessions, Cranford, and My Lady Ludlow. I prefer to list them individually as I read them. Have previously read Cranford more than once but became aware of my Lady Ludlow and Mr. Harrison's Confessions after watching the BBC production of The Cranford Chronicles.I finished Mr. Harrison's Confessions this morning. What a lovely story! It opens with Mr. Harrison and an old friend sitting [...]

    22. This is a charming little novel by Elizabeth Gaskell and is one of three books that form the plot for BBC's 2007 miniseries "Cranford." The writing style is easy to read and I found myself laughing out loud many times.Mr. Harrison is the protagonist of this story, a young doctor new to the town of Duncombe. As he gets to know the residents he finds himself drawn to sweet-spirited Sophy Hutton, and dedicates himself to establishing his practice so that he may win Sophy's hand. Sometimes through m [...]

    23. Elizabeth Gaskell worked with Charles Dickens, and she shares some similarities with him when it comes to her writing. She creates entertaining characters, and has a good deal of fun with them. Mr. Harrison is a doctor who discovers that local gossip has him engaged to three different women - none of them the one girl he actually wishes to marry. His reputation, career and love life appear to be in shreds, and it seems that there's nothing he can do about any of them. It's a very modest story, b [...]

    24. Overall fun and humorous (though a few serious things happened). I liked Mr. Harrison very much, but I wish we could have heard more from Sophy. But I loved her anyway! It was shorter than I expected, and I wish the ending were a bit stronger, but I really did love the story anyway. The miniseries Cranford did such a wonderful job of dramatizing this story and tying it in with Cranford and My Lady Ludlow.

    25. I wanted to read this novella after watching the wonderful 'Cranford Chronicles' TV series, which wove together three different books by Gaskell. I'd already read 'Cranford' and 'Lady Ludlow', but today managed to get hold of and read this one. I liked it very much - it's a bit lighter and more comic than the version of this story in the TV film, and a very quick read. (I actually read it in the 'Cranford Chronicles' Vintage edition which also includes the other two books.)

    26. Un delizioso libretto della grande Gaskell, che assume stavolta il punto di vista e i pensieri di un uomo, un dottore alle prime esperienze. Le sue 'gaffes' e le sue ingenuità, frutto della irrimediabile semplicità della sua mente maschile, sono colte con un sorriso dalle lettrici-donne, più smaliziate e attente: ed è proprio in questo gioco ironico che la scrittrice rivela la sua grande maestria.

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