The Pride of Jared MacKade

The Pride of Jared MacKade He was a man who stood for something and never turned his back on a fight So when Jared MacKade s work as an attorney brought him up against Savannah Morningstar her rude behavior and strong defense

  • Title: The Pride of Jared MacKade
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781459213241
  • Page: 472
  • Format: ebook
  • He was a man who stood for something, and never turned his back on a fight So when Jared MacKade s work as an attorney brought him up against Savannah Morningstar, her rude behavior and strong defenses weren t going to stop him.Savannah was the type of woman who defeated odds brutally stacked against her And once he got to know her, Jared was determined to be the man toHe was a man who stood for something, and never turned his back on a fight So when Jared MacKade s work as an attorney brought him up against Savannah Morningstar, her rude behavior and strong defenses weren t going to stop him.Savannah was the type of woman who defeated odds brutally stacked against her And once he got to know her, Jared was determined to be the man to stand beside her in the fight.

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    1. Ok, so this book wasn't as good as the first one, but I liked it anyway. Everytime I read Savannah's family name (which is Morningstar) I was thinking about the TV series "Lucifer". Because the main character's name in the TV series is Lucifer Morningstar. Anyway, this is only a funny detail. This is the second book in the series and it's about the oldest brother in the MacKade family. Jared is a lawyer, who was married once before and has some issues regarding the idea of getting married again. [...]

    2. This is what we want in a heroine, a woman who stands up to the alpha man and meets him temper to temper. What she did to his clothes in the end was classic! 🤣 I sometimes read this love stories and want to shout at the women to grow a backbone. With this book every time I thought, "If this was me I'd" Savanah went one step farther. Yep, a girl after my own heart.

    3. What a way to be surprised!I just felt in love with this brothers way too hard, I can't seem to get enough! I haven't been this gleefully and emotional about a series in this genre for way too long. It's not that it is one of those reads that will take your breath away because it's too emotive to bare, it's just a short and realistic type of read. I adore the books in this series because they are fun, fast paced and the romance is AMAZING. I never liked Nora Roberts till I started this series, n [...]

    4. Savannah Morningstar;1. had a teenage pregnancy2. was kicked out of home and abandoned by the babies father.3. is a single mother.4. was poor.5. worked as stripper.Jared MacKade;6. is a local boy from wealthy family.7. has three rambunctious brothers8. is divorced.9. has a very large penis.10. was betrayed by Lando Calrissian who turned him over to Boba Fett.Of these 10 key plot points, one does not appear in this book. Can you spot which one?

    5. I really enjoyed this mainly because of the heroine, she was tough as nails who made no apologies for what she had to do to give a good home for her son, she could take on the world, out cuss anyone and didn't allow anyone to intimated her. She respected herself even if she had no education and got pregnant at sixteen, she had led a tough life with a rodeo dad who kicked her out but she never wallowed instead brushed it off and moved on.The hero had never met anyone like her, the eldest and lawy [...]

    6. This has THE most amazing dialogue between two strong, self-made people who have a lot of pride and find they're crazy in love with each other, which scares them so totally they start messing it up.I enjoyed that La Nora went with goddess-like woman of Native-American descent - these days I think I would imagine her like Disney's Pocahontas (with a sensitivity to spirits - if you think about it I would think this series was both a prototype for the Chesapeake Bay books and the Flower trilogy) bu [...]

    7. The Pride of Jared MacKade3 StarsIt is a testament to Nora Roberts' writing that this story was enjoyable despite the fact that the heroine is utterly unlikable and unappealing. Savannah Morningstar is quite simply a B*TCH and I never use that word lightly! Not only is she rude and obnoxious, but she is prejudiced and vindictive as well. The reasoning is that her actions are ostensibly a defense mechanism, but this is insufficient to explain her inexcusable behavior. Jared MacKade is stubborn an [...]

    8. Better than the first one. Maybe because we have an heroine with a strong story behind. He tries to understand her but he fails because he's a lawyer, everything should be black or white and with her he cannot figure out the good and the bad.I love Mackade family, they are caring and strong and they are ready to protect each other. Besides there's a continuum with the first story and we cannot appreciate developments in MacKade family. I'm already on 3rd book, which is about an abused woman and [...]

