One thought on “The Travels and Adventures of Benjamin the Third”

  1. Autore: bielorusso (1833-1917). Romanzo.Sholem Yankev Abramowitsch era il vero nome dello scrittore e Mendele Moicher Sfurim lo pseudonimo.Mendele Moicher Sfurim significa Mendele il venditore di libri, in omaggio ad una figura tipica del mondo ebraico cioè l’uomo che girava per i vari shtetl (non ne conosco il plurale) vendendo libri.Ancora una volta mi rendo conto di com’è piccolo il mondo della letteratura. Riferimenti, richiami, radici comuni. Una magica ragnatela.Forse più comune nel [...]

  2. The sages of Glupsk, known for their ingenuity in making mountains out of molehills, chasing wild geese and locating mares' nests, have, by drawing sundry inferences, by reading between the lines, shown that the legend is not without a considerable amount of truth.Discovered this at a sale this afternoon, a Don Quixote of the shtetl. Apparently the author grew bored and abandoned it, though he did translate it from Hebrew to Yiddish.Several laugh out loud moments, mostly of the bumpkins being to [...]

  3. First Sentence:"All my days until my great journey, that is- I have lived in Tuneyadevka."Sholom Aleichem, my favorite Yiddish writer called Mendele Mocher Seforim his grandfather, and therefore the grandfather of yiddish literature.The name means "book seller". This book is about Benjamin (the Jewish Don Quixote) and Senderel (his Sancho Panza) as they leave Tuneyadevka to follew the path of Alexander of Macedon and discover the Red Jews (the ten lost tribes) in the Turkish Empire. They abandon [...]

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