The Golden Leopard

The Golden Leopard It s the adventure of a lifetime when a notorious scoundrel is reunited with the titled lady he betrayed Together they track down the whereabouts of a stolen Indian artifact in London And it isn t lon

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  • Title: The Golden Leopard
  • Author: Lynn Kerstan
  • ISBN: 9780451410573
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the adventure of a lifetime when a notorious scoundrel is reunited with the titled lady he betrayed Together they track down the whereabouts of a stolen Indian artifact in London And it isn t long before they succumb to the reigning passion of a love long thought extinguished.

    One thought on “The Golden Leopard”

    1. I do have a few quibbles about this book, but overall, I enjoyed the story. The mixture of treasure hunt and romance was well balanced and the characterisation was solid.Hugo Duran and Jessica Carville are a well-matched couple, even though neither of then come across as particuarly pleasant people to start with. He's a chancer who abandoned Jessica without a word of explanation and she is rather self-absorbed (to the extent that she's blind to her sister's unhappiness). They had been lovers for [...]

    2. This reviews also appears on my blog at thegoldenruleof666spoI was hoping for so much with The Golden Leopard. It sounded like a mix of thrilling treasure hunt and passionate romance. But it only delivered on one of the two.The treasure hunt aspect was brilliant, very well done. The Indian culture associated with the treasure was well incorporated into the story. The hunt was thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately, that was the only positive aspect of the book.Really, my pro [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story is compelling and exciting, and the plot is satisfyingly detailed and elaborate, making for an interesting, page-turning read. Much suspense is built up through the book – Lynn is an expert in drip-feeding information, making you keen to read on. She also writes dramatic scenes superbly; I was totally lost in the world she creates in the book.I loved the characters, Jessie and Duran in particular. They feel realistic, and are immensely likeable, and I [...]

    4. I am seriously loving the books I am getting from Netgalley. Books that tweak my interest during their synopsis but because of my finances or lack there of, I am unable to obtain them. And yet because of Netgalley, I get them either before their release date or really soon after. For all of you burgeoning reviewers out there I seriously recommend you checking this out. The Golden Leopard is just one such book and I am suddenly crazy about Lynn Kerstan,Set in India and England this book is filled [...]

    5. I had a hard time reading this story, I was curious about reading Kerstan in full length format but now I think I'll stick to trads only.This is a sort of adventure story. The hero, Duran, was imprisoned in India and to postpone a death sentence is sent to England to look for a statue important to those who imprisoned him. He comes accompanied by an Indian assassin that made me think of some of Salgari's characters. The story, sadly, wasn't as Salgari's storiesWhen Duran arrives in London he loo [...]

    6. When your life is in the hand of an assassin, and you only have less than a month to find an India icon, the smart thing to do is show up at your ex-girlfriend's house. Currently that's Hugo Duran's life, except he shows up a little more politer in regency fashion. The first of the Big Cat Trilogy, Hugo's story is exciting, and keeps the reader interested from start to finish. A reprint of Lynn Kerstan's 2002 publication of The Golden Leopard will interest historical romance readers, as Hugo con [...]

    7. Author: Lynn Kerstan Published by: OnyxAge Recommended: Adult Reviewed By: Arlena DeanBook Blog For: GMTARating: 4Review:"The Golden Leopard" by Lynn Kerstan was a novel with action adventurous historical romance that had a 'exotic settings, intensed scenes and some undercurrent of humor' all rolled up together making this a good read. This novel is the first in series for this author. You will find that the hero and heroine( Duran & Jessica) who had a torrid romance along with the adventure [...]

    8. This was a great read from an author new to me. Thank for their freebies! The plot was quite unusual - the search for an artifact, dangerous oriental assassins - and quite gripping. The misunderstanding between the two lovers was not one of those silly ones either, where a little common sense would have sorted everything out. No, he really was a bit of a rogue. It was also not clear how they were going to get their HEA at the end, though I have to say this was a bit weaker than the rest of the [...]

    9. 3.5 stars ---- took a little time to read after 3 attempts, I dislike not finishing a book once started. Most of the first quarter of the story I found didn't overly interest me because I could not connect with the heroine and hero but I am glad I persisted. I wasn't very fond of Jessica, woman scorned an all that but she endeared herself to me as the story developed. Half way through I couldn't put the page-turning story down . Suspense is built up throughout the book with Duran's situation and [...]

    10. Beautifully written; charming, roguish hero; strong, intelligent heroine. The adventure plot was a tad hard to follow at times, and I didn't like that a major scene involving the villain at the end of the book took place "off screen," but those things weren't bad enough to make me drop a star. I love this author. She reminds me of another witty, unique historical romance writer, Laura Kinsale--one of my all-time favorite authors. I'm off to read the next book in this series.

    11. I loved it. I am a dialog person and this book has great hero/heroine banter. They have chemistry and sex with humor. Intricate story line, especially loved the weaving in of the details about India, and I thoroughly enjoyed the secondary characters (except the heroine's sister, who didn't really come alive for me).

    12. I bought this one a couple of years ago based upon the pretty cover (ugh, don't say it) and the fact that I love sparkly things (e.g gold, emeralds you get the idea). Part of the story concerned Indian culture/history-- and, having just recently finished Twentieth Wife in my book group, it also gained another point of interest. But it was just an average romance.

    13. Skim-read most of it, almost DNFed it. The plot was over the top, many facets unbelievable. Hero was unredeemable. I have nothing against anti-heroes, at all. But he seemed inconsistent. In theory he saved poor little Indians, but betrayals and lies seemed to be his bread and butter. Meh.

    14. Now this book was just WOW!!! I enjoyed it so muchIt wasnt like your stories you read and you know right away whats going to happen.Whos going to fall in love with who and who is going to die or liveVery good bookI wasnt so sure when i picked it upBut i am now:)Happy reading

    15. An interesting story with a little bit of romance. Unfortunately, the male character took a long time to "change" from the dark side. So, he's not entirely likeable for a good portion of the book.

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