    9. 3.5 stars. I thought Jared was understandably interested in Savannah's past but she was just a bit overly defensive.

    10. Book two in the MacKade brother series is the story of lawyer Jared.Jared is the oldest of the brothers, and the most shrewd and realistic. Already having being burned by a bad marriage, he keeps his eyes open. When the single mother Savannah moves in on the outskirts of his land, he goes in to deliver her property papers- but she continues to be as rude to him as she was to his calls. Slowly they unravel each other and insecurities come to light.Now the positives about this book- I really enjoy [...]

    11. Jared MacKade and Savannah Morningstar's book was absolutely unforgettable. After finishing Rafe's story, I didnt' think this series could get any better but I was wrong. "The Pride of Jared MacKade" took me from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. Reappearances by characters from the first book add so much more to this story, along with an adorable little boy you'll cheer and hope that his dreams come true. There are so many wonderful conversations in this book that tug at your hear [...]

    12. 3.5 PROUD STARS!This series will probably be considered quite dated now, but I have to confess they have been very enjoyable to listen to. The brothers all come across as hunky dunky which in my humble opinion is always a bonus. The banter between them is highly entertaining in a bish, bash, bosh, brotherly way. The H and h's story is sweet and the paranormal story which continues is really quite interesting. These audiobooks were given to me from my lovely Auntie and I'm very greatful to her as [...]

    13. I loved all 4 MacKade Brothers books but this one's my favourite. Why?Heroine Savannah Morningstar just plain works for me. She's unapologetic about her past, lives life on her own terms and knows when she's had enough. The scene where she lets Jared know that she's finished with him (without using words)works so well(and induces extreme writer envy)! Besides, Jared does good grovel. And the relationship between the brothers that works too.

    14. This has always been my least favorite of this quartet and this time it was because of the wanton property destruction at the end. I'm sorry, you can be be as pissed as you want, but destroying someone's things and being glad, is not being passionate. And it does not make me want you to stay together.The kid is great, though. Her kid writing is underrated.

    15. Dit tweede boek in deze De broers MacKade-serie speelt zich op dezelfde locatie af. We bevinden ons dus opnieuw in Antietam, maar volgen dit keer uiteraard wel andere hoofdpersonages. Toch is het een groot voordeel bij dit soort boeken dat je bekende gezichten opnieuw ziet verschijnen. Op die manier voel je je precies sneller thuis op deze plek.Naast hun naam én knappe uiterlijk hebben de MacKade broers nog iets anders gemeenschappelijk. Men dacht immers dat er van geen van hen iets terecht zou [...]

    16. I'm reading this series all out of order. I read three, four, and now two. Eventually I'll work my way to one. Hopefully it wont be as disappointing as this book. After Devin and Shane's stories I was expecting more and less obnoxious. Savannah was rocking one giant inferiority complex and was just rude and nasty to people who were being nice to her for no reason other than her own issues. She annoyed the crap out of me at the beginning of the book. She had her moments throughout the book, espec [...]

    17. This book was great! I absolutely loved Jared and I loved Savannah and the chemistry between them was undeniable.She was all set to have sex with him when he first showed interest but he made her wait and I thought that was really a nice change. Most men in romance novels are basically rutting boars when it comes to that and even though he wanted her, he wanted to make sure that she understood that it meant something. That was just one part of the book that stood out for me.Now, she had a colorf [...]

    18. This one was as good as the first. A good, solid contemporary romance. Not too deep and not to shallow either. Jared MacKade has always been full of questions. He always thought everything through from both sides, so it wasn´t that surprising that he became a lawyer. After a brief stunt at marrying, he now lives back at the MacKade farm after the divorce. When he gets a call from a lawyer friend that wants him to contact a client, Jared never thought that he would meet the woman of his life.Sav [...]

    19. The Pride of Jared MacCade is by Nora Roberts. It is the second in the four book series. After enduring hard childhood with his father, and yet a wonderful one with his mother and three brothers, Jared is ready to face the future. He always knew he did not want to run the ranch but is willing to help his brother out. He is a lawyer and when he meets people, he is known as “counselor” instead of “one of those wild MacKade boys”. He is patient and diligent in carrying out his duties as a l [...]

