Sin A revenger s tragedy of lust cruelty and betrayal I believe now that I was exposed too early to goodness and that I never recovered says Ruth a beautiful woman possessed by a terrible envy From sma

  • Title: Sin
  • Author: Josephine Hart
  • ISBN: 9780099592211
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • A revenger s tragedy of lust, cruelty and betrayal I believe now that I was exposed too early to goodness and that I never recovered, says Ruth, a beautiful woman possessed by a terrible envy From small acts of malevolence, she is drawn into a maelstrom of destruction, where innocence and goodness are no defence.

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    1. ‘Sin.’ An unfortunate title for a novel, don’t you think? It brings to mind sad little paperback romance novels or soft porn fictions marketed to women looking for a little titillation (not that I would know anything about that). Josephine Hart’s ‘Sin’ is not pornographic nor is it romantic; it is ruthless. It’s about all of the horrible things that we do to each other out of envy or boredom or desire. “Nothing prepared me for my hungers, which, if not assuaged, would surely devo [...]

    2. Uno dei libri più sciatti, pretenziosi e inutili che abbia mai letto.Probabilmente pubblicato sulla scia del successo di "Il danno", ne riprende in modo addirittura patetico gli spunti più tragici amplificandone i difetti, con esiti artificiosi e sgradevoli.La prosa, più che scarna ed essenziale, è banalmente emaciata.Ha un pregio: è breve e finisce presto.

    3. Josephine Hart's "Sin" was the most inconsistent and frustrating book I've read in a long time. Brilliantly spare and concise, Hart's prose was (at times) surprisingly good. She drops these perfect little phrases throughout the text but she won't let them lie! For lack of a better term, she doesn't "leave the power with the punch." I found myself wanting to smack her and yell "WHY?! Why did you keep going? Leave it alone. If was perfect the way it was." The text becomes an aggravating pattern of [...]

    4. I decided to re-read one of my favourite novels, Josephine Hart’s “Sin”. It is an astonishing achievement and is one of the many novels that I really wish I had written. It is short enough to be devoured in a single sitting but like a wonderful meal leaves you hungry for more.Hart’s writing is a revelation with her short sentences and tautly controlled plot. The story is magnetic and ruthless and will hold you in its thrall until its tragic conclusion.In Ruth Garton and Charles Harding s [...]

    5. This author is just not for me. After being disappointed with Damage I thought I'd give her a second chance. If you see my review of the first book, you might wonder how similar this review is to my review for Damage. That's because Sin just seems to be a repackaging of that first novel, with a few gender changes and plot re-arrangements. Stories of deep, dark emotion, without the depth required for satisfying character development. Adulterous affairs that lack passion, sex without intimacy, and [...]

    6. I must say I'm glad I didn't have to read any of this in public. With SIN printed across the front, a plain black background and a rather yonic illustration of a calla lily, there is no way anyone (these days) would have expected it to be anything other than erotica. It isn't, though. This novel is actually the story of Ruth, obsessed by lifelong jealousy of the woman raised as her sister (adopted - actually her orphaned cousin). Like the narrator herself, Sin is terse, cold and never quite give [...]

    7. A whirlwind read. I picked this up at 10am and in between a little work, I finished this by 4pm. The tone is captivating and makes you 'feel' the book more than anything else.There is no great narrative to this story. Honestly, there is almost no story at all. Instead it's a easy shell for the exploration of a woman who was born, as she believed, in second place. At first I wanted to dismissed it as a fairly shallow (although haunting) study of a trouble woman, but that shallowness, may in fact [...]

    8. A bit of a sophomore slump for Josephine Hart, I think. I've read and enjoyed all of her other twisted little novels: Damage, The Reconstructionist, Oblivion, The Stillest Day. Sin just isn't quite up to par, somehow. Maybe there's a bit too much going on; I think the other books limit the perversions and passions on which they focus, to greater effect. It's the story of two sisters, one light, one dark. One good, one bad. The good little blonde girl is actually not a true sister at all. She's a [...]

    9. Let me just begin by saying that Josephine Hart is phenomenal at minimalist writing. It's a quick read, a short novel, with a sparse amount of words, but boy, do those words pack a punch. Her words have enormous power and Ruth is an unforgettable protagonist. In reading this novel, the reader becomes Ruth--a shadowy, peripheral figure who is never completely whole as long as she is gripped in her obsession with Elizabeth. This novel held me from the first sentence and I have never been able to f [...]

    10. Josephine Hart, like Pat Barker, writes about dark emotions and drives that shape the lives of not only her protagonists (if one can find a true protagonist in her novels) but their families. I am in awe of her talent. Minimalist prose (she makes Hemingway look like Dickens) is the perfect frame for these explorations of the darkest of all emotions and of human frailty---and cruelty. You cringe as the plot develops yet you can't look away. This book and her other novel, Damage are two of my favo [...]

    11. Really mean book, poetically written. Liked it a lot, even though the title in English it's terrible (read it in Spanish). "Sin" just doesn't go with the spirit of it. Ruth couldn't care less about sins.

