The Highwayman

The Highwayman Long ago in a distant land a lonely young man struggles to discover who he is and where he belongs He carries the blood and magic of two people a sword of unimaginable power and the staggering pot

  • Title: The Highwayman
  • Author: R.A. Salvatore
  • ISBN: 9781593152147
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Long ago, in a distant land, a lonely young man struggles to discover who he is and where he belongs He carries the blood and magic of two people, a sword of unimaginable power, and the staggering potential for great good, or greater evil.

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    1. When Salvatore was pitching this book idea, I imagine his brainstorm chart began with the following question: what would happen if I took a dash of Robin Hood, a pinch of the Lone Ranger and more than a couple of helpings of Zorro, and threw it all in a blender with all the classic fantasy cliches?To be fair, in the end, all of this wasn't really all that bad of a mix. Yeah, I'll admit that the whole premise behind the Bransen character might seem a bit overcooked and juvenile--even for a fantas [...]

    2. The Highwayman has been one of my favorite books since 7th grade and every once in a while I have an urge to go back and read it. I've read it four times fully since and I still love it now as I did then. Its a fun, quick fantasy adventure about a young crippled boy Bransen Garibond, barely able to walk or speak, who has been bullied all his life. But through the powers of his mother and father's religions he is able to control his chi enough to walk, run, talk, everything any normal person can [...]

    3. One of the best fantasy books I've read in a while. I actually started reading this series with the second book, The Ancient, and was interested enough in the main character, Bransen Garibond, aka The Highwayman, that I went back and bought this book. This book is dedicated solely to describing Bransen, starting with his parents' meeting and marriage, through his becoming the dashing Robin Hood-like Highwayman. It establishes the character that is then featured in next three books, The Ancient, [...]

    4. If you take Zorro & Robin Hood put them in a classic fantasy setting - mix it all together and serve over ice then you get the cocktail that Salvatore calls The Highwayman.If you add in all the things that Salvatore does great, characters and fight scenes then you've got a nice serving of good times.I really like this book. Take it for what it is - an adventure book where the good guys take on the bad guys and of course there's a beautiful young maiden to be rescued as well.Good stuff.

    5. The story of The Highwayman was a brilliant read. It was hard to put the book down. Salvatore accomplished another wonderful story about the land of Corona.It started out with Bran, an Abellican monk, going as a missionary to the land of Behr where he fell in-love with Sen Wi, a Jhesta Tu mystic. Bran being from Honce had light skin, while Sen Wi from Behr was dark. They realized how their religions worked together to be one amazing and true religion. Bran saw how wonderful the teachings of Jhes [...]

    6. THE HIGHWAYMAN - R.A. Salvatore (First King #1) | Fantasia Medieval de um Super-Herói! | Tor Fantasy, 2007, 420pgs.De volta a literatura de fantasia, e anos depois de ler a fantástica saga DEMON WARS do R.A. Salvatore, retorno ao mundo de Corona com a Saga of the First King, a trilogia de romances que contam a história do primeiro rei de Honce. E Salvatore é sempre diversão na certa!SINOPSERA Salvatore leva seus leitores de volta a Corona, o mundo de sua criação, introduzindo um novo her [...]

    7. 8/10The Highwayman is another entertaning book from Salvatore and this time he takes at very beginning of the world of Corona, long before the creation of its first great kingdom.The story focuses mostly around a very special hero, Bransen, where fate hasn't been kind on him, and his family, as it has trapped him in a place where he can not escape: his own body. However, this will not prevent Bransen from finding his own path, in the search of not only hope, friendship and love but also revenge, [...]

    8. Liked this book very much need to read the next.One complaint, and a small one, was that I spent the whole book going "okay, I know what's coming next, just get on with it", still very enjoyable but drove me nuts I mean there's a difference between "foreshadowing" and "giving the game away early" or better yet "making me thing one things going to happen and then having it happen in a way or context that is entirely unexpected" none of that in this book.That said, action, adventure, an excellent [...]

    9. This was like a super hero origin tale set in a fantasy world of orcs and magic. The Highwayman is an intriguing character, a disabled man who becomes something almost superhuman when he comes in contact with a precious stone. I picked the book up because I already had nabbed The Ancient (the second in the saga) off the bargain shelf at Borders. So naturally I had to make sure I had the first one read.Salvatore is a great world-builder. Here he excels in the creation of the three religions preva [...]

    10. Reread because there's four in the series and I've never read the last two. Mike pointed this out the other day, and in my frustration on waiting for new books to come in, I picked these back up. Now, all my new books are in, but I gotta finish this series so I don't forget all the damn characters.That says something, right there; that Mike warned too long a wait means forgetting who some of the people are and what they really did before.This one's a twist on Robin Hood, in culmination. I enjoy [...]

    11. The Highwayman is by far R.A. Salvatore's best work. Drizzt annoyed me to death as the worst Gary Stu I've seen in print. Bransen, however, is beautifully sympathetic in his heroism despite his weaknesses. He spends most of the book struggling with actual physical disabilities before he finds the means to overcome them (even then, the magic solution has limits). Very well worth the read. (Unfortunately, the "sequels" die; Bransen feels almost like an incidental character, and the quality of writ [...]

    12. This was a re-read for meor rather a "listen" as opposed to a "read". I wanted a guinea pig book to try for my first Graphic Audio book. And since I had read this first book in the series many years ago but never picked up the rest of them, I believed it would be a good option in case I didn't enjoy the experience.But quite the contrary! The large cast of voice actors and sound effects really made this an absorbing experience. Mark me down for more of these! It sure does make my long work commut [...]