    20. *4++ Stars*I read this series many years ago and loved it! When it became available as ebooks, I had to buy them again. I haven't made my way through all of them, but the first two have not disappointed me as rereads. (And I remember the other two being even better!) It surprises me that they don't feel dated too!I am a fan of Nora Roberts, she has a way of writing that works for me. Her writing makes it so I feel what the characters feel and become immersed in their world. So I got the insecuri [...]

    21. This is a pretty early Nora. The MacKade brothers live on/near what was once a Civil War battleground, so that history--stories about what happened back then, and maybe even ghosts--play a part in the stories. The hero is a divorced lawyer who's come home to build his practice there. Heroine is a single mom who's finally found a place to call home and raise her son. She's prickly and determined not to depend on anyone. He's got issues with pride (duh), though he does seem to work through them pr [...]

    22. I've really been enjoying this series by Nora Roberts. I love the POV she uses so u know what everyone is thinking. I have been able to connect with the people in this series. the chemistry between Jared and Savannah is well developed. I like how she was very blunt with her wants and that he was the one to pull back initially since he wanted more than just a hook up. The relationship between Jared and Bryan was touching. I am looking forward to reading the next book in series with Devin and Cass [...]

    23. True to the title, Jared has more than his fair share of pride. What I found off-putting, however, was all the anger. Quite the little rage-monkey, our Jared. Savannah was okay, but protests a bit too much about how she's respectable and all, despite her past. I mean, she is, but somebody doesn't really believe it (could be her, could be the author. This being Roberts, it's probably the character). This is more what I expect from a mid-90s Roberts so I'm willing to try the next despite being som [...]

    24. Oh those Mac Kade Brothers make you love them! Rafe Mac Kade is a lawyer with a past. He and his brothers were Hell on Wheels as children/young adults. Rafe shaped up after his Mother's death and went to law school. Now he's "Lawyer MacKade," has a past which includes an ex wife, and he's noticed the newest member of Antietam; Ms. Morningstar. Now her is a woman with secrets and Rafe is determined to find all the facts out. Does he ruin his chance at love by being too involved with finding out a [...]

    25. A super romance with a fascinating couple. He's a lawyer and she's an artist. He's divorced from an educated ice queen and she has never been married but has a son from a "roll in the hay" when she was 16. They are immediately attracted to each other and sparks fly. But Jared is used to over-thinking things and she thinks he's too good for her (too educated, expects too much). Nobody does it better than Nora Roberts when it comes to snappy dialogue, fully realized characters, and beautifully wri [...]

    26. 4 STARS"He was a man who stood for something, and never turned his back on a fight. So when Jared MacKade’s work as an attorney brought him up against Savannah Morningstar, her rude behavior and strong defenses weren’t going to stop him.Savannah was the type of woman who defeated odds brutally stacked against her. And once he got to know her, Jared was determined to be the man to stand beside her in the fight." (From )I liked Savannah and Jared and together they had great sparks. I enjoyed t [...]

    27. I love most of this book. Savannah is awesome! But Jared has moments of epic WTF assholery and issues about Savannah's past, and there is not nearly enough grovel—barely any, if fact—to make up for it so I subtract a star from the final grade. (I should probably subtract more but I still enjoy reading most of it.)

    28. I loved it! Mostly because the way Nora Roberts write is very easy and adorable. The story itself is flowing naturally without heavy angst in it but I feel the tense between characters. I like Jared even though he's a but annoying but when he's willing to bend his pride to get Savannah back, that's just sweet. Can't wait to read Devin's story. I assume it's with Cassie? Aww. :)

    29. O carte frumoasa si emoționanta, desi spre final at Jared cat si Savannah m-au scos din minți cu incapatanarea lor! Nu recunosc ca sunt îndrăgostiți, unul pune prea multe întrebări, alta nu vrea sa dea răspunsuri.Recenzia mea completa aici:justreadingmybooks.wordpress.

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