    12. Hart creates some of the most depraved, evil characters & yet you are completely invested in their journeys. Obsessed.

    13. This might be my lowest rating on a book yet. I have no idea if this book originally started out in English. Maybe it was the translations? I'm not sure. The words mostly made sense. Maybe it was just the writing and the style? I couldn't really get into it. It was an interesting read, I'll give it that much. Basically, it was a girl who had an older sister by adoption. Her parents seemed to love the older, adopted sister more than her, giving her more attention. For that, she decided to steal e [...]

    14. This despite the title is not sexual filth. It is however a bit disturbing. It sickens me knowing that this horrific little fast paced read is very very truthful about what jealousy can do to a heart that was raised in love and sweet life. Until, the object of envy enters their life. I found it a bit tough to follow so consistently , but it is very real in it's representation of jealousy. Ruth and her adopted sister Elizabeth thank you for not being in my family.

    15. I feel that the the story had real potential that it didn’t live up to. The author was too abstract for my taste.

    16. Sin tells the story of one sister's jealousy over another and her attempts to bring her sister down. Ruth was pretty straightforward in her loathing and her actions, Elizabeth was quite distant and in her own way not much more likeable.I like the way Hart writes, the story flowed easily and was enjoyable to read. The ending felt a little forced, like it was needed to wrap up the story and bring closure to the events, rather than being what felt like a believable turn of events.

    17. I've read this book twice, 4 years apart - it's no less shocking on the second read. I find it very hard to review because, to me, it falls outside the usual expectations for "novel." Although a short book, it contains so much psychopathology that you are almost literally on the edge of your seat trying to flip pages fast enough to see what's going to happen next.Even though the plot is driven forward at a fast pace, it is really the character study that is compelling. It's what I imagine to be [...]

    18. This is the second book I've read by this author. She has a very different style. It's almost dry, yet not boring at all. Her stories do not have happy endings, which I think is awesome, yet they are love stories just the same. This book gives a glimpse into the truly disturbed mind of a young woman. The resentment she feels towards her "adopted" sister is profound and has been growing within her since she was a child. She will stop at nothing in her efforts to destroy her sister. Her thinking i [...]

    19. Számomra nagyon mély lélektani hatást gyakorolt ez a könyv. nem igazán találkoztam még ennyire mély s elvakult gyűlölettel, főleg nyomósabb ok nélkül. Ennek ellenére nagyon tetszett Ruth karaktere a végeérhetetlen gyűlöletével együtt. Elizabeth nem tett rám nagy benyomást, ő maga volt az ártatlanság.Az első férjével nem volt gondom,de a második nagyon gyenge jellemnek tűnt. A fiúkat is kedveltem,bár szinte alig szerepeltek. Ami nagy kár. Nyers s tömör, olvast [...]

    20. Wow, this was a thought provoking novel. What happens when an angry, malicious child grows into an even more vindictive, manipulating adult? The story is told by the woman who because of jealousy and rage that starts when her cousin is orphaned and comes to live with her family. Her parents adoption of her as their own appears to be the catalyst. She views this as betrayal and seeks to avenge herself by ruining the cousin's life. There is a point well into the novel when it seems that there is f [...]

    21. Two women raised as sisters, but the true born one, Ruth, is obsessed and consumed with jealousy for the older of the two girls, Elizabeth, a cousin who was orphaned and taken in by her mother's sister. Elizabeth is well loved, sweet, kind, and always seems to come out on top. Ruth wants everything her "sister" has, and makes sure she gets it or takes it, she wants Elizabeth to suffer. She spends most of her life in this pursuit, seemingly unbeknownst to Elizabeth and in the end it nearly destro [...]

    22. Josephine Hart's Sin reminds me of the story of Jacob and Esau. Ruth's assessment of her adopted sister Elizabeth is that of an ideal child, even a favored child. Ruth is so obsessed with her envy of Elizabeth that she doesn't seem to live a life of her own. Throughout the story I wonder if she will ever be free.Literary fiction has a much different "flavor" than traditional fiction. Does all literary fiction require thinking and inference?This is a fast-paced read, a good one for those who like [...]

    23. This is my comfort book. I take it every time I travel. I can't tell you how many times I re-read this book. For such a quick read ( the time it takes to travel from NYC-London) it evokes so many different emotions. I come away with a different point of view every time. All of Ms. Harts have that same engaging way. This is by far my favorite. If you enjoyed the movie Match Point, you'll love this book.

    24. It was a ok book,like a one time read for me. I really like books that have a little more thrill in them this was ok. I liked how the chapters were layed out. ok u know what I didn't like it !!!!Best line in the whole book " no one else see the particular way man and woman become one. Man thrusting blindly upwards, through the same passage that once he blindly travelled down into the world. Believing that he brings pleasure where once there had been pain. But still it leads to defeat."

    25. I bought this book because I rather liked Damage (see my review of that) although I didn't enjoy this one as much. Maybe I expected something more deep and dark because of the title. Like Damage the prose is pity yet concnetrated, and also perhaps because of that, once again the life-changing event is understated.I think that's enough Josephine Hart for me.

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