Lord Dragoner's Wife

Lord Dragoner s Wife Delia weds Lord Dragoner the man she s loved from afar But after only one night the handsome lord mysteriously flees the country only to return amid scandalous rumors Can love bloom again in the sh

  • Title: Lord Dragoner's Wife
  • Author: Lynn Kerstan
  • ISBN: 9780451198617
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Delia weds Lord Dragoner, the man she s loved from afar But after only one night, the handsome lord mysteriously flees the country, only to return amid scandalous rumors Can love bloom again in the shadows of the past and the dangers of the present

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    1. At the age of twenty-two, Charles Everett, heir to the Earl of Dragoner was sold into marriage with the daughter of a wealthy merchant in order to repair the family finances. He didn’t want the marriage, but had no choice in the matter, knowing how desperately his father needed the cash. On the morning of his wedding, he discovered that his parents had absconded with the money and left him to it – so he got rollicking drunk, got married, bedded his bride and abandoned her the following morni [...]

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed this romance with a touch of intrigue. Lord Dragoner is truly awful, and he doesn't become any better until very near the end. I liked that. Delilah is wonderful, strong-minded but sweet, who's prepared to give Dragoner the divorce he wants even though she loves him. The reader learns quite a bit about how awful the law treated married women in the early 19th century. Lynn Kerstan has a nice writing style, but there was an awful lot of action here that was told -- literally [...]

    3. I had read Lord Dragoner’s Wife a few years ago but I had never reviewed it so as I found another copy I thought I should reread and write about it. Plot wise it has two of my favourite themes – it’s a marriage of convenience and a marriage in trouble story. Six years previously Delilah, a tradesman daughter, and the present Lord Dragoner were married. He appeared on church drunk and disappeared right after the wedding night. For five years, Delilah has waited for him to come back so they [...]

    4. Lord Dragoner's Wife by Lynn Kerstan, is a story about a woman who dared dream big. And when the dreams shattered about her feet, she dared to dream again.Delilah fell in love with Charles Everett from afar. Even though she was a merchant's daughter she had the power and the money to ensure a good catch and she wanted Charles Everett. And she got him, sort of. Immediately after consummating the marriage, Charles bought his commission and went to war. Leaving Delilah a war widow Alone for six yea [...]

    5. Originally reviewed for: Historical Romance Lover blogDelilah has been waiting five years for her husband to appear. She wants to have a real marriage and would love to have children. Unknown to Dragoner, Delilah picked him after carefully examining several eligible gentlemen.Dragoner marries Delilah because his parents need money and Delilah's father wanted a title. He comes to his wedding drunk and disappears right after the wedding night.Dragoner suddenly appears in England and Delilah is hop [...]

    6. As blurbs go, this one tells you enough of a story to hook you in. I thought the story was well written and intriguing enough to have me wish that it was just a tad faster moving, but regardless, I liked it very much and the reason for it was the heroine.She was one of those women that the word “determined” encompassed all that she was. She was determined to merry Charles; she was determined to survive and thrive after he abandoned her and she was determined to win him back after he tells he [...]

    7. This book was incredibly enjoyable for me. I really like stories that present the characters with a complex problem and which allow readers to observe how they manage to resolve some fairly narly life and relationship issues. So it is here and thus this was a tremendous read for me. I like Kerstan's writing anyway, having read and enjoyed a number of her books. I hope that all who really appreciate well-written historical romance will take the time to read and enjoy this fascinating book. Be awa [...]

    8. 3.5 starsThis book was very heavy on the spy business and very light on romance, which is my real reason for putting it in the 3-star range instead of the 4-star range. It was good--well written, likeable characters, interesting plot--but the interaction between Delilah and Dragoner was so minimal that I felt kind of cheated. I didn't believe they were in love by the end. I wanted them to be in love, because I thought they both deserved it, but it was a stretch for me. It was enjoyable, but I'm [...]

    9. What a difference between a "Romance" book published in 1999 and 2011. There was more story than "romance"! This one was a really good story. There was a H/H and a story about their romance without all of the gory details. There was also intrigue and a tiny bit of suspense. Ms. Kerstan created a depth to her characters with a minimum of detail. Very good story! Highly recommend it!

    10. A very enjoyable story, lots of fun, with a little angst as Dragoner starts to fall in love with his wife but all the while thinks he is completely unworthy of her, while she wants nothing more than to be with him but thinks that he doesn't care for her.

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