Le Chevalier d'Eon 1

Le Chevalier d Eon THE KING S KNIGHTA mysterious cult is sacrificing beautiful young women to a demonic force that has promised them the kingdom of France in return for the blood of their victims Only one man can save P

  • Title: Le Chevalier d'Eon 1
  • Author: Kiriko Yumeji Tow Ubukata
  • ISBN: 9780345496225
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE KING S KNIGHTA mysterious cult is sacrificing beautiful young women to a demonic force that has promised them the kingdom of France in return for the blood of their victims Only one man can save Paris from chaos and terror the Chevalier d Eon

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    1. Oh boy.t let me tell how amazed I still feel that a drawing can be so awesome!Just paper and pencil and yet it does wonders!I like the protagonist a ghost who takes the body of her brother in order to fight poets who use verses of poems with the blood of virgins.The setting takes place in France during french revolution. Louis V is the current ruler.The poets are the people who bring forth demons by chanting psalms and are causing uprising in the france.A bit messed up , thats what it is.I fear [...]

    2. Make no mistake, my exposure to the historical figure of Chevalier d'Eon originated in Fate/Grand Order, and finding this manga about le Chevalier intrigued me. Of course, given it is a manga, I tried to keep my expectations about the story low, and it was probably for the best that I did so. Definitely don't go into this hoping for something super-amazing and focusing on Chevalier's life or gender identity or anything of the sort. You'll be facing quite the letdown.However, if you like historic [...]

    3. This is one of those manga that you look at and want to shout, "Dammit Japan!" because the storyline would be very interesting if not for the abandonment of all logic and history.This takes place in France just before the French revolution. Not that you'd know, since most of it isn't remotely historically accurate. There's also the question of our hero who, when possessed by the spirit of his dead sister, magically grows boobs and you go, "lolwut?"Basically, if you enjoyed the anime version, don [...]

    4. Le Chevalier D'eon   =information= Publishers: Kodansha- Delray years published: 2005-2007 story and art by: Tou Ubukata and Kiriko Yumeji My thoughts:the artwork though not accurate to 18th-century french attire was superb and very well done, same goes with the story which was very well thought out except what I don't seem to understand is why they call the main character's sister Lia De Beaumont the Chevalier sphinx in the manga when in the anime which is based off, of the manga they jus [...]

    5. A lot of it has some standard manga stuff. Nearly pornographic slaughter of women with loving looks at their mutilated nude or nearly nude bodies? Check. Truly monstrous looking supernatural dupes? Check. Protagonist who bumbles through his regular life to better hide his secret identity? Check.Protagonist who's sometimes possessed by the spirit of his dead sister who then puts on a wig, high-heeled shoes, and a long frilly dress to take up the sword to defend justice and the right in France in [...]

    6. I love the dark and gritty feel of Le Chevalier d'Eon: Volume 1. The story is quite intriguing and the artwork is unique and well-done. It is very heavily inked, which is what leads to the gritty feel for the book. During some of the action scenes, though, it is a little difficult to tell what is going one because of the clutter in the background, or it may be because of the heavy inking. It is hard to tell. Still, I loved the fact that this book takes place over 250 years in the past in France. [...]

    7. Le Chevalier D'eon Volume 1 was a creative and imaginative tale set in Historical France in the 17th Century. I am partial to historical settings and I did gain a lot of insight into true facts that provoked my interest. Featuring elements of crime, mystery, horror and even a little humour I enjoyed the sequences and the illustration's that alongside the story made for a fine read. However I did get a little bored with the “Palms” concept as it was repeated many times just in different situa [...]

    8. Reviewing here, the complete Manga Series, read in the Kindle version.The series is by no means, perfect.But it is a hell of a ride.Keep in mind that there is no conclusion.The series ends with a cliffhanger and poof. Nada.By the synopsys of the anime series, I can see that there is no parallels between the Medias.But the plot and characters are intriguing enough to keep me wanting more. Tarot cards, anagrams in French, historical locations, famous cameos.There is the transgender effect that in [...]

    9. Evil snake demons have a plan to take over the world of 1700's France that involved possessing various poets.The only one that can stop them is the young Chevalier d'Eon, who is a master detective, agent for the King and when possessed by the spirit of his dead sister, he puts on a dress, wig and magic sword.What's in the drinking water in Japan?I love historical fantasy and this one has a nice blend of history and monsters and magic, but the art is too dark and over done and the artist seems to [...]

    10. In Paris in the 1750s, there are crazed poets running around. (I have already burst into insane laughter, and I haven't even gotten started!) These crazed poets write psalms in the blood of virgins ad then morph into grotesque monsters; either that, or the blood of virgins self-writes psalms. Sometimes when the crazed poets die, their blood writes "palmss" (this is not a typo). Or possibly they do. Or they carve it into themselves. Or it is carved into them. Or all of the above! I am not sure.Th [...]

    11. In the beginning was the WordThe Chevalier d'eon was pretty interesting for his time. Interesting now, even. French diplomat, spy, transvestite is it really any wonder someone would try to make a manga about it? If you read this, do so with tongue planted firmly-in-cheek. Serpent demons crawling all over Versailles! Psalms written in the blood of young virgins! If you were expecting a serious introspective look into the lives of d'Eon and King Louis XV then why the heck are you looking at manga? [...]

    12. To be honest, the real story of Eon whatshisname/whatshername sounds much more interesting than this manga volume was. The bad French and (what language is the word 'psalms'?) spelling was really annoying too. If you're going to write a book set in France, it's not enough to learn the history, you need to have a dictionary handy. And, seriously, misspelling your title character's name?Not sure if Ubukata or Yumeji is the responsible party on the spelling.

    13. Versailles during the reign of Louis XV: Young girls are being murdered by various assailants all leaving the identical calling card. The word "Psalms" is carved into each victim. The manga is loosely based on the real D'Eon de Beaumont, a secret agent who lived as both a man and woman. The artwork is gorgeous and it's extremely interesting how historical details are interspersed with the supernatural elements. A very pleasant surprise overall. Looking forward to reading more D'Eon.

    14. This series is amazing! It's not very often that I come across a noir tale that immediately sucks me into its dark clutches. The macabre concoction of mad poets, blood sacrifice, the vengeful dead and a prophecy promising Armageddon, paired with rich, highly detailed illustrations, make for an intense story that's hard to put down. If you enjoyed Death Note, then you should definitely add this to your reading list.

    15. Je n'ai pas encore regardé l'anime et le manga ne m'a pas beaucoup inspiréLe roman quant à lui se base sur une intrigue un peu trop tirée par les cheveux composée d' énigmes qui ne tiennent pas la route plus de deux secondes et de solutions qui tombent du ciel Les personnages ne sont pas attachants pour un sous Bref un roman dispensable.

    16. Manga. Soul-channeling, gender-bending good fun (with plenty of sword-fighting, gore, and evil poetry) in Louis XV's France. A bit more graphic (not to mention, creepy) than the anime, but I'm certainly intrigued.

    17. Quite different from the anime, and mostly follows a "monster-of-the-week" format (so far). Great artwork in this book!

    18. Didn't finish it. Gender bending manga. I'm just not into manga. I could finish it, it's easy enough. Just not motivated and there's so much else to read

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