    13. There's more to Corona?! Why, why did I not know about this?! It's awesome, and if you've been putting it off you need to read it. There are so many life lessons, and morals that The Stork teaches.

    14. R A Salvatore does it again in this first of a different series to Demon Wars or Drizzt.Without giving away spoilers, this series is a departure from Salvatore's others but contains some exceptional writing and some very memorable characters - including our main hero, who is heroic for more than his fighting prowess or self-sacrifice but because of dealing with some 'disabilities'.A different take on the fantasy genre, R A Salvatore takes us down a road travelled less often - and the journey is [...]

    15. Although I loved the Legend of Drizzt series, this book is my favorite from Salvatore. I love the idea of young cripple pushing past his weaknesses to stand back up on his feet, find not only personal redemption, and help those less fortunate. I also like how he goes through and identity crisis, who wouldn't?, and then re-finds himself in the end to save the day. Warning! if you read this book throught the final book in the series it is very heart wrenching. LOVED it!!!

    16. Surprised that I enjoyed this Carona book so much. I mistakenly thought this was related to the Crimson Shadow series. Very unlike the forgotten realms books that we all know and love, but very Salvatoreish. Great character development is embedded in a rich plot. A low scale good vs evil book that makes the reader smile. No spoilers here, but a good book all the same. Yes, I plan the read the entire series now!

    17. This was a typical traditional fantasy- alternate history, with a new religion trying to supplant an old one, sending missionaries to the "beasts" to convert them. Unfortunately, one missionary gets converted instead and tries to go back and spread the good word among his former monks. You can guess how well that worked out. The rest sort of seems like a Robin Hood tale. Anyway, I was not impressed and won't be reading any more Salvatore.

    18. Yet another disappointing book from Salvatore. I heard the main character described as a combination of Zoro and Robin Hood, unfortunately that's all he was. I enjoyed the initial section of the book, and the contrast between the paganish ways and the new church of Honce was interesting. Overall, not a very gripping story, and foregetable characters.

    19. I enjoyed this book; it was a nice and easy read. This is the first book in a four books series, I've read the second book in the series already and wanted to continue to explore. Onward to The Dame the third book in the series, I may look into reading the Demon War Saga later since they're based in the same world.

    20. I like the action and the magical parts of it, but there were a few sexual references that I found a little disturbing. The story of a boy with an awful defect using magical stones to walk, talk, and fight with much strength to find out about his parents and all the other lies he lived in.

    21. Read the dead tree version. The plot was kind of dumb and predictable, but the book was still entertaining thanks to Salvatore's expertise in writing pulp fantasy action. Still, it wasn't one of his better novels and I doubt I'll read the next in the series.

    22. this book begins at a slow pace but it gradually draws you in so that you cannot turn away. i would deffinently recommend this book to anyone that likes a good book

    23. Bransen Garibond is the best character, the best hero R.A. Salvatore has written, and he created Drizzt Do-Urden.

    24. Zorro of Corona!I generally enjoy R.A. Salvatore’s books. As an author, Salvatore consistently delivers quality stories that are fun reads with engaging plots. More importantly, his characters are always well-developed and the hero (or heroine) is usually someone you can’t help but root for as they pick their way through Salvatore’s rich, fantasy worlds. And, while this is my first visit to Corona, Salvatore hits pretty much all his signature notes with The Highwayman, which ends up being [...]

    25. Rating: about 3.7 Picked this book up several months ago, having seen the author make quite a splash. After reading a few pages, I cast it aside in disgust. However, something inspired me to give it another chance - I finished it and am now about halfway through book #2 in this series. I am tempted at times to throw #2 aside, but for now continue reading. Not sure what it is that has me so unsettled in my response to these books. They are swash-buckling, rip-roaring adventure stories, with a dec [...]

    26. The Highwayman takes the reader back to the familiar surroundings of The Demon Wars trilogy. There is no requirement for the reader to have read any previous works, since this is a prequel. Salvatore's world of Corona is a land where religious factions are vying for followers and the common people are mercilessly used as fodder in war and city construction. The Highwayman is the spawn of the evil actions of men, and this novel is the history of his creation, chronicling his parents lives and his [...]

    27. Such a great great book. It reads like a swashbuckling adventure story from Edgar Rice Burroughs (specifically, the Mad King or The Rider), but it's got no small amount of modern superhero vigilante, too. In addition to being an exciting adventure tale, it's an emotional roller coaster, and the ending is maddening. This is a great book. You need to read it. From a tabletop gamer nerd's perspective, the fantasy in this book is the stuff of a Core Rulebook (incidentally, there is an RPG set in Cor [...]

    28. Asides overuse of names being repeated, Salvatore has my attention drawn yet again to an interesting character. The plot is a bit predictable, but not in a way that threw my interest off. He leaves me curious for the next adventure of the Highwayman.Despite the flaws, I'm giving five stars for yet another interesting read!

    29. Whew. Let's see if I can count all the recycled ideas: Superman's Dead Sacrificial Parents, Spider-Man's Problems with Women, Captain America's Scrawny Turned Meaty, Robin Hood's General Outlook, Dread Pirate Roberts's Getup. I'm sure I'm missing some.I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't call it good or groundbreaking. Took awhile to get into interesting stuff, which _mostly_ paid off.

    30. This book let a lot to be desired. For one, I couldn't follow the fight scenes. They should have been awesome and intense, but I they made no sense and just had flowery writing. I had to wait for the narration to explain what happened and that took all the dramatics out. Still a likable story and characters, but I've read better.

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